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Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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Truly can't wait for this game! something for my Vita woo

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Give it here.

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I'm probably buying a Vita and this game is the main reason why. I'm excited to get a next gen console but I think this looks way more fun than any other games coming out this Holiday.

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This is one of the reasons I got a vita!

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And nobody is going to buy this game :(

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So you can create your own papercraft within the game, or does the game simply encourage you to create your own papercraft outside of the game? Either way, looks really nice.

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Oh my God hairy arms!!

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I like the art style but the gameplay doesn't look interesting in the slightest. One day something will come out for my Vita worth buying. Right?

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Huh. A hand held exclusive. A game that's child safe and pretty much violence free. A game that focuses a lot on an arts and crafts art style. A game that focuses it's social features on something simple and universal like paper crafting, encouraging users to not just experience the aesthetic but to participate in it.

How is this not a Nintendo game? This looks SO much like a Nintendo game. This is one of those very few games that I'll bet turns Miyamoto green - why didn't HE think of papercraft design social features?

So by saying this looks like a Nintendo game, I mean that it looks awesome. Seriously great. This does beg a certain question though - will the audience for a non-violent arts and craft papercraft platformer exist on the Vita? Beyond just there not being very many Vita systems out there, this game is a new IP and doesn't line up with much else in the Vita's library. This isn't a JRPG, a Monster Hunter knockoff, a shooter... there isn't much like this out there. Which makes it very possible that this is gonna be a huge failure.

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This is the only game that makes me hesitate buying Vita TV instead of just a Vita. I had a chance to play it earlier this year, and I loved every minute of it.

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Who needs a PS4.

Also Nicholas Brody had a baby with Kurt Cobain.

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These guys seems genuinely interested in helping other people be more creative. This is awesome and gives me a little bit more faith in the human race.

The game looks great too!

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I have a weird feeling this will be kinda disappointing and crappy like Puppeteer. Could be wrong though...looks pretty fun but I'm selling my Vita. Just don't need both handhelds.

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@frostedminiwheats: If Little Big Planet is anything to go on, it will be a great concept and look, but utterly fail in the controls department.

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Looks great. As long as big titles like this come out every once in awhile between the avalanche of great Indie games, I'll be happy with my Vita.

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Continues to look great, my most anticipated game for the rest of the year but man what a bad release date. Same day as Xbox One and Super Mario 3D World and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. They could have at least come out on Tuesday the 19th.

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Patrick is a pig confirmed?

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It's a shame, I'd love to support games like this but my lack of funds doesn't help. I may buy this as an early Christmas present to myself from someone just to show support. This and Puppeteer, really want to support games like it.

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This will be great on my Vita!

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@frostedminiwheats: If Little Big Planet is anything to go on, it will be a great concept and look, but utterly fail in the controls department.

LBP controls didn't utterly fail...they just...alright I guess they did suck... I honestly pulled this up to defend it but it is THE thing that made me not really take to the game that much

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This game looks incredible and is going to bomb. Every time I see people hyping over fucking Killzone or inFamous and completely ignoring a unique Sony property like absolutely kills me. I love games with heart. They are few and far between.

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this is the vita's killer app for sure

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This game is releasing on November 22nd? But that's a Friday, why would Sony do...

...ah, Sony's devious counter-programming masterstroke! Microsoft is going down!

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I hope people realize that filling up every thread, comment page, whatever, with "but it won't sell" does absolutely nothing to help the game or anyone interested in it. It's pointless.

What a wonderful day in games the 22nd will be though. Tearaway, new Mario, new Zelda, and a brand new console. Maybe the most historic day for games in a decade.

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Toss this game in the bin where it belongs.

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I don't really even know what the game is, but I sort of want a Vita just so I can play it. Also, I like to contribute to developers that create games that go for a different art style and aren't another FPS.

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I don't have a Vita, and may not for a while, but I'm buying this game day 1 alongside Mario and Zelda.

Even if I can't play it, these people deserve my money. This looks absolutely wonderful. It will sit on my shelf until it's Vita time...

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I was enchanted by this game at the Eurogamer Expo. It uses all the gimmicky components of the PS Vita in ways that don't feel gimmicky. For instance the front facing camera captures your face as your playing and then displays you as the game world's sun! I just starting gnashing my teeth at the camera, creating a kind of nightmarish solar entity, an eater of worlds if you will... Especially ones made out of paper.

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I love the genuine enthusiasm these guys have for their craft.

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I am SO getting this day one.

I'm not one of those people that think there's a draught of games on the Vita, but perhaps a lack of variety coupled with truly great games.

To see something that's crafted with a little love specifically for the system gets me excited.

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Patrick, you need to get off Tumblr for a bit.

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Patrick is the pig among us.

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good game... maybe not a system seller but certainly a treat for Vita owners

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God I hate the S-Word. I played the demo. It was kind of tough to get used to, but really innovative.

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@abendlaender said:

And nobody is going to buy this game :(

I mean, they would, but then you'd have to buy a Vita first.

The inevitable PS3/PS4 crossbuy port will probably do better.

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But... but... I'm not ever going to buy a Vita!