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I spot a Vinny!

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VINNYYYYYYY! Plus Alexis Alexander Navarro!

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East Meets West!!!! Getting hyped for the Live Show

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Steven Soderbergh!

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I don't care what this video is. I see Vinny and that's enough for me! :D

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The gang is back together! Biggie and Tupac holding hands!

Surprising to see that Qanba stick. Maybe the owner didn't like using it or won it at an event or something? They haven't made a PS4/Xone/PC one yet.

Also Versus is grrrreat!

Ryan not there to appreciate the whiskey.... <RTD>

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So happy to see Vinny and Alex in the office! Can't wait for the Big Live Live Show Live 2015!

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I'm predicting an AMAZING bombast this week.

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and Vinny!

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I love when Jason shows up, telling Dan "Good job!" like a proud father of a 6-year-old :)

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Question: does GBeast get mailbags? I feel like they get left out of community care packages.

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I really enjoyed the notion that the transformers play set had slash fiction on it.

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nice shot of dan ryckert in the thumbnail.

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Tastes so good, makes you wanna slap yo momma.

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All I need to see is Vinny!

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Oohh, the Q4 RAF is nice. Comes in a really neat box too. Have one myself, really happy with it.

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God dammit Dan he even gave you $5 so you wouldn't mix shit into the scotch! You don't put things into scotch.

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is brad the only one who does work around there

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Those Giant Bomb character-specific glasses are awesome.

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Oh man, I smell an extra good podcast brewing...

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Our love has returneth back to SF!

@jeff I'm loving my Nighthawk R7500 it's been a great router out of the box though the aftermarket support for other firmwares is FAR more robust with the R7000 though it's slightly less powerful on the hardware front.

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Slap yo Mama, Vinny and Alex!

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god it seriously makes me so happy to see vinny standing next to jeff. this is where you belong my italian friend

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Hey I just watched Bubblegum Crisis recently, it's super rad. The sequel Bubblegum Crash is totally rad too.

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Yes! Alex and Vinny!

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Hey you got the movies finally! AwesVIIINNYYYYYYYYY

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Sorry to hear about your Gief Vinny. Get well soon.

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Hey, it's Dan's barber!

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More pointing at stuff from Dan's hand, please.

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Versus is one of my favorite movies of all time.

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hey can i have those transformers

e: oh jesus that got dark/hot.

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Dan and I finally agree on something food-related. Zapp's are indeed awesome. I grew up eating them in New Orleans and get excited when I run into them in Colorado. Community Coffee is pretty spectacular as well, assuming they sent you the chicory flavor. All of Dan's other opinions on food are complete garbage, though.

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Alex and Vinny in GB West headquarters?! Warms my heart. This weeks Bombast and Big Live Live Show Live will be bumpin'!