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Looks cool.

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I love the age gate on this.

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@crono11 said:
" I love the age gate on this. "
Yeah what's up with that?
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Cuteness overload. I just hope it doesn't teach kids to mess with real baby tigers. That'd be dangerous.

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@Delta_Ass said:
I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that.
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Why is that asking for my age? I'm almost afraid to watch this now, what horrors will befall skittles.
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Or you can just fricking get a dog or something.

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It did make me go daaaawwwwwwwwwww when it was first shown I gotta admit.

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but whats up with the age thing? XD makes me thinking people were drop kicking the tigers

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Also what is the song?

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Jason! JASON! ...Skittles.
It's not awesome 'til you can have a pet panda.

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Wait, why is there a age thing on this video?

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Not really my cup of tea. But if Microsoft is trying for the younger audience this might be just the ticket.  I can definitely see my sister enjoying this game. 

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Why the hell is there an age gate on this? 

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Buy a dog.

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That was pretty saccharine. I think I still like the Sony Monchichi game better.


That is so fucking cute. 

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so lame

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Please don't hit the tiger Matt. That makes me sad :(

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made me feel the same way until I saw that little girl and mom overreact to the game like as if they haven ever in front of an animal before...
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Not for me but looks kinda neat for kids.
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Oh man, I kept on hoping the kenetimals would leap out of the tv an maul the family, hence the age rating...

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Cute! The balance thing looked kinda weird from that angle though.

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To be honest I showed this to my cousin and she flipped!
 I know it is not directed at us, but it is something really cool. My cousin really wants this game now.

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bro don't tell skittles i'm hiding  

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so... are there other animals?

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@gunslingerNZ said:
" @crono11 said:
" I love the age gate on this. "
Yeah what's up with that? "
It has to be the GB guys having a joke.  Right?
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awww! it's a kitty!  
had to say it. i loved the cats, but the actors really annoyed me! but i suppose i can't expect any better... though better would be no actors at all. 

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I can see this being big with the little kids.

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I can't deal with animals smiling, that just shouldn't be. Wish they went in a more realistic direction instead of cutesifying everything. Just unsettling.

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@gibdo: Or get one and ignore it for this stupid virtual pet. There is something really sad about petting and rubbing the air to play this game.
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Wow.  An age gate on a cutesy game like this?

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@RagingLion said:
" @gunslingerNZ said:
" @crono11 said:
" I love the age gate on this. "
Yeah what's up with that? "
It has to be the GB guys having a joke.  Right? "
Or maybe you can actually have sex with the animals or something...gives a whole new perspective on skittles doesn't it?
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Now I have to start worrying about video games giving me cavities?

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This looks like the best Kinect game to be honest.

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I'm more interested in seeing what comes of Kinect as opposed to actually playing anything on it. I'm sorry but I dont see it as a viable controller at this point. Waiting for the hardware to prove me wrong. I dont think it will though. We'll see.
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interaction without any sense of tactility is fucking pointless.
I like the song, though

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Why is there an age gate on this video? Is there a maximum age?

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This game is CREEPY

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Well let's just skip the cute and get straight. Scientifically sound argument: Who would in a fight cheetah, tiger, or lion?
I'm betting the tiger.

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Finally, a game to teach children on how to properly pet a tiger. I'll tell you they're very particular about how they're touched.

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aww skittles!

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I want to know why this is age gated.

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Age Gated XD