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Posted by Cincaid

Looks beautiful.

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Missed it by seconds.. but neat ^^

Posted by SSully

Wasnt there some indie game with this exact same concept? I remember seeing a video of a tech demo from GDC about a year or two ago. 

Posted by EdsXwing
@SSully: I think tech demo was actually this... this has been floating around forever.
Posted by Claude

I'm ready to be lost in shadow.

Posted by DeF

if I weren't so broke right now I would've already bought it (since it's been out in europe for a month or two already) :(

Posted by buft

what a boring video, though the game looks good

Posted by DukeTogo

Wow this game still isn't out?  I do like how they incorporated the game's style into the video so it's not just a bunch of talking heads, but this game has already sold itself to those that have seen it.

Posted by AURON570

that looked pretty intense.

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This game made me feel about the same as I did while playing Epic Mickey, which was exactly how Ryan felt about Epic Mickey

Hudson felt need to copyright claim a video on YouTube which showed the ending
You can read the spoiler without spoiling the story, because the game doesn't have one

I think Hudson is now just a very bad joke being played on Konami's share price
What kind of company has the game finished since July, and opts to release two weeks after everyone has finished Christmas?
I feel like I should start writing their eulogy
The only thing Hudson should be remembered for is Adventure Island, and that's because they didn't even make it
Edit: And perhaps the fucking up of the Bomberman series
Posted by squidracerX

is this a "box" game? Or a downloadable game? i don't have my Wii set up for downloads yet :(

Posted by tourgen

light sources that move relative to the scene, player controlled even!  Sold.  That has potential for great puzzle platforming.

Posted by iWonder

This commercial is japanese as fuck, but looks great. Still excited for this game.

Posted by issun187

I've played almost through it (in Europe the game is already out). While the gameplay can get a little repetitive, Lost in Shadow is still a very charming experience. Don't sleep on this one.
Posted by MegaGoat
@squidracerX said:
" is this a "box" game? Or a downloadable game? i don't have my Wii set up for downloads yet :( "
It's a frisbee in a box
Posted by Awesine

Surprised this isn't out already (I remember reading about it a while ago), I can't wait.

Posted by MeatSim

There is something wrong with your shadow it keeps freaking out.