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Looks better than your average launch title.

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You can make it the most colorful game in the world, and I would still not care.

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Yes, Patrick, we all know you don't like Killzone. I happen to be pretty excited for this one.

Posted by TheBioLover

I don't get the hate, I love Killzone and this looks hella fun.

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Haven't been a huge Killzone fan in the past, but I am totally digging this.

Posted by kiwi_whisker

I enjoyed the last entries - played a few days of multiplayer. Ill probably do the same with this one ^_^

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No Patrick, YOU don't want another Killzone.

Also, I like the look of this multiplayer scenario creation stuff. Seems really interesting, and I'm surprised I've not seen it integrated to this extent before.

Posted by Master_Funk

Man, the killzone hatred on this site is just too much. They were never bad games, and KZ2 was awesome.

Edited by RobotSquad

*I* might not want another Killzone game..

Fixed that for you.

Posted by Bill_Rizer

Just watched the Titanfall video, Killzone is dead to me now.

Posted by patrickklepek

Guys, you might be taking that one line a bit too seriously.

Posted by SuperSonic1305

I want Killzone goddamit Patrick.

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Posted by Irvandus

As someone who only played Killzone 3 a little bit I don't understand why everyone has such a negative view on the series.

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With the storylines they have, I want another Killzone game, not another COD or non-BadCompany Battlefield.

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"The world might not want another Killzone game, but at least this one's more colorful."

I don't see another way to take it when people who listen to the Bombcast know you are always negative about the series.

Posted by Andheez

Killzone was bland and overhyped with substandard controls. Not to mention the sliding difficulty of the multiplayer made it completely unbalanced for new players vs leveled players.

Posted by RobotSquad

Guys, you might be taking that one line a bit too seriously.

Am I, Patrick? AM I!!!!???

*flips table over*

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Why are people forgetting how great Killzone 2 was? I really don't get the hate for this series.

Posted by Master_Funk

@phatmac: 5 stars on Giant Bomb, if I'm not mistaken?

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@irvandus said:

As someone who only played Killzone 3 a little bit I don't understand why everyone has such a negative view on the series.

Motherfucking Rico. Nuff Said.

Posted by Evan_Buchholz

I have the same feeling on Killzone as I do Crysis...

"Sure looks pretty!"

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Seriously Patrick, what the crap is wrong with you.

Edited by MackDaddicus

The snark might not want another snark, but at least this one's more snark

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This certainly looks better than Killzone 3 but I'm more excited for Killzone Mercanry to be honest after what I played of the closed beta :p

Edited by kpaadet

This is totally why I come to GB, to hear Patrick and Alex' salty snarky comments. /s

Posted by BenderUnit22

Given Killzone 2 was one of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation, I don't know why you have to be so down on it. I'm not a big online guy, but why single out this franchise that did a pretty damn impressive job surpassing a CG trailer and offering a surprisingly engaging class-based MP?

"The world might not want another Dear Esther, but at least this one has some interactive environments."

Edited by Unilad

*sigh* Uh so fed up with this overload of what Patrick thinks.

Posted by Humanity

@irvandus said:

As someone who only played Killzone 3 a little bit I don't understand why everyone has such a negative view on the series.

Because it is extremely generic. I think the fiction is actually pretty interesting - the idea that these people were forced to move to another planet where they adapted to the harsh conditions and grew ever more resentful towards the humanity they left behind. It's just too bad none of that was really present in the game and instead you got space nazis with glowing eyes and a bunch of pretty generic guns.

This new one is advertising lobby options, a feature that was present in the most basic PC shooters 15 years ago. Better late than never.

Edited by chiablo

More like Kill Zzzzzzzzone... AMIRITE??

Posted by chilipeppersman

@master_funk: ive always wanted to play them, and if sony makes them available on gaikai i def will haha

Posted by RonGalaxy

Oh Patrick, I like you, but you had to have known that sub-headline was a bit dickish.

Edited by Ehker

Yup, looking forward to another Killzone, especially with the guy who did the MP for Killzone 2 working on this one. Plus eye candy.

Edited by GrantHeaslip

Even as someone who doesn't care about Killzone, I cringed reading the headline and description of this video. What good can possibly come of writing this kind of condescending snark? If you don't want to be accused of being a "hipster" (and I agree, it's a lame, empty word), maybe don't go out of your way to lean into it.

Posted by toots

um...I like killzone? Looks good.

Edited by RicoismynamE

2 and 3 were very colorful, its people like you that got killzones controls changed to halo/codlike, we didn't ask for that!! it was fine the way it was, slow and tactical just the way i like it.

Edited by Benmo316

Really? I have to enter my bday to watch a trailer? Is this a GB thing or a Sony/all video game trailer thing now?

But yes, Shadow Fall looks amazing and I can't wait to play it on Nov 15!

Edited by SpartyOn

I don't understand why everyone is being so dismissive of this game. I haven't been a "fan" of the Killzone series exactly, but when you look at this game by itself, it actually looks like it could be pretty great. Nowadays it seems more and more like being a game journalist consists of being pretty pessimistic about everything but obscure/"artistic" titles...it bums me out.

Posted by mrcraggle

Killzone 2 was great. I loved the way it played. You looked like a heavy dude and moved accordingly. I ended up playing it 2 years I think after its release and still got into matches no problem that were fair and balanced. KZ3 threw all of that away.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

"The world" = guys who admit they don't enjoy the basic mechanics of first-person shooters, apparently.

I will play it.

Edited by Spoonman671

@patrickklepek said:

Guys, you might be taking that one line a bit too seriously.

Probably because it gets repeated every time Killzone: Shadow Fall is mentioned. I'm sure there's something less boring to say about the game. While none of the crew are excited for this game, that hardly seems like a good enough excuse to project that same mentality on the rest of us.

EDIT: Let me try to explain myself better. I think it would be both more interesting, and more informative if your tagline were some sort of comment about the content of the trailer, rather than a reiteration of your disinterest in this game. Guerrilla seems to be providing a wealth of options when it comes to match-type creation. There are some significant implications to providing players that much agency. Will it fragment the community too much? Will some emergent gameplay revelation occur due to this? There is a more thoughtful approach to this than to simply state that nobody asked for it. I consider you a thoughtful guy.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

@patrickklepek said:

Guys, you might be taking that one line a bit too seriously.

It may be one line and not meant to be taken seriously, but it's indicative of an attitude you have towards shooters that is rather annoying. I fully understand the idea of shooter fatigue, and I am as tired of generic middling shooters as anyone, but that doesn't mean the genre is over and done with. A deftly-crafted shooter - like Killzone 2, for example - is as appealing to me now as it ever was, bad story elements aside. Without playing through this game, the constant reaction of "Oh, I thought we had gotten past Killzone, how tiresome!" is just not cool and not fair to the developers.

Posted by Ehker

@saturdaynightspecials: Hey now, Patrick doesn't hate shooters. His Titanfall video says it's straight up incredible!!!! :p

Posted by GalacticPunt

@patrickklepek: I can't hear you over this Killzone: Mercenary beta.

Yeah, I'm really playing SR4, but at least I'm downloading the beta tonight.

There's humor, there's snark, and then there's repeatedly telling Killzone's fanbase that they don't matter. It wasn't your intention, but the sub-headline touched a nerve for so many because it came across as the latter. I'd chalk it up as something to consider in the future.

Posted by mpgeist

I've never played Killzone, but I'm picking this up with my PS4, it looks fun. What else am I gonna play anyway? lol

Posted by Box3ru13

Patrick opining is the worst. He consistently nullifies any legitimate points he may have by his presentation of said points.

As for the trailer: Looks great, that kind of customization was missing from KZ3 and part of what made KZ2 so goddamn great in the first place. Looking forward to this one much more now, that first game mode looks awesome ala spies vs. mercs from SC.

Edited by Brendan

All the age gates are out of GB's control, but still SO ANNOYING.

Posted by me3639

Man, the killzone hatred on this site is just too much. They were never bad games, and KZ2 was awesome.

Im with you. Guess since it s not 8 or 16 bit its not awesome and its their negative/ I am the voice of gamers everywhere, attitude that is the worst.

Posted by 014

I enjoyed playing through the co-op campaign of Killzone 3 quite a bit. I'd play another with a buddy again for sure.

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