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You have been outdone.

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I have been outdone.

Posted by TheSeductiveMoose

I can't wait for this game.

Posted by guilherme

I have been outdone

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Posted by 2Crisis

I really enjoyed the original mafia.
I'm glad this second one is shaping up as a worthy successor instead of a money grab

Posted by Turtlesauce

Excited for this!

Posted by PhanThomas

Can't wait for this, it will be so great!

Posted by Esten
@TheSeductiveMoose:  Me neither!
Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

this game looks great.

Posted by SmAsH

Can't wait.

Posted by TekZero

Not my kind of game. 

Posted by EvilMuffin

Yay, this looks like it's going to be fun. =D

Posted by radioraz

 Make them an offer they can't refuse.

Posted by Elazul

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to complete this dumb ass quest.

Posted by ZmillA

its going to flop

Posted by Finstern

man, i remember spending about 40 mins trying to get the first mafia to install then being told my pc was too shit to play it :O what a piece of crap that pc was :P

Posted by triple07

I really hope this game is good. really looking forward to it.

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I'm really looking forward to this game, and I had no idea it was out so soon :D

Posted by George_Hukas

Not high hopes.. just hopes

Posted by Timmy_Wackford

God Damn! this game better not be a let down.

Posted by fugie7

i am really looking forward to this game. it just looks so cool and fun to play.

Posted by Phyreball

Man how long has this game been in production?  I hope the time it took to make is shown with the quality of the game.

Posted by Zimbo

I love the first Mafia and still play it too this day. I can't wait for this one.

Posted by Feanor

I wasn't a big fan of mafia 1, I doubt I'll be picking this up.

Posted by teh_destroyer

This has been taking to long to come out, yet i doubt i will buy it any time soon.

Posted by CaptainObvious

After GTA IV I've got enough of mafia mobs for two lifetimes.

Posted by MeatSim

I will try the demo but I don't see myself buying this at full price.

Posted by Atlantus_Air

Looks good but I'm not sure about purchasing just yet.

Posted by Gspark

I am so excited for the demo!

Posted by Dannyo35

Can't wait for Mafia 2 :)

Posted by SoulTaker

Might actually get this game.

Posted by Reptil3

Cannot wait. First Mafia was so good back in the day. Well still is good. 

Posted by I_love_Eva_Braun

Gentlemen,I can't wait to play this

Posted by angelfan91

I forgot this game is even coming out. 
Posted by TheMikelGuereca

That trailer really hit the spot with dynamic transitions and camera shots. I really do hope this game is great, I really do want a more story driven sand-box experience.

Posted by theditor

I'm not getting the press' reaction to this game so far. It looks good to me.

Posted by christ0phe

This game actually looks great.  It seems like it will be a great experience and hopefully it can differentiate itself from similar games.

Posted by BloodOfTheNorth

Badabing bada-BOOM! Looks good, something to moisten the summer drought I guess.

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Posted by Greenshoes

Is there a crimminal overworld?


Awesomeness, I'm pretty sure

Posted by PixieNinja

The first game was excellent fun on the PC, so here's hoping it lives up to, or surpasses it's predecessor.

Posted by Zicdab

Demo out August 10?  I'll definitely check that out.

Posted by randiolo

mamma mia...

Posted by PirateNeal

should i go back and play the first Mafia, does anyone think it holds up or if the story might be be important to the sequel?

Posted by Enai

I really didn't fancy this game.... it does look pretty decent. Quick look please! 

Posted by Pyccko

God, I really hope this game is better than I get the feeling it will be.

Posted by Ryax
@PirateNeal said:
" should i go back and play the first Mafia, does anyone think it holds up or if the story might be be important to the sequel? "
you dont need to go back. the city is new. the characters are new. the story is new. but if you want to play the first one go for it. i personally dont think it aged well