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I'm sure this will be game of the year...

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Posted by Goldanas

Awesome opening title. I dig the minimalist graphic style.

And then the waggle kicks in and I worry. I guess it's better than mashing on the A button. Cheap gaming conventions apply to all consoles, not just the Wii.

Posted by CoinMatze

Yeah, if the year was 1999! haha! zing!

Posted by CoIin

I remember when Indiana Jones was cool... This should have been a Dora and Diego game.

Posted by Rewcastle

I'm a huge Indy fan and will probably buy this - even though it looks technically bad...

Posted by Annev0

This is a Wii game, could be ccol. The last Indiana Jones game i played wasnt bad - I thiink it was the infernal machine.

Posted by Jnal

Its a shame that they cancelled the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. The early stuff I saw of it looked sweet.

Posted by darkspirit138

The guy scared the crap outta me at the beginning

Posted by artofwar420

Looks promising.

Posted by HarrySound

Well it's no Fate Of Atlantis.....
Animation looked really last gen but I understand now it's on the Wii.
I'm probably not the kinda guy this games aimed at to be honest so...

Posted by kennybaese

This looks like it has the potential to be really good, but sadly I'm thinking that's really not going to be the case.

Might still pick it up because the Wii version also comes with Atlantis, and that game owns.

Posted by MeatSim

That guy was little too happy there at the beginning.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

man... I dunno about the Wii controls... I mean, it's not motion+ or anything, so it'll probobly suck...

this game would be a lot better if it was on 360, PC, or PS3

Posted by Azteck

Idno.. this game should've been made for the next-gen consoles, it could really benefit from the more advanced features they offer.

And the story seems solid and exciting enough, so I really wish I could've played it without buying some last-gen game.

Posted by laticsfan

Actually looks quite decent for a Wii game, though for some reason that guy really annoys the hell out of me.

Posted by Prosmack

The autocue makes the narration a bit weird.

Posted by Joshua
... But don't take my word for it!

This guy watched too much reading rainbow
Posted by freakydude20

they did keep to the religious stuff for indy which is where he seems to exel but from what i saw of the combat.....that looks so slow and boring

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It's cool that they let the marketing manager actually work on the game...

I want Indy games to be good.  I've seen better knockoffs that most of the games that have come out under this franchise, though.  Except for Fate of Atlantis.

Posted by cyrax

At least it doesn't look like total ass...not graphically of course.

Posted by AutomaticSnake

Only for the Wii? No thx.

Posted by RoboRobb

Whats wrong with that dudes eyes??

Posted by HaHarr

"This is the kind of experience fans expect from an indy adventure"? I'm pretty sure most of us just want Indy left alone till you guys can come up with a better sales pitch.

Posted by Kohe321

No thanks

Posted by momentarylogic

Why oh why do developers insist on pitching their game to the fans in a comercial? Let me tell you what I want, if you insist on showing real people in your videos: Some Sexy Latin Number that speaks to me like my clothes are coming off with every word.

Posted by RyShe

So many people have a wii that don't know how bad Indy games can get, this game is going to sell millions, but I wont be one of those people

Posted by ep_driver

A Wii game that looks like it might actually be good? What is the world coming to? I still probably won't buy it, but it looks decent to me.

Posted by Media_Master

hope its great!

Posted by GioVANNI

I just hope it were on the PS3/360. 

Posted by giyanks22

Wow... this is weird...this better be early in development..

Posted by MasterChief360

not bad

Posted by Intrepid

Looks cool for story, here's hoping gameplay will be good too.

Posted by lantus

One of those settings reminded me of the Indiana Jones 2007 game that was being made for PS3/360, I guess they just scraped those versions. :(

Posted by thenexus

LucasArts were the top edge of graphics for a while but bar the force unleashed (which we know a lot of people higher up moaned about the development costs) every game they have made internally has looked average at best. They seem to be using outdated engines?

Posted by papercut

I think...I really don't care...maybe

Posted by dibiase77

As long as it gets down to: 

Random Judeo-Christian artifact + Nazis + Decent Harrison Ford Impersonator - Shia LeDouche...

...then it =cool

Posted by Blazer74

Well...its not a Star Wars game, that is step in the right direction.

Posted by Sarnecki

The trolly in San Fransisco seems very much like an "Indy" setpiece.  I'm hoping this game washes out the taste of the HORRIBLE Indy 4.

Posted by sfighter21

these better be wii graphics...If a ps3/x360 version looks like this.........Oh, Moses save us!

Posted by TravisT

sfighter21, yes it's Wii graphics.You can see Wii controls on the screen throughout the video.

Posted by AgentJ

I hate to say this, but i think i might actually enjoy the co-op on this game