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This still doesn't make sense to me after seeing it all day.

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This just bothers me.  If anything it makes me want to play the game a lot less.... it is just gross for some reason.
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Umm why?

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I just don't get it. I mean it looked kinda cool, but what is the point.

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What is this I don't even

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waiiit.   what?

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@HatKing said:
" This just bothers me.  If anything it makes me want to play the game a lot less.... it is just gross for some reason. "
Kind of with you on this.
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What in the... what in the heck?

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I was never interested in this game. It seems the publishers figured most people were like me and wanted to give them extra incentive to buy it? They're kind of ruining whatever canon they have though.

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One boring universe combined with another boring universe makes not a non-boring universe.

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Uuuh, thats some  nasty bizniz. 
What is going on, actually?

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*stares at screen for a while* Okay.

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Wait, what?

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It is awesome.

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wonder what will happen with the PS3 version...

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Drake and Sully.

This is beyond silly...
I might even go so far as to call this ludicrous. 
Maybe Lost Planet has gone plaid.
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Whats the ps3 get.. Nathan drake?

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Probably just multi-player skins. Throttle back on the fanboy rage a bit.

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What the hell?

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I won't lie to you: I was already gonna play Lost Planet 2, because who doesn't want to blow up giant space insects. But if I can do that as Marcus Fenix - in a MECH - I don't even know how to express my feelings. 

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@Hats said:
" Whats the ps3 get.. Nathan drake? "
Psh! You get Sackboy!
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@ArchScabby said:
"What the hell? "

Exactly my thoughts.
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Lost Planet has a jump button, Gears of War does not. Cannot compute..Bzzt.

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thank gawd it's these guys and not that  mast chief thing.

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Why? and after that.  Do i still care?  
Didn't like the check points and movement of the first Lost Planet.  Don't care at all about this.  If anything, this just makes me care even less.  
Quoting a great leader of men.  "BLEH!"

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So is this a MS thing or something Capcom worked out with Epic?  Guess I see it fitting with the whole bug thing in LP.  Didnt they already stick Wesker in this too? 

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Capcom wants to pocket a few extra Benjamins from franchise loyalty/confusion and Cliffy B loves promoting his brand.  I'm not a big enough fan of either thing to be at all offended or interested by any of this.
Frankly, both franchises have done such a poor job of creating anything other than "recognizably generic" characters and settings that this seems almost like a non-event.

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my only reaction is.....confusion

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Yo, Lost Planet 2, jump that big ass shark!

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Omg will all you guys stop moaning, Its hadly the worse idea ever. Pretty cool concept and has everyone wondering now. will probably be something to do with the mutliplayer. Just give the game a chance before crapping all over it
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That was a pretty cool trailer, even though I have no idea how that's going to work. Unless it's just multiplayer skins, of course.

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This isn't quite as bad as SC4's star wars characters but still pretty dumb.
I'll be getting the ps3 version anyway and probably the eventual pc version too so meh.

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@Xeiphyer said:
" @Hats said:
" Whats the ps3 get.. Nathan drake? "
Psh! You get Sackboy! "
and Solid Snake
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I really enjoyed the LP2 demo what with killing that big ass alien in a team. Gears is no stranger to killing big ass aliens in a team. It's not that much of a leap to have Dom and Marcus keep doing what they're doing. 
Also, possible MECHS WITH LANCERS. Think about it.

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honestly tho i jst bet its gonna be a skin 4 pre-orders or some shit like that

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Correction: Lost Planet 2 × Gears of War
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Can't wait for Gears 3.

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i dont get it.

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um... no

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I think it is awesome! If nothing else it is good fun (like the AC-costume for Snake)

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I guess the Akrid are kind of like the Locust..................... They would probably fit in just fine until they jump into the Vital Suits. Will they be able to contain the giant Unreal Engine 3 necks?? Only time will tell. 
Plus I think having skins from Killzone and inFamous in Uncharted 2 is much weirder.