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Posted by Lucifer

Man, what is with the absolute explosion of Lovecraftian influences all of a sudden?

Posted by Pastor_Richards

@lucifer It's the game industry. If it's a fad you can guarantee it'll be beatin into the ground by studios and publishers.

Posted by friendlypossum

These games never work. I have watched Patrick stumble through enough of them to know ahead of time this will be poop.

Posted by geirr

Finally I can experience the horrors of a dude with short hair carrying a flash light through dark corridors. Finally!

Edited by Spitznock

Didn't Daylight try the procedural horror thing? Maybe this will get it right.

Posted by D_W

@lucifer: It's been there all along. That's the true horror about Lovecraftian horror influence on video games.

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I actually laughed when he hit those humanoids in the head with the board haha they should've had their eyes open lol

Edited by Khessed

kiiiiiiiiiiiinda looks like poop but maybe the suspense will keep me playing...? That robed figure at the end looks kinda rad.

Posted by thellama042

Did anyone else feel like the animations looked like they came from PS1/early PS2 era games? Kinda harsh, deliberate movements rather than being somewhat natural. The guy looked like he kinda levitated into standing, rather than pushing himself up.

Looks interesting though. I'd be interested in how different the story would be between playthroughs. Hopefully it wouldn't just be something where each playthrough would be tied to one Lovecraftian monster.

Edited by salamihawk

@lucifer: Games have had Lovecraftian elements in spades for a very long time.