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Posted by Pepeman

More like L€GO DIMEN$ION$

Posted by kubqo

From all those hyper expensive Skylander-a-likes this one is by far the most interesting and meaningful. But that doesnt mean im gonna buy it.

Posted by Honkalot

Endless* possibilities! (*three)

Just kidding, looks really cool! Can't help but think how amazing it would be if all combinations were scanned in. Pipe dream most likely!

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All I can think about when I hear that Gandalf's voice actor in anything is:

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How does it know which of the 3 designs you've built?? Because if you're limited to 3 designs and you have to tell the game manually which you built, that's dumb. You wouldn't even need to use the lego bricks at that point.

Posted by Corvak

I could leave a smarmy comment here but I realize the 15 amiibos next to my Wii U leave me without a leg to stand on.

Have at it, Lego, when it comes to turning brand licensing into a decent game, the Lego games have been pretty great so far.

Posted by vikingdeath1

That could be Really cool. Depends on how the blocks get put into the game.

Like could I build a giant dick & balls with wheels on it and drive it in the game? Or will I be limited to some pre-set car/boat/plane designs like the trailer implied?

I'm cautiously-optimistic about this!

Posted by lanerobertlane

@mikemcn: I was thinking the same thing - unless every brick had a sensor and logic to tell what bricks were connected to which brick and then that went through via NFC, which would make it super expensive even for Lego bricks, I don't see how it actually works.

Posted by KaneRobot

This crap has gotten out of hand to the point where I can't tell if that's a joke deck or not. Bring on a Smash TV/Ghostbusters Lego game, I guess?

Posted by StealthRaptor

@corvak: More like without a Lego to stand on, eh? Ehhhhhh?

Posted by agentgray

There will be a day when whatever I build will appear in the game and be playable.

This is not that da—

Ooooohh, Batman in a DeLorean!

Posted by agentgray

@mikemcn: I think the design is in the base. There's a different base for each design.

Posted by BBAlpert

When can I get an Ed Boon mini-fig?

Posted by KnightDehumidifier

So I could have Lego Doctor Who and Lego Batman together? So my gaming experience will turn into a 9GAG meme.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

The Simpsons? Okay, you got me.

Posted by totaboy

No news story on LEGO Worlds?

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It's like Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, but you can only build the 3 vehicles from Diddy Kong Racing

Posted by Chaser324

@lanerobertlane: I'm sure that either the base or a few specific components have NFC and the rest of the bricks don't really matter. A truly free-form setup would be cool, but probably too costly and difficult to build a game around.

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Man I'm so torn about all of this...I preordered the BTTF pack when Dimensions was first shown off...now they've announced a second pack with the Doc and other franchises I like such as Dr Who. $109.99 for that starter pack though man that's expensive. The only thing is I know the missus will play this with me, the price point for the "add ons" means buying something new every few months is a viable option for as and when she wants to play.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

It's like taking everything I love as a kid, putting it in a blender, and playing "Everything is Awesome" on loop in the background 24/7.

Posted by MocBucket62

Wait Midway Arcade? Does that mean we can have LEGO Scorpion and Sub-Zero running around in Evergreen Terrace?

Posted by ripelivejam

tell me yr dimensions bb

Posted by ripelivejam

The Simpsons? Okay, you got me.

is what i would have said 19 years ago.

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Unless it's the base then you'd only need 2 to 6 bricks with connections that change the state.

Could be two bricks with different states for being in front, behind or on top for example.

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LEGO games are the cash cow I can't get mad at.

Posted by Supa_Kappa

I'd be all over this if I didn't have to buy figures. Unless Lego SmashTV becomes a thing.