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I like Lightcycles.  
I just thought you guys should know. 

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Will the Big Lebowski be in the game?

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edit:ok Lemon ;)  looks promising, and the jump animation looks nice

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Didn't Jeff already mention that the light cycles were in the game? That if you can steer normally or if you want to do a 90 degree turn you hit the shoulder buttons.

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Will Jeff Bridges be riding lightcyles? 
The fact that the cycles can turn like normal cars is a fucking travesty: the entire appeal of the lightcycles is their ignorance of physical law and momentum. Now they're just motorcycles.

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it is confirmed that jeff bridges will be in the game, he will be playing a lightcycle

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Pretty excited for this. Visual quality looks good, all that HD up in my Tron world!

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We're not talking about light cycles right now.

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looks....like a disney game...
OH wait it is.

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Now, if only I could have the game with no Tron. 

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Waiting for Digi Bridges confirmation.

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i really don't care about whether or not jeff bridges is in it anymore.

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@Lukeweizer said:
" Will the Big Lebowski be in the game? "
7H3 D00D 4B1D3S.
I hope one of the achievements is called "Not on the rug, man".
Would also accept "Half-and-Half".
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No dude 

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Actually looking forward to this.  Disney's been stepping up their game and besides the tragic cancelling of PotC, both this and Epic Mickey look like quality games.

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calling 2/5 stars on Giantbomb. 

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@stinky said:
"  calling 2/5 stars on Giantbomb.  "
but but but Johnny V's feelings would be hurt. :(
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nailed it

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It's being released on every goddamn front. 

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There's no way they'd make a modern Tron game without light cycles.

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Trailer needs more Johnny V.

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Played the wii version at PAX. The only good part is the light cycle racing, and light cycle arenas. the rest is just broken. Still the light cycling looked awesome and was really fun.

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I was pretty excited for Tron, I suppose that's still there but, canning Armada of the Damned perhaps in favour of Tron certainly dampens the effect.

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im confused, is this tron evolution: the videogame?

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Light cykles? What a surprise... Yeah.

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Is this a video game? I'm confused. They never specify.

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Breaking news: staple of series will appear in upcoming video game. this just in: next zelda will feature a boomerang. more on this story as it develops.

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I'm...  Apprehensive about this one.