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Posted by eatatwhiteys

Yep. Definitely not interested after seeing this.

Posted by KaneRobot

Too little, too late. Better luck next game.

Posted by fisk0

I guess I've already paid for it. Hope there's more to the expansion than it looks like, but that's what we hoped for with the original release.

Posted by Slumberpunch

As a non-premium member I hope Brad plays the shit outta this on every UPF until next spring.

Posted by Jejoma

So as Jeff always says, it's just a Knight model scaled up 60% or something?

Posted by spraynardtatum

SPOILERS: Nothing fucking happens!

Posted by Klyith

Bungie is reusing so many assets, they even reused the designs and voiceover narration from a LOTR trailer.

Posted by JuggaloAcidman

Worst World of Warcraft trailer ever!

Posted by RecSpec

Holy shit, it was actually a knight?

Posted by Rewcastle

So, that knight stole Crota's sword? Bummer.

Posted by ajamafalous

I guess I'll be the positive one in the comments and say that I'm looking forward to it. Bought the season pass earlier this week.

Posted by magicwalnuts

Bungie allaying our fears that the Hive Knights we've been fighting could be bigger.

Posted by SpiderJerusalem

...How can a game with virtually no discernible story feel so firmly up its own ass?

I honestly can't remember ever being so bummed out by a game.

Posted by Zevvion

Man, the boss design in this game is extremely weak. Hive Knight #247 is Crota? Okay then...

As a serious Destiny player, I almost wish I had the strength to not buy this. I don't want to, but when it releases I know I won't be able to resist. Unfortunately, money is the only language Bungie seems to speak. Even after the tremendous flak they received for Destiny, they keep saying stubbornly everyone is having a great time because of sales numbers and log in hours.

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It's so lame that it's just a knight

So so lame

Posted by ripelivejam

The most disappointing game that apparently NO ONE CAN STOP FUCKING PLAYING

Posted by Vorhenze

I've already paid for it and I still won't play it.

Posted by Underwhelmed

Whoever said that "Destiny" was the "Garfield" of videogames was spot on.

Posted by LarryDavis

As a non-premium member I hope Brad plays the shit outta this on every UPF until next spring.

He already routinely has the most boring segments, so it wouldn't really change the experience.

Posted by John1912

I have nothing good to say about Destiny, but put a shit ton of hours into it. All PvE too lol. Finally ran out of content, didnt care for CoD, so traded them in for a PC copy of Dragon Age. Maybe if I didnt feel completely ripped off and just plain lied to I would have gotten the expansion. 20$ for a raid is hardly worth it when I dont care about the rest of the content. I hope the expansion fucking fails hard! They need to learn to treat their costumers better, and actually be honest about the product they are selling. Between the PR bull shit lies pre launch, and what we got as the final product is pretty much fraud imo.

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The dark below trailer all us WoW fans have been waiting for... oh wait. It's a destiny trailer, moving on.

Posted by Spitznock


Posted by DoctorDonkey

"Six of us went into the pit, and we came back with...a new shader. Fuck this game."

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@kanerobot said:

Too little, too late. Better luck next game.

Agreed. This DLC is dead on arrival. Hope those that already made the choice to pre-purchase it are satisfied, but I'll be over here... doing something fun.

Posted by PoToSkull
Posted by JayDubya

I hate this game I can't stop playing. I will hate and play this too. ;p

Posted by yevinorion

Huge amount of negativity here and a lot of it is deserved. I know there are still a lot of people eagerly waiting this expansion though. I won't say Destiny is perfect or that it's game of the year or anything crazy, but I will say it's fit into a very comfortable spot in my game rotation. Once I got over the super addiction of wanting to play it nonstop for the first month and a half, I've settled into a nice rhythm of logging in once or twice a week and tackling the raid and the weekly strikes. It's definitely not everything I had hoped for, but I still thoroughly enjoy my time with it.

Posted by sccdemir

I've never played Destiny and I don't get what's wrong with the trailer. Seems pretty cool actually.

Posted by AnEternalEnigma

I will never understand you goofballs who buy DLC before it even comes out.

Posted by quirkwood

I am burned out on Destiny at the moment. I jump in when my dad or brother are playing from time to time. Destiny was almost amazing, but it fell short of delivering on it's promise. If they release a Destiny 2 rather than just a pile of poorly thought out DLC I'll probably get in on it again.

That said, as it stands now there is no way I am sinking more money into this game.

Posted by Mezmero

Bleakerboxxx! No Bleakerboxxxing, I hate Bleakerboxxxing get out of here! The Dark Below! And certainly no Dark Below.

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whooole lot of assuming goin' on in here..

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I thought I'd be all over the DLC for Destiny considering I played it damn near every day since it came out, but now, truly it is the Age of Dragons.

Nice hype trailer though.

Posted by Mystyr_E

I'd rather have that rumored WoW xpac called "Dark Below" then this one :P

Posted by Original_Hank

The only positive spin I can put on this is maybe that dude isn't Crota, and they don't want to spoil his design in the trailer? Or maybe he does some "this isn't even my final form" type thing, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

That big boss again has a typical enemy design? They could have at least made a new model...


Posted by Nags

Parrots, parrots everywhere.

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As someone who never played the game, why is everyone so pissed and dismissive about the DLC after 1 CG cinematic trailer?

Posted by ajamafalous

I will never understand you goofballs who buy DLC before it even comes out.

I generally never buy games (nor DLC) early, but, at this point, if you're still playing Destiny, this DLC has stuff you want; most of what's included has been datamined already (exotics, upgradeable legendary weapons, etc.).

If we want to talk about the price, then I think that's a more interesting discussion. If this was a free content patch for a game that was charging $5-10 monthly fee, would it be villainized as much? I do agree that $20 is too much to ask for what they're offering, but I want to support a game that I've been enjoying, and I'm looking forward to the increased level cap.

I know plenty of people were disappointed, but I really like the game. It's probably my GOTY. Most of the complaints seem to be from non-MMO players who either didn't know what they were getting into or who expected the game to be something that it's not.

Posted by NoK

I just want more matchmaking across the board. If I want let me try and do the weekly heroic with a bunch of randoms, or the Vault, or whatever, just give us the damn option. It has been a very long time since I have had such a love hate relationship with a game but seeing as I haven't played for three weeks now probably won't go back which just really makes me sad. On a brighter note that new WoW expansion is freaking awesome!

Posted by gogosox82

Looks like a regular hive knight. Think I'll pass.

Posted by ajamafalous

As someone who never played the game, why is everyone so pissed and dismissive about the DLC after 1 CG cinematic trailer?

Two potential reasons:

1) The price:content ratio (reasonable reason to be upset about DLC)
2) The base game not living up to the hype/their expectations (unreasonable reason to be upset about DLC)

The game certainly has flaws, but it's more of an issue of "this game was marketed to everyone as the next big thing that all gamers should love" instead of "this game was marketed to fans of the genre." Their pre-release hype and marketing were, in most cases, misleading and full of lies; a ton of people who preordered the game (which, again, don't do) got caught in the crossfire and did a huge 180 on the game post-launch. It's still a pretty fun game if you like MMOs, and is probably my GOTY, but I can absolutely see why a bunch of people don't like it.

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I only got into Destiny a couple of weeks ago and although I am enjoying it, I can see why people don't like it. I am now thinking there must be something about my psyche that likes repetition because all I ever do is the random strike thing. There is something satisfying about jumping in for half an hour and achieving something, even if it's just taking out the same boss.

But I won't be buying the expansion, it looks awfully thin.

Posted by Phreezuk

Um, I'll pass... Really enjoy this game, but not really sure why. This is miles too expensive.

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Are these free updates or paid DLC?

Edited by NathanXplosion

Is this the expansion that add the fun? :p

Posted by Tarsier

bungie should have done something new and interesting with the destiny content expansion. i feel this 'model' might have been more activisions doing. charging ridiculous prices for content that should be part of the game already.. im not putting money down for this until its worth it. and its becoming less worth it.

Posted by PanaMusica

I played this game for 6 hours one night during the beta and had a lot of fun, but I'm glad I stopped there.

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