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Posted by Regals

Pure awesomeness.

Posted by Vager

omg! lol

Nice calming down techniques.

Posted by Bureksasutlijom

So random,yet so funny!

Posted by retrovertigo

Jeff, you should have totally curb-stomped the camera at some point.  That would be the ultimate rage!  Or if you set off the smoke detector with your anger, that would have been TOTALLY awesome!   

Posted by high_seraph

lol definitely the highlight of my day so far.

Posted by vinull

too funny - right after I just posted a review on MM9 too, giving it 2 stars for this!

Posted by pillowpants

That might have been the funniest thing I've seen this week, thanks for that!

Posted by Irishjohn

Ok, a minute and a half in, is that guy speaking in code, or what?  A part of me wants to get Mega Man 9 more now, which worries me.

Posted by Diabolo

I had the exact same reactions (in french). I felt so old dying over and over again...

Posted by randiolo

omg at 3:30 i shit myself laughing

Posted by Linkyshinks


Ya know, you really would have a better chance and all round experience using a Ninty Dpad. Tut, tut, you should be playing it on Wii.

Posted by Ontheocho


Posted by super_machine

Jeff its that crazy 360 D-pad your playing on. Not meant for 8-bit games

Posted by DJofSparta

Great video.

Posted by walter_sobchak


Posted by Jon_Rivera

I know how Jeff feels. I have to play through my copy of Kid Icarus for review on my site...

Posted by growl


Posted by Blackoutt21

that resembled me....alot

Posted by insanejedi

Sounds like me+ninja gaiden.

Posted by zoozilla

Hilarious.  This is what makes GiantBomb different - any other website would go, "What the hell?  Don't put this crap up on the site!"

GiantBomb goes: "Huh?  Oh, yeah, whatever.  Put it up."

Is Jeff Gerstmann: Relaxing at Home going to be a regular segment?  I think it would be a great success...

Posted by TomA

Instead of making a segment where Jeff does different things at home,they should make a segment where Jeff playes Megaman 9 in different places,like his neighbours pool or a funeral home and stuff.That would be sweet!!!

Posted by r3b3lr0b0t

"Start me after that part..."


Posted by EmillKim

You won't see this on gamespot.

Posted by Driadon

Someone needs to make a soundboard out of the sounds that came out of your mouth Hahaha.

Posted by Xander51

That was brilliant. Loved it. I would so watch more of these.

Posted by kist

3.28 sooo funny.. this vid was soo funny lol... but we cudnt even see what was goin on ??? never really got why u like mega man this aint 1991 son!! now u can play game that dont make you angry

Posted by Gregomasta

Epic video Jeff, truly epic, DAMN you're hilarious son.   Is that a white ps3 controller you're using or some sort fucked up 360 controller?

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

looks extremely relaxing.

Edited by AllanIceman

Just BREATHE Jeff, Just breathe! 
P.S. "I am the greatest megaman 9 player that whatever lived!!"  LMAO!

Posted by DBoy

Incredible video.. reminds me of when I played The Force Unleashed.

Posted by Meltbrain

Oh man... Bad memories. I'm pretty chill with a game now to be honest, like if it is way too hard for me and pissing me off I will just stop and walk away. When I was a kid though playing my NES I used to get really fucking mad though, if anyone was watching me play I'd tell them to piss off, haha.

Posted by onenar

where did you get a white PS3 controller?

Posted by imayellowfellow

this was siick

Posted by nickzed

rofl, holy shit.  i know those reactions to dying in a megaman game, FAR TOO WELL.

Posted by algebratwo

Its a white dualshock 3. imported from Japan. I got one from playasia.

Posted by Paradigmer
Imagine if you will...

Jeff Gerstmann Relaxing At Home: Making A Burrito
and many more!
Posted by Ouroboros

I love you Jeff

Posted by TheFrostedGamer

jeff, please make more of these. Seriously.

On a side note: Jeff, would you please make a giantbomb parody of the souljah boy review of Braid, with you in Souljah Boys role? I'll give you five dollars.

Edit: I fucking love saying "how's that fair" when i play games. We share that in common.

Posted by Sykosis

yes megaman is F'n hard but for some reason I keep playing it. everybody plays the fool sometimes i guess.

Posted by Tortoise

Really funny stuff, but would be even better if we could see what was actually killing you in game while we are listening to the reactions :)

Posted by Knigge

This is totally how I act every time I play Geometry Wars 2.

You should do this more often Jeff. Little better lighting though hopefully in the future.

Posted by FallenFatKid

great video

Posted by Aas


Posted by Keyser_Soze

Too dark, not particularly funny. Seen better of these type of videos.

Posted by eternaLightness

lol calm down Jeff! Breath! There you go

Posted by TheGamerGeek

I agree with insanejedi.

Posted by Smitatoe

in through the nose and out the mouth, ehh, oouuu

Posted by Torb

Yea dude. Definitely staying away from this one ... x.x

Posted by Artemis_D

lol, it's not to see that other people get as frustrated as I do when they play video games.

Posted by SoulTaker

Great vid.  I know how you feel Jeff. lol

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