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Edited by Nasar7

I want. Man, that nostalgia hits hard.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

That's pretty neat, I really like the etchings.

Posted by DeadpanCakes

Haha, that's cute.

Posted by Deckard42

I want this, you guys.

Posted by superslidetail

Serial numbered!

Posted by GValo

just give me the controller!

Edited by kill_la_kill

I love how he glosses over everything after PS2 up until PS4...

Posted by Yummylee

Oh man, that PS1 Slim! Such a cute little console; looked like a walkman CD player.

Posted by Berserker976

It's a small change, but the addition of the 4 color PS symbol on the controller really makes that thing look more appealing to me.

Posted by GeneralBison

The way he keeps saying stuff like "An excellent look for Playstation Camera" sounds like there should be a "TM" at the end.

Posted by artofwar420

I need this. I need this.

Edited by shatteringlast

By "massive mark on the industry" regarding the Vita, did the dude mean a skid mark?

Posted by Astrophyle

Oh, I thought they were introducing Playstation 420 ...

...forget it then.

Edited by flasaltine

"And then we have PS Vita... yeah.. um... Then there is PS4!"

Edited by CornBREDX

Ya, that hits the old nostalgia bone. Very good marketing idea, Sony. Very smart move.

Edit: What's funny is I would buy this in a heart beat and yet it's going to be almost impossible to get one.

Posted by august

And there's no way to play ps1 games on it so that's cool.

Edited by BaconGames

I kinda really want that. Part of me wishes they were making a lot more so I could have a chance of getting one affordably or any time after the pre-order period. Because you know that thing is going to be selling for way more than it should be on eBay.

Posted by redyoshi

I hope the controllers aren't super limited too. I've wanted one in that classic gray for a while now.

Posted by SuperSonic1305

I wonder if Jeff is feeling the itch.

Posted by Farkas

Hi Sony. Ryan here.

I understand you're doing limiteds now and that's cool. Wonderful even! But how about on this run, this particular run, you let the factories fly. Do limiteds of whatever newgameofthemonth/supermarketingblitz you'd like to promote otherwise. This one though, you're leaving money on the table. More OG logo please.

Edited by Acornactivist

That's a good look. Zero chance of me getting one of these, but I'm happy they exist.

Posted by bombedyermom

I really wanted this until I watched the video. Holy fucking ham fist, batman.

Also, it's deviously brilliant. Assuming this will be more expensive than a standard bundle, Sony is essentially giving Microsoft the finger. "You go cheaper, we go higher! muahaha!"

Posted by sigspec


Posted by Rebel_Scum

When he's introducing all the consoles he says he's going to introduce the 20th anniversary edition and says he hasn't seen it himself but...isn't that it right under his nose?

Or is that the white version?

Posted by LoktarOgar

There's a free PS4 theme that has the PS1 boot up sound. There are also themes for the PS3 and Vita but don't have the sound.

Posted by uomoartificiale

"And then we have PS Vita... yeah.. um... Then there is PS4!"

yeah, and the media capability of the PSP...shows UMD icon on the crossbar.

Posted by daedelus

Do not want. I'd rather have the Destiny special edition. To me, the white looks much nicer.

Posted by KaneRobot

Get back to me when they release an XBox One that looks and acts like an XBox 1.

Posted by Calles89

It's so ugly and so beautiful.

Posted by thatpinguino

So where are pre-orders going to be available for this thing? Regular retailers or only direct from Sony? Can I just pre-order this on amazon?

Posted by Fitzgerald

I don't get how people think this is ugly. It looks both familiar and refreshing. Honestly, I'm tired of staring at Yet Another Black Box sitting on my entertainment center.

Posted by GValo
Posted by thatpinguino

@gvalo: Thanks. I bet those servers are going to be a mess. Looking forward to not getting into the queue!

Edited by BabyChooChoo

Someone don't be a greedy fuck and send me one for Christmas.

Posted by ichthy

Yep. Gonna do everything in my power to get one this Saturday.

Posted by White

Did that guy just do a hipsway at the beginning there?

Posted by csl316

Honestly, I kind of wish this is what the PS4 looked like originally. Considering they were talking about their history and everything at the first reveal event.

In other words, I just bought a new controller and should've waited and now I'm disgruntled because this looks awesome.

Posted by LarryDavis

I really want the controller.

Posted by Vessel28

I hate that they do these cool things in limited quantities.

Posted by CornBREDX

@thatpinguino: they aren't going to reveal where to get it until Sat and you have to watch the PSE to know.

So, good luck. They're all going to disappear within a minute is my guess.

Posted by Bombzinski

i LOVE things that are iconic!

Posted by GValo

@thatpinguino: it's also going to be on sale at the PSX this weekend. The blog says to watch the Keynote on Saturday morning to find out more. Apparently they're not available outside of North America?

Posted by thatpinguino

@cornbredx: Thanks! I'm glad I waited on a PS4. If I don't get one of the limited edition ones I'll just continue to wait for a game I want to play. So no big rush.

Posted by CornBREDX

@thatpinguino: Ya, I feel the same way. I'm gonna try to get this, but... oh man. It's gonna be rough.

Edited by Wuddel

It's cool they did a little something something.

Posted by shifty13

anyone know price?

Edited by flameboy84

It's incredible how they've managed to turn something that was extremely functionally built into something super sexy.

Posted by dobschutz


Posted by SpaceCouncil

Holy crap thats stupid as fuck. Where can I buy it?

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