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But the first two weren't that great :\


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I hope this ends up being good. I always liked the concept of lost planet.

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Will I be able to play Marcus Fenix?

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Man Capcom your kinda a jackass of a company, but you make my favorite games.

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Will his beard grow bigger as the game progresses?!

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Ummm.... considering the first game was only really okay in the context of it being so early of this console life-cycle, the second one is widely considered pretty fucking poor, and this is being developed by a studio with a piss-poor track-record....

.....No thanks.

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I feel like they should have just called this game something else....

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Huh, certainly never saw this coming. Like... any of it. A new Lost Planet game, a different developer, and this particular developer, who doesn't exactly have a great track record. Then again, considering ORC, CAPCOM clearly aren't arsed in handing over properties to crappy developers

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Mmmm crab cakes.....*drools*

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Bring back Wayne! I want to know what happened after LP1.

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I liked Lost Planet 2 for no good reason.

This does not look as MT Frameworky. That's disappointing.

Hope springs eternal.

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Spark doesn't exactly inspire confidence, then again, Lost Planet was never that good of a game.

Regardless, I hope its good.


@aurahack said:

Not to immediately dismiss this, but the guys who are making this also did Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary, probably two of the worst shooters I have ever played. :T

After listening to last weeks Rebel FM, I agree with this point.

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Track record isn't everything. My problem isn't the Spark part, my problem is the Lost Planet part.

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Gotta love CGI trailers that tell us nothing about the game! Not sold on this game at all!

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Well this was a surprise. Love the screen cap for this video.

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Legendary is a game that had a TON of potential. The gameplay itself is what made that game shit and boring (and some of the pacing) but otherwise it would've been an amazing game to see all that bad shit released because of you. You don't normally see the apocalypse happen in front of your eyes; instead you are usually just thrown in there in the aftermath (Bioshock, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Rage, etc etc). I wish they would've had more time to polish it out and improve the gameplay.

Turning Point also had a cool premise, but it was just a shitty CoD clone. However, different teams worked on Turning Point than who worked on Legendary.

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Expectations are going to be low. They won't have to work hard to impress.

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@ErEl said:

Bring back Wayne! I want to know what happened after LP1.

Wayne was modeled after Lee Byung-hun (Storm Shadow from the GI Joe movies) much like how Remedy Entertainment modeled Alan Wake after Ilkka Villi. Rather than having to secure likeness rights, it is a lot easier to change the characters and keep the same scenario.

Also, Spark Unlimited (Legendary & Turning Point) seems like another bad idea like Slant Six making a spin off of Resident Evil. Another testament that Japanese games are not better created by Western developers.

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As one of the 20 people who were big fans of LP2, this does not bode well. That is, unless they can manage to pull off something more massive and fun than the train boss.

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@MiniPato: yes, but only up to a certain point, and it will not be present in some cutscenes.

Besides, you won't get a bonus from the agency for being a shaven agent any more.

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I'd love to see this as a CGI movie!

Maybe......maybe it'll be an ok game...?

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The first 2 games were pretty great in my opinion. Not perfect but pretty fun IMO. I hope the third game features the akrid enemies more than the second game, because they are the highlight of the series for me.

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I am skeptical. I remember when they first showed Lost Planet 2. It looked fucking awesome, and it turned out to be a pile of horse shit. I would love a good Lost Planet game, but I wont believe it until I see it.

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Great trailer. Please let this one be good.

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Its a CGI trailer, it means nothing.

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Is that the hick con.man from Lost?

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This sounds a bit random, but I have never liked the movement in LP games. I think that is why I never gave them a chance. Hopefully they change that because this game looks like it has a lot more character than the previous games.

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That looks cool. I want it to be cool.

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I really want this game to be good as as much as I really did not like the original and never picked up the sequel because it seemed only worse- I did like the setting/universe. So cautiously hoping it'll turn out good.

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Well good trailer but lets see it when its done. Also the way he controlled his VS reminded me of this old movie where two guys would jump into giant robots and have a fight. I wish I could remember the movie.

Edit: I found it its Robot Jox.

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@Klaimore: Robot Jox?

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Ewwh, for a CGI Trailer this actually looks bad.

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Looks like it could be pretty good

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Hey wasn't this character in Bulletstorm?

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I liked...things about the original Lost Planet. I liked how it handled aiming and reloading different from other 3rd person shooters for instance, it gave it its own unique feel, and I liked the robot suits with detachable guns that you could still shoot even though they were huge. Hookshot thingie deserves a shoutout as well.

I tried replaying it around the time the second game was released and liked it up until the part where I ran into the bigger enemies and kept getting tossed around. Dodging was either way too difficult or not even possible, and it broke the experience for me. I played the demo of Lost Planet 2 a couple of times but that also had too many stagger animations for me to enjoy it, also the whole setup with ai companions put me off from ever playing it.

It would be really cool if this entry could keep the things I thought were cool with the series from before, while making me actually want to play it as well.

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LP3 with kinect support !

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mmm, well i really liked lost planet 2, was a cool game

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I would like to say sorry to everyone. I was one of those foolish people who bought LP2, hoping it would be good. I was wrong and my money will now make another Lost Planet. Please forgive me.

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Oooooooooooohhhh. Looks cool. I'm interested...

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Well.. that actually looked pretty cool. I'm kind of surprised. They really made a decent looking and moving CG character for this. Geh, Spark hasn't really made a decent game though. Wonder if they have new staff by now... probably not.

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Oh yay, from the brillant minds that brought us Turning Point and Legendary. After Lost Planet 2 a fitting choice for LP.

Okay, okay I'm being overly harsh, the trailer looked nice and there must be a reason why Capcom handed them the IP, right? So let's wait and see.

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that was a well produced trailer. looked cool. I like the Lost Planet idea I just haven't really liked how the game plays - just played the demos tho.

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I still really like Lost Planet 1, especially the multiplayer. I even put a decent amount of time into LP 2 just because of that fact. So I will hope for the best.

Hearing it's from the guys behind Turning Point doesn't exactly excite me though :/

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That trailer looked pretty cool, except the dude's face. That face looked straight awful; the eyes seemed too big and there was no detail. It was really weird. Everything else looked great though.

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Charming rogue on ice planet. Coming soon with Kinect Support!

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I hope my Lost Planet 3 will be more Anime and less Aliens/Gears of War.