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Soul Sacrifice all day every day!

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Rorie needs to be on the bombcast so he can explain the circumstances of his hiring.

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Hurray! What's going on this week?

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Finally, some Vita coverage on the site.

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yyeah zeno clashhhhhhhhhh

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Leg lamp!

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Vinny is so great.

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You guys really need a faster/better videoplayer on the site. 7 seconds in and already buffering but even the awfully slow youtube streams better.

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I played a bit of Mars: War Logs ... game is the perfect example of that B-Tier of games we usually dont see anymore. The production value is B-Tier, story seems okish, gameplay is sort of a B-Tier Witcher 2 ... it seems like a perfectly fine game for the price. And the setting is interesting.

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Midweek binder peek. Play some of the games you've got in the mail as a replacement for your Wednesday show.

edit: Throwback Tuesday.

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sony didn't do that to the vita? hahaha, at last we've been clammering for that vita content.

edit: damn it Brad keep that camera straight, I'm sick and thought my monitor was falling off my desk.

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Monotone Mondays

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I feel like I'm there at CBSi!

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200 people watching a menu? Steaming videyagamez is the future

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Nothing but Army of Two all week long!

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You guys really need a faster/better videoplayer on the site. 7 seconds in and already buffering but even the awfully slow youtube streams better.

Not for me. They don't need change shiat.

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I have never been able to stream a video from here, always have to download them. I am kinda used to it know...

But the downloads are very slow, too.

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Shoutouts to OBS!

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Vinny inherited all of Dave's flannel shirts

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GTA V gameplay discussion! I can't wait to hear a wider breadth of impressions on how it's looking.

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Do it, retroactively go back and quick look EVERY Vita game.

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This started slow and then became amazing! I love behind the scenes in the office.

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this explains why vinny was streaming the menu of army of two 3 earlier.

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I wish Vinny did have a secret office where he would broadcast a radio show through a ham radio. "Late night with The Vin Dog."

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I'd entirely forgotten about Question of the Week.

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Rorie needs to be on the bombcast so he can explain the circumstances of his hiring.

Agree! not because i'm against hiring, but i want to know what happend to Dave, the openess is why I love this site

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FPS Brad

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"Soul Sacrifice is like the only thing out retail this week."

I think they are (purposefully?) forgetting about the Director's Cut of Deadly Premonition :P

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Vinny listens to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

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This is a good video

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Vinny, put new batteries in your controller.

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OBS doesn't work with my Hauppage capture card :(

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Ohhhh... that's what that was all about it. hahaha

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I would listen to Awkward Vinny stream video games all day long.

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I can't wait to see Vita videos!

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what's vinny's stream? Did I miss it?

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QOTW is back baby!

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Persona 4 Golden Quick Look then?! Probably not but still

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Persona 4 Endurance Run, Round 2, GO!

Seriously though, they should do video feature for P4G. Perhaps the part after you get the scooter(that's the funniest new moment).

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VAC for your audio

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I was wondering why my phone beeped at me in the car earlier saying they were broadcasting live. Now I know, it's because Vinny is starting his own Endurance Run.

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Ugh, I've used some of those Blackmagic capture devices at work before. They're kind of the worst.

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I got the same problem as Jeff with USB ports on my new mobo and I do have all the drivers. Weird.

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I've been tinkering with OBS too, seems pretty neat. Anything that makes it easier for you guys to produce content without large production cycles is bound to be good though. Saves Vinny and Drew for the big features. Like new episodes of TANG, hypothetically speaking.

As for this week's content, I hope Patrick follows through with his threat to cover Pandora's Tower when he's back later this week. It's sounding like Jeff's sufficiently knowledgeable about Soul Sacrifice for a QL, but I assume he'll want Patrick there for some Monster Hunter comparisons.

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