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I am gonna get this just not right now because there are so many other games play currently.

Posted by Baillie

Already looks more fun than playing with boring old Niko.

Posted by Tenshin

Still hoping for a ps3 or pc release. Maybe in a year. I can wait, yes, yes. *twirls moustache*

Posted by LostProphecy18

Got to love games that keep on giving. All hail rockstar

Posted by MjHealy

I will probably wait a few weeks to pick this up. Gotta save up for Left 4 Dead 2.

Posted by John

Dammit, this looks waaaay better than TLAD.

Posted by Quacktastic
@Tenshin said:
" Still hoping for a ps3 or pc release. Maybe in a year. I can wait, yes, yes. *twirls moustache* "
Same here, looks good.
I'm not seeing much buzz around this game.  At least, not as much as there should be for a new GTA even if its not a new city.  I don't know maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.
Posted by AaronAlex

Played this alot yesterday with the old man, its pretty damn awesome spraying alcohol all over people.

Posted by Jackel2072

downloading now, but man is it going so slow!

Posted by Kinggi

As always, Rockstar doing an excellent job with the trailers.

Posted by HT101

I would get this now but we are in the season known as fall and so many games are coming out I just don't have time to get this yet.

Posted by Brunchies

I still cant decide between this and torchlight.

Posted by Bjorn

Why is it so that after so many trailers, game updates and the last episode that the framerate still seems fucking awful in these trailers?

Posted by imhuntad

Just picked up my copy from gamestop. Surprisingly I didn't see any signs, notices, or obvious store placement for this game. Kinda weird considering it's a GTA game.

Posted by Madyew

Luis is a pretty good character, but I still prefer Niko. He, Johnny, and Niko make a nice "trinity", if you will.

Posted by Claude
@Madyew said:
" Luis is a pretty good character, but I still prefer Niko. He, Johnny, and Niko make a nice "trinity", if you will. "
Niko was cool, but I wish I could have turned him into a serial killer. As in, killed everyone that called his phone.
Posted by Sarumarine

Oh man, the P90 is one of the weapons in this episode? That's pretty sweet.

Posted by Bigandtasty

He looks so much like Niko in the preview picture.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Started playing this, pretty good so far.
Posted by Haiitan_Knives_973

Finished playing a bunch. The script is great.

Posted by Jayzilla

looks like i will have to pull some real life GTA's to get the money to get this game since it is like # 8 on my list and I can afford down to #5 but really should be responsible and only get the top 3 right now. Gaming shouldn't be like a cocaine or heroin addiction.

Posted by Gamer_152

I don't feel too attached to the new protagonist yet but knowing Rockstar they will have made an interesting new character.

Posted by Afroman269

I should probably start playing the game itself because all I did is spend my time watching the GTA TV. Man that stuff is great.

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@Brunchies said:
" I still cant decide between this and torchlight. "
TBoGT is really awesome.  But I'd probably recommend Torchlight more, just because the developers need the support.  Grand Theft Auto isn't going anywhere   :)
Posted by Oncomouse

I actually prefer The Lost and the Damned over this.  I appreciated the simple, gritty story with a couple of very human characters.  I'm not that far in BoGT, but it's way to over the top for my taste.  That being said, there are others who'll get a huge kick out of this compared to Lost & Damned.  Rockstar is smart to make two very different expansions.  I'm just not sure how smart it was to release this expansion just as the holiday releases are ramping up.  This probably should have come out in the Batman time frame to really shine.  I'm sure it will still do well, though.  I'll be curios to see how physical sales are compared to downloads of both.

Posted by SlantedRoom

this game is good. they've definitely stepped up the difficulty from TLATD and the original game.. which is a good thing cuz those games were mad easy. although i notice myself doing pretty good on the missions and getting like 70% cuz i didn't pull off enough headshots, and i'm like okay..?  since when is GTA a game about headshots, they have a fucking lock on targeting system??
Posted by Media_Master

Seems like a cool guy.

Posted by Slab64
@FUPA11: Good point, this ain't exactly CoD4
Posted by SlantedRoom