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Posted by WJist

I DO love Mondays!

Posted by aznjon12

Hello Mondays

Posted by Laneyy

Giant Bomb makes Mondays awesome!

Posted by pyromagnestir

I miss the song. Especially this version:

Posted by Whiteycar

Sometimes I wish Mondays were Fridays

Posted by codynewill

Those lights make this Monday just magical.

Posted by mushroommachine

I loooove them Mondays!

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

Yay another edition of I Love BRAD!!! I mean...Mondays....!!!!

Posted by Zleunamme

Yeah for Mondays.

Posted by hardindr

Only on a Monday is this possible...

Posted by Praise_the_sun

Between the Kinect games and DOA 5 this should be a pretty hilarious group of quick looks.

Can't wait.

Posted by Jdiggity88

Just got done work, load up I love monday and find out there's a live stream in an hour. Fantastic end to the work day

Posted by BlackLagoon

I don't trust any Poke-information that doesn't come from Professor Pope.

Else... I'd kinda like to see what that Sherlock Holmes game is all about.

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"Oh my god, I just shot a cloud."

this is why I love mondays!

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Sara's like "Da fuq?"

Posted by robertorrw

Fifa TNT!!

Posted by President_Barackbar

Welp, Brad has finally lost his mind. Was nice knowing him.

Posted by metalliccookies

More Braking Brad... with possibly of extra Brad... sign me up

Posted by JSwan13

i just shot a cloud

Posted by dr_mantas

Sara is not happy with all this nonsense.

Posted by Pixeldemon

I think if Sara is going to be in every I Love Mondays video, you should at least involve her, get her opinion on the Pokemans and stuff.

Posted by Sarumarine

Brad Shoemaker, official ambassador of Mondays

Posted by sethshandor

Follow your dreamcloud, Brad.

Posted by GalacticPunt

"Oh my God, I just shot a cloud"

Was the last we heard from Brad before he was checked into the hospital for "dehydration."

Posted by Sen0r_Awes0me

Brad might be sent away to a nice pokemon farm up-state by the end of the week

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

Drew doesn't even bother to show up for these anymore. Haha.

Posted by Hockeymask27

@Mr. Kamikaze said:

Drew doesn't even bother to show up for these anymore. Haha.


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Those little lights immediately made me think of the Inspector Gadget theme...

Posted by Doomed

What Pokemon game is it? Mystery Dungeon somein' somein'?

Posted by Catarrhal

I wish someone would throw away that goddamn Portillo's hat.

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That is something a crazy person would say

Posted by therealminime

Sim Golf, fuck yeah. I've still got my copy, love the shit out of that game.

Posted by Krataur

@Mr. Kamikaze: He may have been off helping Firaxis get set up. His pencil and paper note-taking skills were noticeably absent from this ILM, so he'd better show up in the future.

Clearly Brad's already going insane without the calming effect of having Drew around.



Posted by Daneian

I continue to be amused to see how Sara flips out once she realizes the camera is on

Posted by jesterroyal

oh my god, i just shot a cloud.

Posted by Cheesebob

@Daneian: What do you mean flipping out?

Posted by BasketSnake

One day I will play a pokemon game!

Posted by Neurotic

Brad playing Doom II? Awesome.

Brad playing Doom II alongside Brad Muir? Fuck yeah!

Also, two weeks after the Big Live Live Show and Brad has gone crazy. Does that mean he actually was broken and CoD4 wins after all?

Posted by ashton

Sim Golf is the shit!

Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake

@BlackLagoon said:

I don't trust any Poke-information that doesn't come from Professor Pope.

Else... I'd kinda like to see what that Sherlock Holmes game is all about.

In this game, Sherlock Holmes...He dies. And this... is his Testament. Also you get the play his dog.

Posted by mrthomasella

Monday all day and all night. It'll be Monday until it's Tuesday mornin, baby.

Posted by SgtSphynx

Sim Golf on Friday?! Fuck yeah!

Posted by MyNiceIceLife

someone needs to put a gopro on brad and let him walk around the office trying to find Pokemon!

Posted by VikG

Doom II & Sim Golf would be great this week :-)

Posted by Daneian

@Cheesebob: Flipping out might be hyperbolic, but it seems like every Monday she realizes the camera is on and jumps up to look busy. I've seen her stop picking her nails, turn her face away and today it looked as if she quickly pulled her sweater up. She's cool, it just brings a smile to my face.

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What's broken about Torchlight 2? I haven't heard anything major.

Posted by sissylion

Ryan's already a bear. Va-va-voom.

Posted by Jasoncourt

Woot?! There is no way to make this sound nice, but who still checks out Woot? My friends on MySpace haven't talked about it for years ;)