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Must be noone likes dance...Ill just comment then.

Edit: Also, impossible to look cool in one of those motion tracking suits...don't matter how hip your hop is.

Posted by Morningstar

More kinect stuff for you guys to quick look.

Posted by Hogans_Hotdogs

Just once, while watching themselves a-dancin' in the mirror, do they ever think "boy I look really stupid doing this right now"?

Posted by MurderSlingshot

Nothing is more authentic than Kid Rock:Hip Hop Dance Experience:For Kinect

Posted by Bistromath

When I think of The Streets I think of Ubisoft.

Posted by movac

But will it teach me how to Dougie?

Posted by ManlyBeast

Guys just want to put something up on the site. haha

Must be a slow day

Posted by Sevenout

But is there time travel in this one?

Posted by SoothsayerGB

No thank you. I do not want to meet those people.

Posted by dannyodwyer

needs more basketballs

Posted by Mumrik

@Morningstar said:

More kinect stuff for you guys to quick look.

If it gets Ryan (and Jeff) any kind of exercise, I'm good with it.

Posted by AjayRaz

sponsored by Hip Hop Gamer

Posted by DefAde

HEY YO.... I looked around - There is NO other game like this....

..... I didn't look too hard if i'm honest

Posted by TheHakku

This looks intimidating. Will there even be an easy mode?

Posted by UsbCable

Hay Guyz!

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All the in game dancers should be wearing mocap suits.

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When the Zombie Apocalypse goes down, these people are the first ones I kill. Followed closely by the cast of Dawson's Creek. ohhhhhhhh VanDerBeek you are so fuckin dead.

Posted by Gamer_152

Well this is just hilarious.