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YAY Luigi!

Posted by BlueStriped

Luigi is great ill play him first in the game.

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ok, how the fuck do you post so fast 
more Luigi love, im all for it

Posted by Joey2683

Acutually looking forward to this.
Posted by dvdhaus

Luigi needs more love

Posted by Murdouken

Luigi is just trying to copy his brother. Damn samfags. Game itself looks pretty cool though.

Posted by myslead


Posted by SlayingShogun

we need more luigi in our lives. i'd definitely like to see a sequel to Luigi's mansion

Posted by Kaiven
@Cloneslayer:  lol. alot of f5'ing
Posted by Milkman

So, do you just choose if you want to play as Mario or Luigi? Or is it like the original where you had to unlock Luigi?

Posted by dougmansion

This makes me so happy! More love for Luigi.

Posted by Rinkalicous

All Luigi representation makes me feel warm inside.

Posted by Jimbo

No Princess, No Purchase.

Posted by Catolf

aww Luigi...

Posted by dragonguyx


Posted by RobotHamster

Wait whose that guy?

Posted by S0ndor

Where's my freakin racoon suit?

Posted by Kirbichu54


Posted by bonbolapti

a reason to get this game? I think so.

Posted by big_jon

Posted by Slax

I'm just going to say it. Luigi>Mario

Posted by PLWolf

Looks like it's time to go play the first one, again, to get ready for this. Good Times

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Luigi, as played by Kevin Dillon.

Posted by ShadowKing7

So, does this mean Luigi is playable without having to beat the game 100% this time?  That would be pretty tight.  I'm still more partial to Mario, but it'll be nice to have a choice.
Posted by Zanthox

Luigi > Mario.

Posted by RichieJohn

so glad there's no VO in this game. I don't want my videogame characters talking like they're real people! Just aint right!

Posted by Crono

Looks like it will be the biggest step forward for platformers this generation since... Super Mario Galaxy 1.  I am really excited for this title and I like Luigi's 'me too' attitude.

Posted by JackSukeru

I love Luigi but wasn't too keen on how he controlled in SMG 1. 
Jumping high is nice, but his lower traction makes it harder to pull off backflips :/

Posted by LimblessPoet

 For the first time in a  Mario game i will finish this game from the start with my man Luigi. * I hope* Go Green!

Posted by Shadow

I don't get the big deal.  He was in the first one.

Posted by Chewii101

Man I love this music. Oh and Luigi's cool too

Posted by skrutop

Luigi > Mario.

Posted by napalmtrees

Was that the same trailer as before just with Luigi instead of Mario?  I had a weird feeling of deja vu there.

Posted by Afroman269

I want.

Posted by capthavic

go weegee, go weegee XD
Posted by I_smell

Hey I'm Nintendo n I make trailers for fuckin palette swaps.
Even worse: People actually give a shit.

Posted by ShawnS


Posted by ArbitraryWater

Will I have to get all 120 stars to play as Luigi in this game too? Because I probably couldn't handle that...

Posted by gogobomb
@Raggy: if its the same as the first game, which im sure it is, you have to get all the stars with mario before you can play luigi
Posted by fox01313

Guessing next time it'll be Wario. They should have just kept Galaxy2 hidden away & just announced Luigi as the player character first (even if he plays the same as Mario) to see the fan reaction go crazy.

Posted by EgoCheck616

Time for me to buy another Wii.

Posted by ApolloBob

Really enjoying all the Luigi love I'm seeing here!  He's always my chosen character in Mario Karts and Partys.

Posted by Halberdierv2
@zanthox said:
" Luigi > Mario. "
this. nice that there's also a Super Luigi Galaxy mode in this too.
Posted by Eljay

Is everyone cheering because they like Luigi more than Mario or just because there's an additional player choice?
Maybe if there's truly something amazing about him besides just jumping a little higher I'd be more stoked. It's not as if his dialogue will be any different.

Posted by Demyx

Looks good. Probably won't get it, haven't gotten the first yet.

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I liked Luigi's Mansion... if only the SMG series was ported to the DS (or the soon-to-be 3DS), I would buy the specified handheld just for them.

Posted by Jimbo7676

I'm way excited for this game even though I didn't think I would be.

Posted by EightBitShik

OMG YES!! YES! I don't own a Wii

Posted by SweetJ

Who cares, its just Mario stretched taller and green

Posted by Kajaah117
@EightBitShik said:
" OMG YES!! YES! I don't own a Wii "
I have a Wii.
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