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I'll see YOU in my living room

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Loving the Wii being all it can be as a gaming console with Pilates. What an excellent system, it's clearly the best out there.

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"Hi, I'm *BOOBS OMG*" "It will strengthen *white noise*"........

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You know when I was going to buy this game?

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I'd hit that.

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Wait, this will STRENGTHEN my muscles? Instead of weakening them?

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Looks like its a tiny cold in there huh daisy?

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"I'll see you in your living room!"

Oh boy...

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Daisy Fuentes might be E for Everyone, but what I got goin' on now is at least T for Teen.  Kudos for the GB community for making it 5 posts before shooting all over itself.

BTW, nice Red Shoe Diaries music in the background.

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...god-dammit, Brad

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Ill see YOU in my bedroom

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LMAO is this for real?

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i didn't look at her boobs once

i can assure you that

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In my living room? Aight.

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"I'll see you in your living room." Oh, like on the couch? A little more uncomfortable but I can roll with that.

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Yes please.

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Boobs, i mean, cool video

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It will work around my schedule AND I don't have to leave the house? SOLD!!

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damn look at that sweet core

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Aaah Daisy Fuentes... Her appearence on AFV made me wait more for her inbetween the clips than the clips themselves.

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normally i don't go for games like this... but hot damn!

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She's ready whenever I am. 

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Sure is strengthening one of my muscles...

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In my living room!?

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wow i can't wait any longer to eat cake with fat princess
cake is so good ! nobody needs a tight body

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At least now I know how you're meant to say pilates...until now I thought it was pronounced like 'pirates' but with an L  -_-

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You can see me in my living room anytime. 

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I got boobs and im saying this is good so you have to buy it!

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Oh god! NOBODY buy this. I would hate to see a sequel to this.

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Holy Shit! Daisy in MY living room? I better clean-up...

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@InsanePotato: Good for you

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At 43 she's officially in Milf territory.  Still Smoking hot!
Although I have to wonder if this "game" isn't just a workout video.

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Is there any interaction or is it just a 3D video?

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Mmmmmm Daisy.

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Ewwwww. Guys...this comment thread is all sticky. At least clean up after yourselves...

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Can anyone say Quick Look?

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Duders, now you have an excuse to do an interview. in your office. with the shades drawn. With a camera hidden in Luchadeer's head.

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When I was young I stumbled across a picture of Daisy Fuentes nude on all fours with her hoohahdilly all out in the open. It was, as I remember very clearly, an exceptionally nice set of lady flaps. She had this look on her face that said "c'mere big boy" and I couldn't help but imagine... 

... I'm sorry, what was this thread about again?

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My keg stomach is already toned. Forget you Fuentes!

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Daisy can you show us more than just the ropes?

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Soooooooooo hot! Jesus.

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I'd buy her game and play it on my Wii...if you know what I mean... *wink wink, nudge nudge* Awoooooooo!

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this vid just made my day

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this has to be the next endurance run

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Quick Look this. NOW!

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"I'll see you in your living room...."

and I'll be there with my pants off