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Yes! I mean no.

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still need to play ANY of the Sims games. never did.

... or maybe, I don't.

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Saw that the franchise was on sale for $10.19 on Steam...

Then I saw that all the DLC was $199.68 :/

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Illusions, dad! You don't have time for my Illusions!

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Excellent reference, Perry. Coincidentally, I just played "gob" in Words with Friends.

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@CommissarDuke said:

Illusions, dad! You don't have time for my Illusions!

My mind also went straight to Arrested Development for some reason.

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I should be in this Poof!

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@arweldian said:

@CommissarDuke said:

Illusions, dad! You don't have time for my Illusions!

My mind also went straight to Arrested Development for some reason.

Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money...or candy!

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Outside of Pets and Late Night the Sims 3 expansions have been really lackluster. This seems to be continuing that trend. shame since most of the Sims 2's expansions were so good and added nice game changing features.

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Man you guys are quick with the Poof jokes...

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they are still making Sims 3 stuff?

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Weird. I've watched two and a half seasons of Arrested Development in the past two weeks (I've also watched multiple episodes of Two and a Half Men, a mistake that will forever haunt me). Aren't coincidences crazy, guys? It's like the human brain is good at finding patterns and connections even where they, like, don't exist, ya know?

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As much as I love the Sims, and yeah, I kinda do, I am reluctant to play anything involving Katy Perry.

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It's the final countdown...

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The game that keeps on expanding . . into wallets. I seem to buy each core game long enough afterwards to catch a price break, but never feel too compelled to buy addons that sometimes seem like things that could have shipped with the core, or in a gesture, be low cost dlc or even the rare free update. My Sims already go to work, play guitar or such, showing me them at work . . really, should it be at cost to see their career. I understand a resort vacation, pets and zoos. . . . Oh to be the crazy CEO, combine the Sims3, Sim City, SimEarth and make the sporific universe that Spore wasn't.... everything at your fingertips, even failure if the chemistry's wrong.

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All the Arrested Development references are gone, taste my sad.

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Niko, dear cousin!

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@idlehands said:

Niko, dear cousin!

Fuck you.

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I keep thinking that this is something to do with Yakuza when I scroll quickly along the main page.

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"We demand to be taken seriously"

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Unless I can be a DJ that exclusively plays Dubstep I am not interested.

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OK, I need this. I'm such a sucker, but come on, my Sim can now have a kitten and quite is boring military job (he's an astronaut) to become a magician! Brilliant

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Once there was a yacht, now, THERE IS NOT!