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Glad to see a Quick Look of Haunt coming up. Busy week!

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Oh shit, it's Monday!

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I skipped class today! FUCK YEAR MONDAYS

Posted by Cyrisaurus

I really hope they get Jaffe to come down to do a Twisted Metal QL EX.

Posted by MonkeyMitcho

what is this weeks TNT?

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Happy New Year!!! 

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When I just saw this on Twitter I threw my arms up and said "Dude!" out loud, to myself. I actually have no idea why I love this feature so much, but it's just so well made.

Daniel, the SSX rewind thing fits the music! That's crazy!

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@MonkeyMitcho said:

what is this weeks TNT?

I don't know, but I do know there's no way it can be better than last weeks.

Posted by Curufinwe

RER looks awesome.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

I'll love this monday in due time, I have exams today, god damnit.

That said, i'm excited for the SSX quicklook ft. Coonce!

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@MonkeyMitcho said:

what is this weeks TNT?

Descent 3

Posted by Toxin066

Mmmm. I do love me some Mondays.

Posted by Ronald

I am off from work today which is why I love Mondays!

Posted by ElixirBronze

Quick look EX:s huh... >.<

Also ER guaranteed to last all week?

Posted by RampageAssassin

Hot damn it's going to be a good week. Can't wait for the SSX coverage and Warp.

Posted by kollay

It's Monday alright.

Posted by DeF

@MonkeyMitcho said:

what is this weeks TNT?

staring contest. YOU vs hardcore Dave for 120 minutes.

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Nothing like a nice, hot Monday.

Posted by Grilledcheez

Looks like a solid week

Posted by Vorbis

SSX is looking really good, shockingly good.

Posted by RAStemen

Wow, I'm really surprised by that little clip of Haunt, a Kinect game that doesn't immediately look awful. Actually, it looks pretty great, I hope I think the same thing after the quick look.

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@Fubar said:


The best of looks.

Posted by beast780

Wow, a great week of Quick Looks and Endurance Runs to endure! I truly do love Mondays!

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@Vorbis said:

SSX is looking really good, shockingly good.

Sound like a bunch of crappy .ogg files though..

Posted by Catarrhal

Looking forward to hearing from Coonce!

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I really want a new parappa the rapper

Posted by JCrichton

this video is the only reason to love mondays

Posted by Vorbis

@Cirdain: You lost me.

Posted by Slab64

@The_Reflection said:

@MonkeyMitcho said:

what is this weeks TNT?

I don't know, but I do know there's no way it can be better than last weeks.

Yeah, they should probably just stop doing them entirely at this point...can't top it!

Posted by JohnHenryEden

@JCrichton: Not to mention the TUEEEESDAY Bombcast.

Posted by Coafi

I love Mondays and the rest of the week.

Posted by spiceninja

Paper thin pimp.

Posted by StriderJ87

@RAStemen: Looks almost like a more intelligent Rise of Nightmares that might actually work!

Posted by Enai

I also love Monday!

Posted by evanbower

I didn't love Monday last week. I do love Monday this week.

Posted by popmasterruler

What happened with last week's 'I Love Mondays'?Ryan said he got to take a look at a new mission from Hitman Absolution and would talk about it but it's been a week and nothing.

Posted by Midjet

@popmasterruler: I think he talked about it on the bombcast.

Posted by WilliamHenry

Man, could this year be any more dead? Almost a month into 2012 and there has been nothing of note released.

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