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Yes, bring in the bubble machine and get a fog machine. Get Science up in the Giantbomb. Freezing foam party!

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2 minutes of opening the box, 6 minutes of playing with dry ice. I like.

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@Kevin_Cogneto said:

@cojack426 said:

To bad it wasn't Lou Malnatis, that's the premium stuff.

I will fight you.

Seriously, what? Lou's is like $20 cheapo-deep dish that runs like mad. Giordano's is approaching, like, $30 a pie when you get deep dish and is waaaay fresher.

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@cojack426:Apples and oranges man. There's a time and place for both. Also Home Run Inn.

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I had no idea you could order Giordano's online. My dad loves it, but we live in coastal North Carolina, so we can't get it locally. You just gave me the perfect Father's Day present idea!

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More of this, all of this, right here, with the ice... and pizza.

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I am stealing your hoodie, you had best look out!

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about 10 seconds in and im annoyed. im like whats that fucking annoying chant? oh its patrick.

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Wouldn't dry ice just keep regular ice cold? Also, I can't believe they missed the opportunity to throw a piece of dry ice into a bottle with some water. That is where the real fun starts.

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Hahaha I love that the Pizza was just left on the floor whilst everyone played with the box.

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Oh hey! I ate at Giordano's when I went to Chicago a few years back! That's some good pizza.

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yeah ryan's a fun-cop

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Lou Malnati's > Giordano's. For reals.

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Buy your cat a toy, they play with the box.

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I was gonna say you can't dig deep into pizza, but I obviously never saw REAL pizza.

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"What if we put mercury in there?"

This is why GB is so great.

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I'm VERY surprised Vinny is still alive after all of that.

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"Thats chilly"

Everybody touches at once.

"By your powers combined, I am deep dish pizza!"

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That's a big pizza.

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Screw videogames, just center the site around this stuff.

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God damn it, as much as I love Ryan, I love not having Ryan even more. Cause then this happens.

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y'all are like a bunch of children!....can I come next time?

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Dry Ice is the best.

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What did I just watch?

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One of the best dates I've ever had in my life was at Giordano's

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That was hilarious.

I'm glad Jeff considered the viewers' interest.

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Yes, I will Dig Deeper Into Pizza.

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Kepleck should eat it to put on a little weight

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Ryan leaves for vacation AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS.

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@Wrighteous86 said:

I just want to point out that those pizzas were from both me and DuskVamp. It was on the note, but Dave paraphrased a bit in the video. They know, and now you do too!

what was the "Fun stuff" that they did for you...?

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When do those Screened hoodies go on sale?

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That pizza is a Western monstrosity!

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Midnight Brown's latest album: Bubbly Fog

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Hmm, I could go for a pizza. Let's see, $20 for a pizza. OK, not bad. $45 dollars for shipping...

I'll go get a burger from Five Guys.

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Ryan would've stopped that mailbag at around the halfway point.

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I demand a followup video where Will and Norm use some crazy contraption to try to cook the Pizzas in the Whiskey Media offices.

Also, this was great.

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from the mist

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Giantbomb staff's inability to open boxes continually astounds me.

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I just want to point out that those pizzas were from both me and DuskVamp. It was on the note, but Dave paraphrased a bit in the video. They know, and now you do too!

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@mpgeist: Everything does.

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@mpgeist said:

Man, the Back to the Future reference went right over Patrick's head.

I know! So disappointing.

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Who's reading Super Mario? I sat in front of the author at the NYVGCC awards.

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I love how the wax box of vegetables had "Refrigerate at 34f and 1c" and an arrow pointing to the box of coldness.

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this is like buying a kid an expensive toy for christmas and seeing them toss the toy aside in favor of the bubble wrap it came packaged in. :D

edit---- ha! ninja'd

@Vague_Optimism said:

Great, guys. Great. It's just like every Christmas: We get you something nice and you guys spend the whole time playing with the box after you've unwrapped it.

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Everybody's so much more playful without grumpy old Ryan to spoil the fun.

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I Love the shot of the pizza on the floor and they are all playing with the box.

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Wax Boxes are easily the most underrated new wave band.

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Great, guys. Great. It's just like every Christmas: We get you something nice and you guys spend the whole time playing with the box after you've unwrapped it.