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Posted by re4ctor

faaaast, thanks drew!

Posted by ElContusione

Commander Video

Posted by bathala

Rorie: who is this

Dog: hello this is dog

Posted by Lab392

Oh my god. Matt Rorie paid someone to cut his fucking hair.

Posted by BetaBand

<> henry

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Oh man that's a good description.

Also: YOU GUYS! You should've just looked up "food porn." That's totally in your wheelhouse.

Posted by pkjr92

Unprofessional Dogdays are the best.

Posted by natto

It's Henrytime.

Posted by kblosnack

So, here in Brazil we have a "special" pizza place called "Pizzaria Batepapo" and it's kinda famous for a very particular reason: They really sell pizzas like this or this.

I've sent a link with a high res image of a pizza from them to the bombcrew via twitter hoping that it fits the "wallpaper criteria"
Bonus image:

Posted by Luck702

Nice haircut Rorie. Lookin good.

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze


That looks both absolutely disgusting and incredibly delicious at the same time

Posted by monkeystick

Posted by AssInAss

Henry so high, so happy

Posted by flamingeyebrows

Rory playing with Henry will always bring me joy.

Posted by Unholymike123

I like to keep my wallpapers classy

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Between MGS3 and this Sonic game Drew is going to have his own pullin' a Drew before long.

Posted by Brendan


Posted by Mechageekzilla

I did not realize I was missing dogs from Unprofessional Fridays until now, but I was.

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Fuck, @jeff's legs are glistening. I can't pay attention to anything else, mesmerising.

Posted by Kasaioni

Unprofessional Dog-Days.

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@razielcuts: I can respect a man who cares enough to wax.

Posted by gyozilla
Posted by madmatt213

In The Morning!

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The gentleman joining them reminded me of Gomez of the Adam's Family. The eyes and the grin.....

Posted by Zikar

Wonder why it suddenly wont load... goddam it chrome, IE it is.

Posted by daltimond


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Dan got fired

Posted by JRM

A good sonic sequel is sadly never going to happen and I say that while secretly wishing for one myself.

Posted by Rorie

@lab392 said:

Oh my god. Matt Rorie paid someone to cut his fucking hair.

For the first time in three years, actually!

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

I love watching Henry the dog grow up, one Friday at a time.

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Dan paid $2,000 for wrestling tickets. Nice.

Posted by TehJedicake

Dan paid $2,000 for wrestling tickets. Nice.

wait he didn't actually did he

Posted by blueneurosis

Please, Don't Touch Anything looks great. It makes me halfway hope there's going to be an iPad version to maximize all the stuff you can touch (but shouldn't).

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man those performance sheets really do wick away the leg hair.

Posted by spiketail

<> Henry

We shall miss you!

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Posted by Oscar__Explosion

@tehjedicake: with all that Air Force Gator money he made last holiday (seriously)

Posted by TehJedicake

I fully acknowledge that I'm one of the few people who thinks this and I will accept any hate for what I'm about to say.

Sonic has always been and will always be dumb. It is boring, it is repetitive, it is uninspiring. A hedgehog going super fast, that sounds cool in theory. The very second you stop going fast, it's bullshit.

Posted by BeachThunder
Posted by SirBilly

I just beat that Sonic game. It's the best one since Sonic and Knuckles.

Posted by emtee

@tehjedicake: I'm sure not all of that went to Wrestlemania tickets, but those things are ungodly expensive. Couple hundred bucks at the highest, I believe?

Posted by huser

In regards to Brad's wishes for being able to track Twitter, I'd love it if our electronic Library of Alexandria expanded to include a method for collecting the "latest" information for all of history. Like going back to old encyclopedias and seeing what 1981 thought about that weird immune disease that recently cropped up. Thus being able to research what people in the past knew to be true. I think that would be some really fascinating insight to history if we could ever do that.

Posted by 108

Oh man, that Michael Keaton haircut.

Posted by MissAshley

Bye bye, Henry. :(

Posted by ripelivejam

@rorie: wow i wish my hair grew that slowly!!!

Posted by geflato

Sonic Generations was good guys.

Posted by Agent_York

Brad looks like George Lucas Jr.

Posted by metalliccookies

New premium content 'Giant Bomb Googles Shuff' XD That would be epic XD Also Sonic Generation is a good Sonic game :P

Posted by Darek006

So that anime girl game is totally set to an instrumental version of Sober by Tool right?

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