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Posted by natetodamax

Console exclusives make me very sad.

Posted by Tharrington

Yes please

Posted by get2sammyb

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. The last 15 seconds are unreal. Major props to Sony Santa Monica. Fantastic.

Posted by spankingaddict

this will definitely live up to the hype...which is rare

Posted by Coonfish

Almost done with GOW in the Collection.  Then it's on to GOW2 to prepare myself.  Can't wait.

Posted by zleilndka

That looks very, very good.

Posted by Mawryk

Looks like Dante's Inferno, only good.  :)

Posted by MaddProdigy


Posted by Dogma

Starting to shape up.... finally. I haven't been that hyped for this game but this trailer actually made me lift my eyebrow a bit. I still want to see more though. It really has to do some new stuff so this won't just feel like more God of War (wisch I had three times already). Oh... I will play it, the question is how much it will impress me.

Posted by unreal999


Posted by Yummylee

@0.55..so fakin awesome.
Posted by copycatzen

Posted by Milkman

Octopus water horse on giant stone golem?!

Posted by intarcouch

holy shit.

Posted by Atomasist

Looks good.

Posted by ooofafa
@Mawryk said:
" Looks like Dante's Inferno, only good.  :) "
Posted by Matthew

I'll be right back.  Gotta go clean myself up.

Posted by RobotHamster

I think this might just be thee most epic game ever released EVER!!!!

Posted by LOZZAT

AAAAWWWWWW YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (well, sort of, I haven't actually played it yet apart from the demo, which was great, but not as awesome as it might be)

Posted by morningdrive

since this video so many times...so awesome

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I'd say my usual piece about Kratos being a bitch, but that giant watery spider-horse was... kinda cool.

Posted by MisterMouse

wow that is incredible, this game is looking to be unreal!

Posted by sublime90

im tempted to buy a ps3 for this....i mean i did buy a psp for god of war

Posted by EthanielRain

Great trailer. 

Posted by Afroman269

Dude what......?

Posted by Waffles13

I really don't have much interest in this sort of game, but damn, this game looks HOT.

Posted by Gorehorn

Also love the fact that the PS 3 isn't just for Blu-Ray and Games anymore but apparently Rage and Vengeance  as well (it really seems to do everything). Made me LOL.
Awesome trailer all the way.

Posted by S0ndor

This game will be awesome, sadly it will also corrupt the minds of a lot of young and ignorant gamers who will consider it a historic account. The Fallout 3 wiki had an entry where the name Hades was listed as "a God of War reference" FAIL. 
the horror....

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I bet Kratos doesn't have many friends because everyone's always telling him to chill the fuck out and then he gets even more mad at them.

Posted by Ramyun

I've been wanting to do vengeance and rage on my PS3 for a long time.

Posted by I_smell

"It only does RAGE. It only does VENGEANCE. It only does EVERYTHING" HAHA, nice one advertiser guys.

Posted by chililili

WHOA, I think that's the Hydra, this game, GOTY 2010 jsut from that trailer

Posted by JackSukeru

*Yawn*, yea yea, I already know I'm gonna play it and it will be awesome. You don't have to try to sell me on it trailer, jeez.

Posted by Brunchies

Whoever made that trailer deserves a raise, that looked so awesome.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

God of War puts other games of grand scale to shame. Nobody does it better.

Posted by JoelTGM

can't wait

Edited by Gabriel

Did I just see Kratos holding Zeus head toward the beginnning 
Edit: No that was just the blade of Olympus

Posted by Slaneesh

Must Buy PS3!!

Posted by WillyLo


Posted by Brockly46

looking forward to it

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

too badass for it's own good.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Damn that dude from Living Single don't mess around.

Posted by Eidderf

I enjoy the scale of the god of war series and it's certainly stunning to look, but all of it's most interesting moments usually come down to QTEs which I just don't find that enjoyable to be honest.  Still I'll give it a go when it's released, hopefully they've mixed things up a bit more in this one, angry man smashing things can only be appealing for so long.

Posted by Zlatko

The level of scale they are playing with is unmatched. GOTY contender for sure!

Posted by idiotic_genius1

Looks sick! Still need to buy a PS3 though. Hopefully I will have enough spare money saved up to buy one soon.
Posted by Box3ru13

Calling it. GOTY right here. Can't fucking wait till next month. 

Posted by GEP

holy shit that trailer got me pumped up on the series. scales there in full form, the rage is intact, my only worry is the combat system wont evolve as much as I would like it to.  Does anybody know if the team confirmed their decision whether to strip you of everything from the last game or to keep you with most of the badassery you left in the last game?

Posted by RsistncE

I need a new pair of underwear now. And somehow Bayonetta was supposed to be better than this? Haha.

Posted by twillfast

I lol'ed at the playstation thingie in the end.
 It only does

  • Vengance
  • Rage
  • Everything
Now that's a system I can get behind!
Posted by OmegaPirate

Fuck yeah
Fuck  yeah
Fuck  yeah
Fuck  yeah
Fuck  yeah
Fuck  yeah
Jaw on floor 
Fuck  yeah 
Fuck  yeah
*My brain while watching the trailer* 

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