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game still looks great

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Goddammit, this one could go either way, could be rad could be middling. but its Monolith, a studio the immortal ryan davis held in high regard, so ill give it the benefit of the doubt

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Spoiler warning: in the end he fails.

Game still looks crazy ambitious and I really hope they can make good on all those crazy gameplay ideas.

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Morrigan's in this huh?

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I love Middle Earth. I still play table-top games using the lore.

Why can't I get excited about this game? I think it's because the trailers just don't make this thing look "Middle Earth" enough. It looks like a very generic fantasy game. I'm still hoping it's a ton of fun, but if they don't dress this thing up a little differently, I'm going to have to get over the fact that it is supposed to take place in Tolkien's world.

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( Assassin's Creed + The Force Unleashed ) * Lord of the Rings = ?

I'm sure this will be a fun game if you're the type that can ignore the behind the scenes retcon of the original stories like I intend to.

'No, see, this guy was there the whole time. And he had awesome powers! And, uh... lead an orc army! Plus, he's totally the reason Frodo & Sam got into Mordor no problem. You just didn't see him, because he was off distracting all the orcs by being awesome.'

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This game looks kind of good.

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@viking_funeral: I believe the game takes place a few hundred, if not thousand years before the events of LOTR.

Setting makes sense, you've got this lone vengeful spirit behind enemy lanes, creating what is basically a civil war in the areas controlled by the orcs. They've pretty much got free rein to tell whatever story they please inside these established areas without in any fashion disrupting the over-arching story as we know it.

Also, the game looks REALLY good. Something they don't really showcase in this trailer is the fact that there's a persistent world in which the orcs battle among themselves, they follow orc culture. There's honur duels, assassinations, etc. Making one of your own controlled orcs into a warchief is a process you can repeat many times, but it relies on a lot of factors that's completely game-play related, as opposed to just a means to continue the story.

Also, the combat is pretty much a mix of Dark Souls and Batman, I hear it's tight as hell.

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I did not expect Shadow of Mordor to be coming out this year but I'm hella excited for it!

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Ooh, :) this looks interesting.

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Awkward dubstep in sync with a few quick action shots? Somebody likes their shitty 2014 movie trailer tropes.

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This shouldn't have been a LOTR game.

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This looks great, easily one of my most anticipated.

Also, nice work Alex. Best description for an ad in a while

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Really hoping this turn out well, a LOTR open world action game influenced by Dark Souls, Batman Arkham, and Assassin's Creed is totally rad in concept at least.

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I'm pretty sure that one does not just walk into Mordor, even with a whole bunch of Orcs on your side.

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They're gonna march *all over* Mordor.

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This has a darkness to it that I think it great for the LOTR universe. It's a pretty brutal place. I always enjoyed the old PS2 era third person combat games. Could be a nice return.

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Orks gots two rulez:

1. Ah'm da biggest, so ah'm da boss

2. Waaargh!

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I have this weird feeling that the creative leads behind this game played DnD in high school with a guy that was really into Lord of The Rings, caught part of the movies going with friends or dates and decided that was enough setting knowledge to make a game with.

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Finally the one thing Lord of the Rings was missing Dubstep.

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A shame this is in the LOTR universe, it doesn't really seem like that good of a fit for a spin-off history. Still Monolith is an amazing studio, so hopefully this will be great

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If this dubstep is actually in the game, I will play it as my first LOTR game ever.

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Betray Tolkien's work? Check. Woefully misplaced wub-wub? Check. Assassin's/Arkham clone? Check.

Fuck this.

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This shouldn't have been a LOTR game.

Yeah that way it could zero attention. I wonder why they decided to put an established brand name on it?

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Shit still lookin' good, yo.

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My viewpoint as a LOTR fan: screw this game.

My viewpoint as a gamer: this looks like it could be really fun. I think I'll buy it when it comes out.

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@viking_funeral: I believe the game takes place a few hundred, if not thousand years before the events of LOTR.

It's set between the events of The Hobbit and LOTR, so it definitely isn't a thousand years in any case.

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@yummylee: Oh, weird, I recall reading just that in a german game magazine over a year ago.

Might be they changed the time-line, or maybe my memory is just completely cack, both entirely possible scenarios. Anyhow, I think the overall point I was trying to make with my comment still stands.

Location, location, location.

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I like Lord of the Rings a lot. I like Monolith a lot. This game looks potentially rad as hell. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed.

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Cutscenes look great....premise seems interesting....gameplay footage? ehhhhh

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But IDK, the who mary sue fanfictioness of the story premise reeeally puts me off.

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@mezmero said:

Orks gots two rulez:

1. Ah'm da biggest, so ah'm da boss

2. Waaargh!

When in doubt, see rule One