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Posted by Morningstar

I'll be over there, playing Dark Souls II.

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I'll be playing on my PS3... and the game will be Dark Souls 2.

Posted by cheeckoo

wait, what ?

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It just so happens I did forget. lol

Posted by HerbieBug


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My friends will be on 360, most likely, because no one wants to buy an Xbox One. I'll be seeing how that port shapes up before I make a final decision, but if it's bad, I'm going PC. Microsoft really should've arranged this to be a One exclusive.

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PC of course.

Game probably even runs on something with the computational strength of a calculator.

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

PC for me because I need to justify the money I spent on high end components I bought 2 years ago, as opposed to having to justify buying a next gen console that barely has any games on it worth playing.

Posted by Spitznock

I'll be on Playstation Fo- SHIT.

Posted by Phoenix87


Posted by Frobitz

The only Titans that'll be falling round these parts is gonna be fools invading my Dark Souls 2 game.

Posted by Benmo316

It's only on Xbox? Shit, hopefully a Pre-Played store or something is still around so I can find one!

Posted by mernmern

Check it out, no snark and no mention of making money on the internet. Xbox One & Titanfall next week. South Park tonight.

I played the beta and it felt a little limited, but then I watched a few videos and realized I was awful at the wall running.

XBL: mernmern

Posted by LameImpala

Cool, a new Gundam game

Posted by shinboy630

PC 4 Lyfe

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It's also coming to PC (with a not tried and true anti-cheat method), MS don't want you to know that, it comes two weeks later to the 360 (will be hacked and cheated in day one), MS don't want you to know that either.

Posted by jorojoserojas

I'm really surprised that they're not taking a "from the makers/creators/minds behind Call of Duty" stance with this one.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Oh, I haven't forgot. It's all I've been thinking about since I played the beta. It's a little disappointing seeing so much snark here after coming from the batman trailer which has an equal amount of snark.

Posted by WillieMcBride

Weird, I must have missed the part of Dark Souls 2 where it's required that you act better than other people when you play it? That's an odd feature.

Posted by morose

PC. Hearthstone, Loadout, and Stick of Truth should hold me over til then, no problem.

Posted by CaptainJudaism

PC here, since i have no X-Box or XBone and have no intention on getting either.

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Cool, a new Gundam game

BAH THESE ARE FAKE GUNDAMS!!! They're like the equivalent of the OSTRICHES of Gundams since they can't FLY! >:(

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Weird, I must have missed the part of Dark Souls 2 where it's required that you act better than other people when you play it? That's an odd feature.

I think it was a carry over feature from the last two games. Whatever, I'm super excited for both (surprising right?), and don't feel the need to project an exclusionary demeanor. I guess that's most people on the internet though.

Posted by BakerMikeRomeo

@williemcbride said:

Weird, I must have missed the part of Dark Souls 2 where it's required that you act better than other people when you play it? That's an odd feature.

There is nothing under the sun that won't serve as an excuse for someone to be condescending on the internet (not even being condescending on the internet). Everyone's out to assure everyone that they (and only they) have the good taste.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

PC once I know that the game won't be on fire at launch

Posted by ionkinetic

I was waiting for her to say "Prepare for Titanfall" guess I'm not gonna play it now.

Posted by EpicSteve


Posted by csl316

I won't get an Xbox One for this, but maybe the 360 version will be worth a look (if it's not on fire).

Posted by WolfHazard

Xbox One for sure. Hopefully I get to call on Titan down on yo asss!

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Nowhere? I don't have a XBone or a PC that can run it and I'mextra skeptical about the 360 version right now.

Posted by Hailinel


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playing on xb1 , no interest in playing a console game with pc gamers

Posted by bledsoe9mm

playing on xb1 , no interest in playing a console game with pc gamers

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Hearing this campaign-esque dialogue when we still have no clue how it will be integrated into the "campaign multiplayer" is kinda weird.

That beta got me good and hooked, so I'm looking forward to falling back into the fight.

Posted by smokyexe

I'll be on my PS3 playing Dark Souls 2

Posted by LarryDavis

@meatsim: Having played the PC beta, I can almost guarantee the 360 version will not be that different. It doesn't exactly look great. It is really fun, though.

Posted by chilibean_3

Getting this on PC. Should break my unfortunate DOTA curse for a while.

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A wild TitanFall appears.

I should probably stop with that joke.

Posted by NTM

I'll probably be on Xbox One trying the game out (the beta was fun), but on the 18th, it's back to the PS4 with MGS Ground Zeroes, and then 21st Second Son. I do hope I get Titanfall day one.

Posted by illegalnull

I'm interested in Titanfall, but Dark Souls 2 will be keeping me busy for the next few months. Its been years of waiting, omg more Dark Souls!

Posted by Franstone

Playing on Xbox One here.
Beta was great, can't wait for the rest.

Posted by PurplePartyRobot

The first of three games I will be getting this month. Dark Souls 2 PC and D3: Reaper of Souls will follow.

Posted by Nate

PC. Probably not going to get a next gen console til next Christmas at the very earliest.

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If it wasn't an EA game I'd definitely buy it. I'm done following that company into dark alleys.

Posted by thefriend

Why anyone in their right minds would get a console version of a FPS over a PC version, especially if they have a PC. Is WELL beyond me.

You might as well be breaking a federal law.

Edited by Adrian79

I'll be picking up DS2 and Titanfall next Friday (UK release) the only question is which do I fire up first. Unfortunately some people round here think it's beyond human comprehension to be a fan f more than one type of game.

Posted by Lausebub

The PC version is my only option, but I don't feel that confident considering this would be one of my first multiplayer shooter. You have to start somewhere, but feel like I won't have any chance a couple of weeks after Titanfall comes out.

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