Posted by AndyPhifer

These words in this order are so bizarre that I'm a little worried.

Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam

I'll play any game with a pasta budget.

Posted by csl316

Oh hell, already? I keep thinking these smaller games are all 2015.

Edited by SunBroZak

Been looking forward to this since they announced it. I do love all these strange indie games on my Vita.

Posted by rudyarr

wow had no idea this was coming out so soon! Looking forward to getting this! Need a new game for my Vita. Been playing MGS1

Posted by AssInAss

I played this at a convention. It was pretty cool and innovative, the perfect Vita game along with Tearaway.

Posted by spankingaddict

Y.E.S !

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Pasta? No, thank you.