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I love the look of LA Noire

Edit: Yeah First! quest.

Posted by RecSpec

Can't wait for this game.

Posted by Swick

Looking forward to this one.

Posted by icytower38

Looks awesome as always.

Posted by SSully

Can I have this game now? Please???

Posted by KarlHungus

Words cannot describe my excitement for this game.

Posted by Winternet

Man, how many L.A. Noire vids are they putting out? Crazy.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Words cannot aptly describe how much I'm looking forward to this!

Posted by TheYear20XX

Damn this game looks crazy good.

Posted by Cowmeat

I can not wait!

Posted by easthill

Won't be buying this on release - gonna be pretty hung over and getting ready to party. National Holiday in Norway and everything.

Posted by Sweep

So stoked for this!

Posted by ComradeCrash

So awesome! Looks like a tv show

Posted by Parsnip

It's too bad that the rest of the mocap seems kind of sub-par.

Posted by lordofultima

I'm ready, bring it on! Just over a month left!

Posted by DrMadHatten

I want this to be good so bad, but I have no idea what the game play is like minus the cases. It is an open world, GTA/Red Dead style game right?

Posted by zityz

So damn psyched for this.

Posted by Metal_Mills

The face look amazing.

The rest looks pretty damn ugly. :|

Posted by wickedsc3

Look's great, I can't wait!

Posted by Slaker117
@DrMadHatten: I believe there is a trailer showing very GTA-like driving and shooting gameplay. I have to imagine it's open world as well.
Edited by IkariNoTekken
@DrMadHatten: There is an 'open world' map to explore if you so wish, yes. However unlike the GTA games there are limitations in place to keep the overall serious mood of the story, such as; not being able to run down or shoot pedestrians in the street.
EDIT: You're on the right side of the law, after all.
Posted by kamiboy

Another product too busy trying jealously to be a movie to remember it is also supposed to be a game? We'll see soon enough I guess.

Posted by Anwar
@IkariNoTekken:  I hope there is a bigger penalty besides money
 Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.
one of the achievements/trophies indicates what happens if you are doing bad stuff
Posted by Brazzle

Fuck me, that was awesome.

Posted by blacklab


Posted by DJKommunist

Walter from fringe?!

Posted by Anwar
@DJKommunist: yes he is always happy to help the LAPD
John Noble
Posted by ItBeStefYo

Guy blinks at certain points so much it annoys me. Also when he shot his gun he wore his constipated face

Posted by Philzpilz

This game looks great, but I just can't get my head around how it's going to work in terms of open world vs. mission based.. Looking forward to it hugely

Posted by Sanj

I still can't get over how damn good those facial animations look.

Posted by MisterMouse

man those ears are creepy...

Posted by monkeynuts8


Posted by weegieanawrench
@easthill said:
" Won't be buying this on release - gonna be pretty hung over and getting ready to party. National Holiday in Norway and everything. "
Posted by Anwar
@easthill: well if you don't buy it from overseas it comes out on the 20th in Europe iirc(not sure about Norway :S)
Posted by skywing
@Sanj said:
" I still can't get over how damn good those facial animations look. "
same thing i was thinking
Posted by IkariNoTekken
@Anwar: Hopefully.

I actually remember reading an interview which said there were plans to not allow the player to kill pedestrians, they would immediately run away or something. I don't remember the source though, unfortunately. 
Posted by IkariNoTekken
@Anwar: Oops I was wrong: You can only pull out your weapon is certain areas.
Posted by Anwar
@IkariNoTekken: in one of the previews they mentioned, that they don't want to be as punishing as Mafia 2, talking about the driving aspect, not the other stuff(rampages and stuff), I can't really say if that is good or bad, because I haven't played Mafia 2
Posted by Meptron

My god, look at the face animations and expressions! Intense. I hope the gameplay holds up. Could be a winner.

Posted by Brake

Oh man, I just love the setting of this game. Definitely don't have enough games in the 30s and 40s noir dudes-in-suits era.

Posted by IkariNoTekken
@Anwar:  The Mafia games are fairly strict with speed limits and whatnot. You have a speed limiter and once you turn it off the police will pursue you if they spot you.

Good to hear that L.A Noire might not been as punishing, although I can't see them allowing you to go speeding round the streets either. I'm thinking you might get a speed warning and if you choose to ignore it, you face a fine or something along those lines. As long as its not Mafia's "chase you down and smash into your car until it no longer works" style, I'm okay with whatever Team Bondi go with.

Personally I didn't kill anyone innocent in Red Dead Redemption until I had finished the campaign. I played it sensibly from start to finish and I intend to do the same with this.
Posted by RobotHamster

Fucking incredible looking game, the story and gameplay are looking good too.

Posted by elko84

come on may!

Posted by Agent47
@Sanj: Yeah it is one of those things that seem to impress again and again.I guess that as gamers we aren't used to this sort of tech.
Posted by Agent47
@ItBeStefYo: Just like real people.Plus how you know he didn't shoot someone he didn't want to?
Posted by Artisan88
@Metal_Mills:  To me it still looks like they cut out a real face and glued it to a mannequin. Or like someone's poking their face through a hole in the videogame. Too much difference between the realism of the face and the quality of everything else, which my brain just can't overcome.
Posted by paulwade1984

shooting animations look very stiff and wooden. Everything else looks amazing tho.

This game could go either way. Cant wait to find out. 
Posted by Etaber

Is it just the video or does it look like the frame rate is single digits a lot of the time?

Posted by Fjordson

Rockstar just take my money already.

Posted by DigTheDoug

CG Rip Torn!

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