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Posted by Speaker4TheDead

lol wtf that was it?

Posted by Bucketdeth
@Speaker4TheDead said:
"lol wtf that was it?"

A really short trailer of some sort lol.
Posted by Gigaman

Haha, that's probably how long the game lasts.

Posted by rmanthorp

Short ass xD

Posted by Asurastrike

The trailer on gametrailers was like 3 minutes. It looks great.

Posted by masterpaperlink

lol i thought this was a wii game

Posted by MeatSim

Now there cloths match their emoness.

Posted by The_Dude_Abides

I'll never be able to look at Mickey Mouse now and not think of that South Park episode.

Posted by nihilisticmonkey

fuck. Fast trailer is fast....

Posted by Reetesh

I was thinking the DS game would be some card type game again or something.. but it turned out to be a real time RPG just like the first 2! (as per the trailer)

Also... kinda sad that there has been no KH3 announcement yet.. maybe few more (one more?? ) years before that happens.

Posted by Media_Master

short and to the point