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Posted by phrosnite

I hear this game won't be good!

Posted by Sin4profit

god, i hope they don't fuck this up...i NEED this!

Posted by SomeJerk

Yeah man me too, I heard it from people who spent a few minutes playing it with a pad on a noisy E3 demo station!

Posted by InfamousBIG

This...doesn't look very good.

Posted by Tebbit

I haven't heard anything about it, from anyone, but it looks pretty great. I want to believe the people you heard were liars.

Posted by NTM

If this isn't good, I'm glad there's Prey 2 for me to hope that that's good as well.

Posted by kingzetta

I regret this sandwich and now I'm going to protest about it.

Posted by CoruptAI125

Can't wait, I already pre-ordered!

Posted by emergency

I played the leaked reviewer copy, it was pretty awesome imo. Look forward to it's release.

Posted by SomeJerk

This is not the PC version that leaked, that's for sure. It looks far more high res than this and has no mega-blurry bits as seen in this video.

Also this video is taking FOREVER despite playing it at the lowest quality. What in the f.

Posted by winsol

From what i've seen this is reminding me alot of alpha protocol with more polish to it, very much looking forward to it.

Posted by Lostconfused

@phrosnite said:

I hear this game won't be good!

You heard wrong.

Posted by Kyle

I played the ten-hour preview build that was leaked online; thought it was fantastic.

Posted by Phoenix87

I wish I was more excited then I am for this game. Just not feeling it.

Posted by Artie
@Sin4profit: I never asked for this. 
And it pains me to know that GiantBomb's poor words for the game during E3 are turning a lot of people off from even LOOKING at it. The game isn't as streamlined and approachable as an action title like Gears of War or InFamous but Deus Ex is a game about having many gameplay options. So while the shooting might not be the best, or the stealth might not be the best, or the hacking mini games, its when all that comes together that the game becomes fun. 
It's definitely rooted in design from 2001 and the original Deus Ex but that's a good thing. It might not be the game that everyone loves but it's not bad, just a little niche.
Posted by artofwar420

I hope this turns out great.

Edited by emem

@NTM said:

If this isn't good, I'm glad there's Prey 2 for me to hope that that's good as well.

That's exactly what I thought watching this.

I've been looking forward to Deus Ex, but after seeing how great Prey 2 looks I felt like there is too much yellow everywhere and the blurriness in all those videos is killing me.. I'm still hoping for a good game though.

Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24

Doesn't this come out the same month as mass effect ? guess i'll wait to pick this one up 
Posted by Subjugation

This game has the potential to be great, I just hope it isn't squandered.

Posted by Tennmuerti

@phrosnite said:

I hear this game won't be good!

Most of the fans of the first game who have played the leaked demo are actually quite positive about the game.

Posted by DoctorLazy

A lot places that spent time with this are saying its the game to beat for Game of the Year.  So excited, but bummed that the Giant Bomb guys don't seem interested.  Reading previews at Rock Paper Shotgun make it sound incredible.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

@DEMONOLOGY_24 said:

Doesn't this come out the same month as mass effect ? guess i'll wait to pick this one up

Nope, Mass Effect has been pushed to March 2012, this will still be out in 2011.

Posted by Simulacrum

Urge to buy rising.

Edited by Icadae

Having tried the preview build through and through, I put down my pre-order the second I finished. This is exactly what I've been missing all these years. Everything in the preview is just plain solid and thought-through. They have been taking feedback from said build for a while now, and if they implement just 1/3rd of the most prominent need for change, this game is a solid 5-stars.

Posted by Tesla

I can't wait to play some more Deus Ex. It's been a long time, old friend.

Posted by bulldog300

so basically augmentation = cyber stem cell research?

Posted by BeachThunder

The colour filtering in this game makes me feel sick =(

Edited by Icadae
@bulldog300 said:

so basically augmentation = cyber stem cell research?

Posted by Sin4profit

@Artie: I also heard negative things from the Weekend Confirmed Podcast when a guy demoed it. Which kills me because a few podcasts before that one it seemed like they had a lot of positive things to say about it.

It's getting real mixed messages, though...some say they want the old style gameplay, others say the old style gameplay is what makes it feel dated. So there's really no telling. I'd image reviews of it will be fairly mixed as well and it'll all come down to personal tastes.

Posted by cyraxible

Ooooh the man at 1:28 sounds like Bob Page, the antagonist from the first game.

Posted by OneKillWonder_

I played a little bit of the beta - not too much as I didn't want to spoil it for myself - and I absolutely loved it. How anyone could have anything truly bad to say about the game is completely beyond me. Extrapolating what I played in the beta to the full version has me convinced that this will be an incredible and memorable gaming experience.

Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24
@2HeadedNinja said:

@DEMONOLOGY_24 said:

Doesn't this come out the same month as mass effect ? guess i'll wait to pick this one up

Nope, Mass Effect has been pushed to March 2012, this will still be out in 2011.

wow not to sound mean but you have been correcting me alot lately haven't you
Posted by MonkeyKing1969

I just do not like the look or the simplistic game play. The game looks clunky and dated from the color palette choices to the way the avatar navigates the world.

"I need to get up on this box that is waist high, but I can climb on to it"

"Oh, look a smaller box conveniently placed and highlighted on the ground"

[Move smaller box next to bigger box]

"Oh, NOW I can get up on a box any normal human being could have climbed on without assistance and a super augmented human should have hopped up on with ease, but because this game is rooted in game play mechanics from 1998 the process of doing ANYTHING is a highlight ---> button press ---> drag and drop affaire.”

Sorry, folks this game and its world make no sense, because the game mechanics are from a bygone era when charcters could run, jump, climb, slide, and crawl using a modern joypad. Eidos Montréal seemly wants to be the last buggy whip manufacture in the era of cars. They want to use game mechanics that better, smarter, and more ambitious game makers have abandoned for more thoughful designs a decade ago.

Posted by bybeach

How the fuck can anybody really hear anything truly bottom line definitive about this game? I'm getting to be a believer in that 'opinion' thing again. It has it's place where it rings true. For myself, very high hopes that are tempered. Positive thoughts.

Posted by Veektarius

Delay the game and replace the character models and animations with something competitive with the current generation of consoles please.

Posted by punpun

Hacking minigames and boring emails to read through? Hell yeah!

Posted by Renegadesnake05

Is it just me, or do some of those characters' faces look too wide? Also, I'm not sure I want to play as cyborg Neo with a five o'clock shadow...

Posted by kingzetta
@DEMONOLOGY_24 said:
Doesn't this come out the same month as mass effect ? guess i'll wait to pick this one up 
it comes out a whole 7 months before ME3
Posted by DoctorLazy
@MonkeyKing1969: I can only assume your post is sarcastic.  Deus Ex?  Simplistic gameplay?  What?  If anything games have only gotten more and more simplistic as time has gone by.
Posted by Spoonman671

So black... so gold.

Posted by gbrading

I have a lot of hope for this game... I worry I'm going to be disappointed though. Deus Ex original is such an incredible game, it really deserves a sequel that can stand alongside it, rather than beneath it like Invisible War did.

Posted by BBQBram

It just looks bad, especially the faces.

Posted by jkuc316

Here's me hoping Patrick reviews this

Posted by imayellowfellow

so the asians are evil? racist

Posted by jorbear

I really hope this game does not suck. But I have a feeling it is going to be mediocre.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Corporate espionage is always a good setting for games with good narratives.

Posted by HerbieBug

why so much black and gold?  everything everywhere black and gold

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

I've heard positive things about the leaked demo. Sure there's some weird face/body proportions, but if that's the reason you're put off by the game, that's too bad.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

I've been getting Alpha Protocol vibes from this since it was announced, but still think it could be great. Really liking the art style, too

Posted by cikame

Don't understand the hate for this game, seems to stem from a growing idea that taking cover and stealth kills are a bad thing.

I love those basic mechanics and they seem to work well enough here on top of everything else, looking forward to this.

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