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Posted by NickM


Posted by Daz0608

Can't wait!

Posted by Smitatoe

going to be awesome!

Posted by Rotnac

i want this game!

Posted by lantus

Jesus Christ, reminds me how much I loved the first game, even though it was incredibly flawed.

Posted by iizcallum

That person at 1:36 has quite an epic moustache. I'm really looking forward to Mass Effect 2, loved the first. Can't wait! :)

Posted by Scratch

Can't wait! E3 is almost here.

Posted by rohanspear345

Hella YEAH!

Posted by Gigaman


Posted by deaux

Cool video, though basically a tease.

Posted by Aas

I've never been this teased by a man before. Well once, but stuff that happens in Mexico doesn't count.

Posted by PanzerPev

Creamed pantaloons!!!!!!

Mass Effect was one of my favourite games ever.

Posted by GagnarTheUnruly

I'm really excited about this game. There aren't many games I'd consider paying full price for nowadays, but this is one of them.

Edited by mattysen

Fucking hell, what a cliff hanger

*Poteintal Spoiler*

Looks like I am gonna have to play though again to get Rex back and that Girl who I didn't like instead of Mr Gay (not that I have anything against them, Im just not) but if there is a hotter chick in Mass Effect 2 fuck that
Posted by TheKidNixon


Posted by Seraphim2150

looks good. though i will need to go and pick up the first game to get the story

Posted by HarrySound


I'm 29 i've played alot of games but this beats them all

Posted by CitizenKane

I can't wait to see this at E3.  Mass Effect is one of my favorite games so far of this generation.

Posted by Newjack

Noooo not the Normandy!

Edited by CoinMatze

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! 2010 is too far off! The last season of Lost will have already started when this game comes out. Argh! 30 Rock will come back in fall. There's just not enough to do until then. Damn those guys with their effective teasing. Now I'm bummed out.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Tried to get into the first but didn't like the combat too much...might fire it up over the weekend.

Posted by cc23574

Cant wait for E3, Mass Effect is one of the best games this gen

Posted by Happy

Needed more moustache guy.

Edited by legendary1

Meh, didn't care too much for ME 1. Sub standard FPS with pretend choices and shallow RPG-ish stat system which only served made the shooting even more boring because you were locked into a single weapon/power for 95% of the game. It did have a really, really good atmosphere though. Sounds like they are at least trying to improve on where I felt ME 1 failed.

Posted by DrRandle

You mean they're going to make a Mass Effect that's more awesome than the first, and it WON'T have technical issues? Damnit. Now I'm officially hyped. E3 needs to be now.

Posted by Swinghi

Way Stoked.

Posted by jhosaphat

Very well done tease. Can't wait!

Posted by RagingLion

Wow.  I am so looking forward to this game.  Looks like the Normandy gets almost blown up at some stage with you on board it, then.

Posted by NAMMY

Ohhhh, dramatic ...

Posted by theMcNasty

SooooooooooooOOOOoooo excited for this one.

Edited by Venatio

Damn I want this game sooo bad, the first one is my favorite game of all time

 But  OMFG what did they do to my precious Normandy?!

Posted by Osaladin

I actually got butterflies in my stomach at the end when Hudson was talking about Shepard. Damn, now I suddenly want to be at E3 very badly.

Posted by IzzyGraze

Not so sure about the "limbs flying off" part. It didn't seem necessary in the previous Mass Effect, but hopefully the darker story in this one will make that choice make sense.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

I can't wait for this one.  The original is one of my favourite 360 games.

Posted by AndrooD2

Man, Bioware just keeps tweaking my balls! The only thing I want out of E3 is to know who I'll be playing as in ME2. Whether it's Shepard or some other dude/dudette I don't care. I just need to know. My heart can't take the suspense!

Posted by AdSapien

Yep, I'm preparing to lose all friends and social connections again...I know the routine.

Posted by idiotic_genius1


Posted by DarthB

the first face on screen, casey, was the same voice for mass effect 1 trailers.  that guy should do voiceover work.  he's got a distinct voice with an enjoyable quality to it.

Posted by DoMakeSayThink

I just got a bona

Posted by MasterSwanny

First game was awesome, fix  graphic bugs and make the combat more interesting and you'd have a 5 star game so I'm expecting a lot from this game.

Posted by Church069

Probably the game I am most looking forward to.  Good thing Wrex didn't die in my playthrough in Mass Effect 1, he is an awesome character, and hopefully I'll get to roll with him in my party in ME 2.

Posted by Aeterna

Me want.

Posted by Ivanetc

oh thank god they're improving the combat.

the combat and inventory bothered me so much in the first.

Posted by Cirdain

BioWare Logo looks pretty crap

Posted by Sirn00bal0t

Can't wait makes me want to play through again

Posted by Reverseface

When that music kicked in really brought me back to how awesome mass effect was. I really like the direction their taking with the second one being more dark ,gritty, dirty.

Posted by Dropp

not the Normandy!!

Posted by pimsy

when watching this my pants got tight

Posted by Infinityslimit

Unbelievable that footage was bananas...

Posted by Vorbis

Cant. Wait.

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