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Posted by PulledaBrad

Ok the pool starts here. How many times will Brad and Vinny play this combined?
Also: What the hell? Road Warrior gear?

Posted by mrmanga

Jill!!!! Sandwich!!!

Posted by nanikore

Wasn't this supposed to have support for the PS3 motion controller stuff?  
Also, Chris Redfield has the face of a 9 year old.

Posted by freakin

Thank goodness that cleavage was saved.

Posted by Catarrhal
@nanikore: It will support Sony's motion controller (the game will be released prior to the launch of the controller).
Posted by VashTS

Do I see actual zombies?!?!?!? .....probably not... =(
Posted by Yummylee

Just reveal to me the other 3 new merc characters already! :'(
Posted by Arjuna

uh oh...  Looks like Capcom is poised to be yet another company to find out that you shouldn't release content for a video game that people stopped playing a long time ago.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Whoa....those costumes at the end looked pretty freaky. It looks like a lot of new content though.

Posted by JJOR64


Edited by Heartagram

OMG i saw the Master of unlocking at work. Someone almost became a Chris Sandwhich

Posted by Nemesis

Glad I didn't by Resident Evil 5. Now if I ever wanted to play this shitty game, I would actually get the full version.

Posted by dhuff

I hear there is an unlockable Totoro costume for Chris!

Posted by SlantedRoom
you are wrong
Posted by TooWalrus

Can't wait. I still don't own a copy of RE5, but I've rented it twice, I'm buying this day one.

Posted by Sneakybadger

Just rented this from LoveFilm on PS3 good game.... but i don't wanna splash out anymore and i enjoyed the ride of the origional game enough.

Posted by nick_verissimo

Dude, I need to play Resident Evil 5.

Posted by MrMiyagi

I'll play it. Looks pretty awesome.

Edited by Kombat
@VashTS: There were a few near the end of the vanilla RE5 campaign, so it's certainly possible.
Posted by limewizard

OOOH! Do I smell a Lisa Trevor cameo?

Posted by Kraznor

Hmmm, the mansion stuff seemed kind of cool but everything else...Also, tried playing Resident Evil 5 again about a week ago, that game already feels old and clunky.

Posted by scarace360

Their going to play it like 3 times.

Posted by Cuddy

im still waiting for HUNK to turn up :P
Posted by Milkman

I am all for everything that is going on here.

Posted by Afroman269

Can't wait. I'm more excited for the mansion content instead of the other one though.

Posted by Shibbles

The fact that Jill displays her mastery of unlocking makes me stoked for this.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Yes please. Jill and Josh mission? Sounds good to me.

Posted by Akeldama
@limewizard said:
" OOOH! Do I smell a Lisa Trevor cameo? "
i fucking hope so. Favorite aspect of the REmake.
Posted by Will_3rd

Looks great :-)

Posted by gla55jAw

I'm pumped
Posted by CaptainApollo13

Lol at those costumes at the end!!!! But playing through the mansion will be freakin sweet as will playing that segment with Jill and Josh.

Posted by RVonE

Man, they should offer those missions as DLC...
Posted by wfolse1

Oh man how awesome, the return of Lisa. 

Posted by Kinggi

Looks amazing, content i actually want! And lol at the last costumes.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Okay, someone needs to set this straight for me... Is that the Spencer Estate from RE1? A few shots look exactly the same! (Upstairs dining room @ 1:20, dining room @ 1:23, safe room under the L staircase at 1:25) ...But I thought the mansion exploded in the canon ending...?

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

Maybe she could make the jump if she wore even less clothes.

Posted by Jiquk

I cant wait.

Posted by SoftButtCheeks

Sheva got dem big ol titties @ the end
lol Chris Roidfield

Posted by GaZZuM
@FuzzYLemoN: There are alot of replicas of that same mansion, made by Umbrella, it'll probably be the exact same layout.
Posted by ptys

I recently realised the only reason I played through multiple times was to unlock Sheva's Jungle costume... Come on, be honest, the game is good... but not worth three play throughs!

Posted by SammydesinasNL

I'm afraid the mansion is mostly just a puzzle with only a few enemies and a predictable ending (which we already know about).
Posted by SalazarCruz19

Looks great... can't wait....

Posted by Reverseface

Jill why you look so fugly! YOU USE TO BE BEAUTIFULL !!!!!!!!

Posted by RaccoonusDoodus

YES!!!! WANT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ThePhenomenal1
@ptys said:
" I recently realised the only reason I played through multiple times was to unlock Sheva's Jungle costume... Come on, be honest, the game is good... but not worth three play throughs! "
well... it was worth 3 playthroughs for me. not just cuz i loved it but to net the 1000 points. which i got on both 360 and pc. so i guess that makes it 6 playthroughs. i'm fucking crazy.
Posted by asdfghasdf
@ArbitraryWater said:
" Yes please. Jill and Josh mission? Sounds good to me. "
Yeah, that actually looked pretty cool. I'm more interested in that one than the flashback one at the mansion.
Posted by AuthenticM

Did I just see fixed camera angles in some scenes?

Posted by lhaymehr

That was a good trailer.

Posted by Shaanyboi

hmmm.... probably gonna get this!

Posted by Parsnip

Oh, two new episodes. Nice to see Josh back.

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