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Posted by Stimpack

Avatar was awful.

Edited by Cold_Wolven

So wait who are the bad guys?

Posted by TheCreamFilling

Matthew McConaughey is the protagonist?

Posted by zenmastah

Avatar was Dances With Wolves, basically.

Posted by Elohym

Man, you're right, this really is Avatar.

Posted by TrackZero

I don't think the protagonist in Avatar had a family to go back to...

Edited by MarkWahlberg

Also that Oblivion Tom Cruise movie, but yeah.

If it ends with you being reincarnated as a heat monster, though, I'd be totally ok with that.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

Of all the franchises that Capcom has on their person, they gave a sequel to Lost Planet. Meanwhile Onimusha collects dust and remains dead in a corner.

Posted by Scrawnto

Avatar was Dances With Wolves, basically.

It may have been Dances With Wolves in broad terms, but it was pretty much Fern Gulley exactly, down to the natives living in a giant tree.

Posted by Doctorchimp

@Alex Am I just seeing things?

Posted by Branthog

Having not bothered to play the first two, it'll take a hell of a lot to lure me into wanting to play a third.

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Man this trailer is making me hate video games

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Is it bad that I already thought there was a Lost Planet 3?

Edited by theanticitizen

This looks way better than I expected it to. I'll definitely try it out

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Simple Plan??

Posted by Yummylee

Avatar was Dances With Wolves, basically.

And Pocahontas. And Stargate.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

@stimpack said:

Avatar was awful.

That just about says it all, doesn't it. I'm a big fan of most of Cameron's work. I even thought Titanic was OK. But man, what a colossal dud was AVATAR.

Edited by paulunga

Still has a hot, Pocahontas-like chick, though.

Edited by Bourbon_Warrior

I liked Avatar...

I hope Nicolas Cage gets his likeness royalities out of this.

Edited by wrecks

Here comes the renewed Avatar venom. Thanks Alex. Thanks Alot.

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I love the look of the main dude, for some reason.

Posted by qUaK3R

@zzombie13: Cameron's work it's a bit overrated... compared to other of course. Still, most of his movies are watchable. 1 Time. That's all.

About the game, it's going to be more of the same.. Cool graphics, cool enemies, terrible story.. 1 more "hey, we know how to do a game! give us money money money. What? story? No, sorry."

Still, I think everyone should try the first one, and let's hope I'm wrong about this one.

Edited by Veektarius

I think it looks good. I wish you could stick with the corporation, though.

Posted by mtcantor
Posted by Vampire_Chibi

i guess we will never get a true sequel to the first lost planet, man that game was like a arcade.

Edited by squidraid

Man this game looks pretty.

Posted by smokyexe

Wait,what? Who wanted this?

Posted by Sogeman

so it sucks, basically

Edited by JackSukeru

What the crap! From everything else I've seen of the game I did not see this coming. Then again I always thought the humans were kind of dicks in the first Lost Planet where they just seemed to arrive and slaughter all the pre-existing wildlife (the akrid) in their effort to colonize the planet, so maybe it's actually super fitting.

This series is weird though. This game seems completely different from the other two games they made, not to mention completely different from that newly released spin-off E.X. Troopers.

Edited by gaftra

Man I don't know if I've ever seen a comments thread derailed in the title of the of the article.

Alex is doing some serious 4th wall shit here.

Edited by Flameinc

Avatar was fucking Pocahontas.. which I couldn't care less about. BOOOOOOOOOOO

Posted by buhssuht

is it just me, is he the first protagonist to have awesome fabulous full facial hair?

Posted by GalacticPunt

I love the look of the main dude, for some reason.

Of course you do, Capcom is referencing this Holy visage.

Edited by Tennmuerti

I'm really loving the game's saturated color pallet.

Edited by poheroe

@zenmastah: dance with wolves=avatar-lost planet=halo 5?

Posted by TheHT

Did that dude just call him 'sith'?

Avatar like, or Pocahontas like, or a bunch of other shit like, or not, this looks more interesting than the other Lost Planet games story-wise.

Posted by flanker22

whats wrong with the face and no it does not look like nick cage you're reaching.

Posted by Embryonic

Anyone else forget Lost Planet existed?

Edited by iragequit

That dude was holding a container of thermal energy.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

I forgot they were making this game...

Posted by Ravelle

Furngully: The Last Rain Forest is a way better movie than Avatar.

Posted by Ravelle

I thought the Lost planet games weren't that great, strange they continue with it.

Posted by ThatFrood
Posted by KirkyX

@ravelle: That really, REALLY Japanese one for the DS looked alright, if you're into that sort of thing. And I kinda dig this.

Edited by DeF

Of all the franchises that Capcom has on their person, they gave a sequel to Lost Planet. Meanwhile Onimusha collects dust and remains dead in a corner.

Onimusha is not a third person shooter that Americans want to play on their 360.

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Everyone here is a cynical jerk.

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