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Nerd alert!  Hulk would destroy Zangief. No contest at all.
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goddammit I guess second is ok

Posted by N3onThr33

Woo. Go Hulk.

Posted by beeryayghost

Aww. Look at Zangief's face in the comic.

Posted by RipTheVeins

The art style from the little comic sections would look amazing as the graphics for MvC 3, and it's not too far off to think that could happen with KoFn XII looking as crisp as it does.  Also, I forgot how tiny those sprites are!

Posted by MuscleRiderX

This just reminds me how much I want Zangief's beard.

Posted by MeatSim

I like how they run into each other at a carnival and no words are said they just start fighting.

Posted by Foggen

Zangief is supreme in MvC2.

Posted by Coltonio7

I just finished World War Hulk, and I can say this is pretty accurate.

Posted by Jayzilla

they wouldn't fight. they would fall in love and make baby Zulks!

Posted by Sintano

My money is on Zang...gotta be a hard man to fight in boots and red panties

Posted by stinky
@VWGTI:  in round 1 yes. but the hulk would grow angry in round 2 from losing making him more powerful, creating a possible draw. round 3 or after forget it, Hulk wins.

so its ideal to play the Hulk best 2 out of 3 matches instead of best 3 out of 5 as a pro tip.
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Any know the release date for XBLA?

Posted by Noodles
@Agnogenic: It's supposedly coming out at the end of July. Probably the 22nd or 29th.
Posted by TheClap

That is a lot of man there. 

Posted by PhaggyBigNastyMcKill

Zangief can turn into mecha zombie gief so my money is on geif.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

On a semi-related note, what's big, green, fuzzy, and if it fell out of a tree, it'd kill you?

A pool table!

Posted by spaded

if everyone buys this, they will make a marvel vs capcom 3, :D 

not sure if they will but think about it
Posted by Tiwi

now the other question arises: Hulk VS Wolverine?

Posted by PorkSword
on July 6, 2009
Zangief is supreme in MvC2.

Not entirely correct Zan-ROID is supreme in EVERYTHING!!!
Posted by TheHBK

This is a pretty crappy comparison, uh...hulk vs the robot from Lost Planet but hes not here, so lets say, Hulk vs. MegaMan, brute strength vs tech, something deep.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@spaded said:
" if everyone buys this, they will make a marvel vs capcom 3, :D 

not sure if they will but think about it
I would shit my pants if they did a full on MvC3 with the tech from Street Fighter IV.
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Was I the only person who like the first ALOT more than the second?

Plus I own both on DC no amount of online features will make me purchase a second working copy of this. Unless it was a dollar. Then I'd have to buy it...    because it's a dollar.

Posted by Novyx
@tiwi: Check the first appearance of Wolverine ever; pre X-men. He first appeared as a mystery canadian superhero interrupting one of Hulk's fights.
Posted by afrokola
@tiwi: Ultimate or regular?
Posted by Tiwi
@texaseanacre said:
" @tiwi: Ultimate or regular? "
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Zangief could destroy the Hulk with one hand if he so pleased.

Posted by GodzillaVsJapan

When is this game coming out?

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I love how Zangief is getting his ass kicked in every second he's in the trailer.

Posted by 100eyes

July 22nd is the rumored release date.

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

This guy should probably move house. One transdimensional comic book cross over event, sure. Aurora Borealis.
But twice?

Im telling you its a bad neighbourhood.

Posted by afrokola
@tiwi said:
" @texaseanacre said:
" @tiwi: Ultimate or regular? "
regular "
Wolverine would win then.
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Looks great

Posted by Sauson

Pff screw the Zangief vs Hulk I wanna see Jill mess up Storm!