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She is a force to be reckoned with.

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Watchdogs dude wasn't a fan of her press conferences I guess? :S

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Still looking forward to the game!

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I.... what?

Ok, neat I guess.

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Is this the #girlwood woman from Ubisoft?

If so, awesome.

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Just have to watch out for her Johnny-Benchian fingers...

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Uh... what the hell was that?

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... Okay.

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What did i just watch?

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what the hell ....?

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i guess she's not in it for long...

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Is it actually Aisha Tyler in there, or is she playing a character who happens to look like her?

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so this is actually how the game will look? looks like some shit from 2002 running on quake 2 engine

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Tyler was cool. The girlwood thing ruined that!

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so this is actually how the game will look? looks like some shit from 2002 running on quake 2 engine

You need to find some videos of it running on the next gen consoles/PC, then shut your try hard attempt.

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Aisha Tyler be doin good at ev-ery-ting!

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ok that was kinda weird. And this looked like it was running on the 360, not the next gen consoles or PC....

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Jesus, why does this trailer look so fucking ugly, *nervously hovers over cancel pre-order button*

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Aisha Tyler is still great though and hopefully Watch_Dogs will be great too.

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Danger zone?

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Oh dear, that girlwood was short-lived...

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That's not Tyler, she's half the height she should be :)

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That was just silly, and not in a good way...

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I like her podcast, she's infinitely charming.

But, um, why does this exist?

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Tyler sucks at jumping out of the way of slow moving trucks.

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#girlwood #sidequest

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I hope she's okay..

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That was uncomfortable. Can't tell if it's trying to be silly? It just seems mean?

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Well that was a dumb trailer.

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Perhaps they are trying to cash in on the Whose Line Is It Anyways craze.

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@rorie: Stop negging her, you're better than that.

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@soap: He just wanted Caffeine guy to return

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I almost wont buy this game if i can't have her run over in this game.

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Aisha Tyler is great, but I have absolutely no idea what that was.

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I'm going to guess that what this trailer implies is that Aisha Tyler is voicing one of the "random pedestrian" models in the game, and that just like in Grand Theft Auto, they will have phone conversations when they are randomly walking past you on the street.

But apparently if you follow her around, you get some (presumably way-longer-than-usual) conversations about pooping your password pills. And hopefully some kind of Archer reference, and hopefully not some kind of awful girlwood reference, because then I too will have to dutifully run over her character with a garbage truck.

...I hope this game is good.

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Looks like she stepped in to the Danger Zone.

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Well at least I know who's bank account to drain when I get the game.

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Totally inaccurate. Aisha would have used her man hands to stop the truck dead.

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This totally makes up for E3. You are forgiven, Ubisoft.

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this seems like something saints row 2 would do.

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And with this she becomes one of the first and only realistic looking black women in a videogame.

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I feel like I should be offended....