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Posted by fortis

Ha ha, awesome.

Posted by tgammet

Solves the floaty platforming issue.

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Posted by Genjai

bah. so close.

Posted by xdarnokx

Love it!

Posted by killer_meatballs

pretty cool.

Posted by Sergotron

Can not wait for the Bionic Commando remade levels. 

Posted by MisterMouse

bionic commando levels are definitely going to be in it, and maybe a doctor oct and spidey level

Posted by kollay

This is NOT I Love Mondays!!!

Posted by Besetment

AI sackbots, bounce pad, mega mouth, danger trigger, destroy trigger, direct control, creatinator, anti-gravity. . .hmmm.

Posted by Paulus

Man, I do love me some little big planet movies. They're always cute and quirky and funny...They're also effective...I seriously want a playstation 3 right now. -_-"

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Posted by Favocado

A grappling hook?

Posted by JoelTGM

lol kicking their legs around trying to swing

Posted by EpicOrangeJuice

Awesome! I'm going to love this game

Posted by Sparklykiss

Oh man, LBP2 is just adorable.

Posted by Ehker

Whoa, this HD video is 1080p! :)

Posted by BigChief

Gaaah, looks awesome. Those guys at Media Molecule are preeeetty clever.

Posted by SpencerBoltz

Have your say here...

Posted by lolgreg

These sacks hang low

Posted by OTTO14

Grappling Hook FTW

Posted by WolfmanJenkins

This trailer just made me realize how awesome it would be if Media Molecule were to put in some sort of movie editing feature for levels.

Posted by Pop

You know the crazy part is they made this entire level and that part with stay tuned is part of the game and everything else is part of the game nothing from that trailer is not in the game except maybe a couple of logos 0.o.

Posted by KinjiroSSD

What's with all the artifacts on the HD video.

Posted by habster3

November 16th seems so far away :(

Posted by rjayb89

Rotten Tomatoes Show.

Posted by RedAuerbach

For some reason, the name Sackgirl isn't that appealing.

Posted by teekomeeko
Double checking Gametrailers.com showed that this video is in HD, not some upscaled mess, so i guess the GB guys just screwed this one up somehow. No biggie, I have faith that they'll straighten all this out soon enough.
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poorly encoded 1080p? what happened to the buttery 720p? not what I signed up for.

Posted by S0ndor

Seems kind of odd to highlight this one feature when the game itself has almost no limits to what you can create and do.

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Can't wait

Posted by Authun

 Heh 'swinging sacks' I see what you did there Brad  

Posted by MeatSim

Now remakes of Bionic Commando levels.

Posted by Anthropomorphic_Bear

Wow, didn't expect to be hearing the Channel 9 cricket theme at the end there.

Posted by afrofools

Those are some retarded animations ;) But they are sacks afterall.

Posted by cassus

Oh man, they need to add the tarzan yell when you upen your mouth. That just looked hilarious.

Posted by mattsigler

September we're talking about the grappling hook!

Posted by siavm

Finally some can make a good spiderman game.

Posted by Roddykat

Just Little Big Cause 2: Bolo's requiem  - coming soon!

Posted by 02sfraser

This game is going to overwhelm so much

Posted by saywhatidareyou@yahoo.com

Loved the way the trailer was put together with the old news reel.

Posted by zitosilva

This game keeps looking better and better.

Posted by nazspam@gmail.com

looks great

Posted by baron_calamity

At long last I will be able to recreate Parker Bro's Spider-man for the 2600 or something like that.
Posted by mtmckinley

Pretty sure any game with a grappling hook automatically gets +100 points to awesome...