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Edited by shua310

Edit: this actually looks kinda cool 

Posted by BooDoug187

Please let Hunter S Thompson and William S Burroughs be DLC fighters!

Posted by Zelyre

I can't wait to lay down some sweet, sweet vowels.


Posted by TurboMan

I want to play this now.

Posted by chickdigger802

would love an esport of this game involving a showdown between all videogame sites and magazines.

Posted by heatDrive88

Go top tier, or go home.

Posted by JackiJinx
Posted by JoshyLee

Looks like a bad ripoff of Bookworm Adventures.

Posted by ChocolateCoffin

If James Joyce isn't in this I'mma get angry.

Posted by longstarrr

Get hype.

Posted by Deusoma
@JackiJinx said:
Wow. Looks so different than what it did back in March.
Indeed. Personally I'd say it's an improvement.
Edited by ryanwho

So does Ernest Hemmingway blow his head off if his wins, knowing things won't get any better?

Posted by LordXavierBritish

Concept is fucking cool, art is horrible. Oh well, I'll still play it.

Wish it was on DS though. Hell I'd buy a DSiware version.

Posted by JackiJinx
@Deusoma: I agree since it'd be weird having Street Fighter-esque characters throwing tiles around at each other. Literary legends are far more appropriate.
Posted by DrDarkStryfe

I love games like this.

Posted by fazzle

So, it's basically speed boggle? 
Looks pretty cool though

Posted by sissylion

This game could finally let me live out my Rudyard Kipling murder fantasies!

Posted by Erotolepsy

So is it totally sexist that I thought Agatha Christie was supposed to be Nancy Drew from the preload image?
Posted by Comeback_Kal

The years spent getting a BA in English is about to finally pay off.

Posted by lockwoodx

horrible rippoff of bookworm adventures

Posted by SockLobster


Posted by Super_Sonic_Awesome

I hate myself for being interested in this game. Quicklooks always make me consider games more than I normally would. Damn you Ryan Davis!

Posted by DriveupLife

Bookworm adventures was here. Word Fighter.... might be ok. But Bookworm adventures 1 and 2 were really fun.

Posted by RE_Player1

I'll defiantly buy this as long as it is $5 or less.

Posted by MisterMouse

this seems like a really cool game actually.

Posted by Mikemcn

Edgar Allen Poe would hate this.

Posted by ryanwho
@Mikemcn said:
Edgar Allen Poe would hate this.
Idunno, that Agatha Christi model probably reminds him of his 11 year old cousin bride.
Posted by ThePickle

If Hunter S Thompson is in this I will buy an iPhone and six copies of this game! If Hemingway is in it, I'll only buy three.

Posted by Enigma777

If only the art wasn't so terrible...

Posted by Spiritof

Does it make me weird to have actual curiosity over who the mystery fighters are?

Maybe Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Hemingway? Dickens? Jack London?

This could actually be a pretty awesome game if they tie in special moves with special words, like, "raven" with Poe, or "murder" with Christie. Why am I getting excite?

Posted by TheHT

Lovecraft is Old Ones tier.

Posted by obscurefan

This looks way more fun that it has any right to.

Posted by Kingfalcon

This looks awesome! I wonder how it will all fit on the iPhone screen?

Posted by Tan

Haha this made me smile :D

Posted by kollay

I can't control it!

... The words, that is.

Posted by Silver-Streak

I'd really like Stephen King to be in it. I know that he's not currently considered to be the likes of Agatha Cristie and Edgar Allen Poe, but goddamn if The Dark Tower isn't my favorite series of books of all time.

Posted by Vodun

@Mikemcn said:

Edgar Allen Poe would hate this.

Considering he was powerfully depressive I don't doubt it.

Posted by Brad

@TheHT said:

Lovecraft is Old Ones tier.

Comment of the month.

Staff Online
Posted by huser
@SpiritOf: Surely a "murder" of crows then? Though I guess it was a raven after all...
Posted by MrBlueJackle

Combine this with Scribblenauts and you got a game I want to play.

Posted by BadNews

I am required my state government to inform you that this game is ... looking preeeeetty goooood

Posted by KillyDarko

This actually looks like it could be really cool.

Posted by stinky

Oscar Wilde or GTFO.

Posted by skrutop

It must be good if they're showing a mobile game on Giantbomb. I thought this kind of stuff is Tested's turf.

Posted by Parkingtigers

I'm impressed we've not had a single member bitching about Giant Bomb covering an iPhone game so far, everyone is judging the game purely on the merits of it being an actual, you know game. 
Speaking of which, the game looks awesome.  Splitscreen multiplayer on iPad will be very sweet, and it has a whole Super Puzzle Fighter vibe to it.  I hope to Christ they put in ol' Samuel L. Clemens though, because damn he could deliver a literary smackdown when he wanted to.  There's an essay online where he tears Fenimore Cooper a new one, and it's hilariously brutal.  I'm telling you now, my boy Mark Twain could kick all of yo asses.

Posted by Junpei

I actually like the idea. Love me some Boggle

Edited by skrutop

i want to play as ee cummings and only use lower case letters

Posted by TinyGallon

Cool idea! Too bad Boggle kinda sucks

Posted by Vigorousjammer

This just makes me wish there was an actual fighting game with these characters... or maybe just classical themed people, hell you could throw some famous composers in there, maybe some famous generals

Then you just have it developed by Capcom, using the MvC 3 engine, and see what the hell happens, lol.

Posted by sissylion
@stinky said:
Oscar Wilde or GTFO.
I agree with this. 
Also, Jack London should be in here and be able to summon wolves. 
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