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Luv them Mundais.
But my week seems so empty without the ER.... *Sighing will have flashbacks about the good old days, but then remembers that it's not really that bad without the ER*

Posted by nick69

i do love mondays

Posted by Robitt
Monday is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday.
source: Wikipedia.org
Posted by MCXCI

Holy crap! I just played Indigo Prophecy last week! Great game weird story! 

Posted by Evilsbane
@Pato: It was good till . . . that particular thing happened and the story kinda spun out of control
Posted by Noodles

I'm more of a Thursday guy.

Posted by Yummylee

Daamn Vinny's gotta catchy singing voice.
Posted by harrypmgaga

Monday = Win 
Sunday = Fail cause you know Monday's the next day.. 
Posted by dbz1995

My mum left before she called the police.

Posted by Gamer_152

I can't believe I just watched the last I Love Mondays of 2009. I'll be very interested to hear what the Giant Bomb crew have to say about Heavy Rain and awesome background clip/ending there.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@Pato said:
" Holy crap! I just played Indigo Prophecy last week! Great game weird story!  "
This just made me smile, Jeff once made fun about people playing Indigo Prophecy by saying "...I just played  Indigo Prophecy last week!"
Unless of course you did that deliberately!
Posted by ashbash

Did he say anything about a Bombcast? Or did I miss them saying "don't forget the usuall Bombcast on Tuesday"?
I can't go without Bombcast.

Posted by Ventilaator

I really hope they pick a good moment for the Indigo Prophecy quick look, because I already know that they'll be spending the bulk of the time telling us how much it sucks, so I hope that at least the video will show the people who have never heard about the game that it's amazing

Posted by DeadMonkeys

I look forward to the remixed V-Pain edition of the I Love Mondays theme that will run through 2010.
Why? Cause it's the futuuuure! (bitches!)

Posted by Delsaber

My heart beats just enough times in a day, thank you.

Posted by Reverseface

Heavy rain dude looks like Dante's inferno dude. 2 DUDES.

Posted by Hilfemaster

I hope they feature that awkward quick time event sex sene from indigo prophecy.

Posted by asian_pride

I need to play Indigo Prophecy.

Posted by lightsoda
@ashbash159: there is no bombcast
Posted by Blair

Me?  Oh I personally love Mondays.

Posted by Masonvd

congrats on the first full year of giant bomb!

Posted by jim_dandy
@Hilfemaster said:
" I hope they feature that awkward quick time event sex sene from indigo prophecy. "
Everything in Indigo Prophecy was an awkward quick time event.
Posted by Nock

so does this mean there will be no more mondays at all until 2010? How can we have mondays with out I love mondays?

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Project Lazarus, huh? Must be the info from the embargo that ends on thursday. Hmm, spoilers or no spoilers? Ugh, I don't think I'll be able to resist.
Posted by billygoat117

Dammit, I NEED my Bombcast! It's like a drug, people.

Posted by Deusoma
From what I've seen of Heavy Rain, things haven't changed much.
Posted by Dethfish


Posted by AuthenticM

Who's that girl in the background?

Posted by HatKing

Pretty excited to see a Cryostasis Quick Look considering how much time they've spent talking about the game.  Not thrilled about the idea of no Bombcast... if that is what I got from that.
Posted by MildMolasses
Good catch, and possibly great joke from the guy who said it. 
I don't know how I missed it. I just heard the bombcast where he says that a couple of days ago
Posted by TooWalrus

Hey Ryan, tell us there's going to be a Bombcast tommorow, will ya?

Posted by Seroth

I'll be a little sad if there is no Bombcast. Brad has missed two in a row already, and we can't end the year without Brad! I also wanna hear him talk about Silent Hill. :(

Posted by Rhaknar

whoa whoa no bombcast? they record it on mondays... december 14th in this case, unless they are starting christmas break SUPER early, how is there no bombcast? hopefully they just forgot to mention it in the video.  Especially since we just had the VGAs with a bunch of new announcements, there has to be discussion on that?
hell, even next week monday is only the 21st, plenty of time before christmas break... really hope we dont go weeks without the bombcast (actually thats not possible, they probably just didnt mention it in the video, we still need the GOTY discussion also... nah, no way)

Posted by Cerza

I look forward to the Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy stuff. Also, no Bombcast????

Posted by MildMolasses
Check out the XBL Indy Games QL. It's from a game about not being afraid of talking to girls
Posted by Phished0ne

no bombcast 

Posted by Bertmasta

i bet you guys didnt know this, but i have a fondness for mondays 
I guess you could say i kinda love them,  
Also next monday will be 21st  which is close to christmas so im not suprised this is the last one

Posted by squidracerX

make a TON of old game quick looks and then just post them for the christmas week so we still have giantbomb.com stuff to watch! pleeeease!

Posted by BigLemon
@lightsoda said:
" @ashbash159: there is no bombcast "
that sucks...
Posted by MeatSim

Quick Looks are gifts that every person likes.

Posted by Veektarius

I love the "Leave now or I'll call the police" banner at the top 

Posted by TheYear20XX

Damn, no Bombcast? I'll have to soldier on somehow.

Posted by InFamous91

Indigo Prophecy QL   

Posted by Maxszy

They are probably working on their GOTY bombcast (isn't it usually a 2 parter? I think it was last year anyway), and all their awards and such. So while it may be slow in new stuff, it certainly isn't slow. And it also makes sense that they would be taking a week+ or so off during christmas. Not like anything new is even coming out. 
While I love the Bombcast so very much, these guys pump one out all weeks of the year..they can take two weeks off for Christmas time. They deserve it, no doubt there.
Posted by teh_destroyer

I was to busy watching the ladies boobs bounce in the first clip.

Posted by JJOR64


Posted by Daryl

They could knock out like 100 quicklooks if more a day :B

Posted by Artemis_D

Yaay! Heavy Rain! Indigo Prophecy!

Edited by Subject2Change

Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit was so really really stupid and repetitive. Story started off good but ended like a terrible M Night Shamanaanamdamndamnd film.
Realy looking forward to Heavy Rain material tho, if they can just get rid of the lone repetitive mini game and not have the story dive off into such a random end i'll dig it for sure.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

haha what was up with the ending? well anyway looks like a good week to me.

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