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Something wrong with video...

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Still from the sounds of it this looks pretty cool, and for free...well I might actually have to check this out.

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@HatKing said:
" Something wrong with video... "
Yeah, the compression seems all screwed up or something. I wonder if it's the same thing that happened with the Endurance Run?
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Could be...hopefully they aren't having problems with their video compression software. 
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for free sounds meaty

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Free does not always mean awesome...

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Well those menus looked pretty cool.

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I like the in-depth stats.  I am glad it is gonna be free to play.  Filter system just spells "Endless additional heroes" to me.  I mean, if you need a filter system for 20-40 heroes then you are making it for no real reason as that isn't too hard to sift through... this just means they have some big plans down the road.

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Basically its DotA with new graphics, and less of the terrible that new dota has become.

Considering its made by the people that created DotA, its going to be awesome, and will probably have very frequent updates and whatnot.

For people wanting to check it out, its definitely going to be worth it, but be warned that theres going to be a lot of very skilled players fairly quickly. Thats not really an issue because of matchmaking, but for the first few weeks its probably going to be hell on new players and put some people off because all the Pros will be level 1 fighting noobs at first.

So don't be discouraged if the game ends up hard at first =P I'm sure they will have a good system in place, but fair warning.

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terrible voice over, its like he is talking down to us.

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@stinky said:
" terrible voice over, its like he is talking down to us. "
I dont think he was talking down, but he sounded entirely as you'd expect.
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interested to see how it turns out.

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A Free to Play DotA-style game with matchmaking sounds awesome to me. I really like the idea of DotA but could never get into it because of the huge skill gap.

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I loved the playing against Fiddlesticks tip:

Just run away.  Don't even try to build any items.  This guy is going to wreck you.  He is completely overpowered, and the devs don't seem to care.  Tease him until he rage quits.

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...That's it??

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the hell with elo hell LOL!