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Posted by RandomBullet

That is freaking AWESOME!!

Posted by LethalKi11ler

demo hopefully...

Posted by Jeffsekai

Mabey its the motion blur, but this game looks so bad.

Posted by carpei

Those are explosions.

Posted by F1

Wow, nice. This vid didn't really show the REALLY good stuff, but I'm excited anyway. The first Merc game was so kick ass.

Posted by Zorn20
That video was awesome and i luv explosions.
Posted by Kenzo287

i loved the explosions and all but this just looks like i game i'll play and get bored with real fast

Posted by eagle

Do you think you could stop talking and show the game for one second?

Posted by XCell9200

it looks like a launch title...

Posted by EpicSteve

I wonder if the chracter turning away after the huge explosion was intentional, framerate perhaps?

Posted by jonano

is it just me or do the graphics look really crappy they look so bad but hopefully it plays well 

Posted by and333

Game looks great, and def made for co-op. I haven't heard yet but are you selecting from premade characters or can you make your own character? Having the same pre-made character next to you in co-op would really take away from the experience. But other then that def getting, played a little of the first and this one looks like it controls great and is cool fast paced blowing up stuff!

Posted by slashdotdot

So much stuff blowing up!

Posted by R0BAT0

This looks terrible...
Am I the only person who thinks that?

Posted by Banzai_NL

Dude, that looks so sweet! Another game for my wanted-list! :D

Posted by MvmntInGrn

Graphically it switches between "good" and "meh" but it looks like a lot of fun. I mean when a game is "open world" + "guns" + "over the topness" you can't really go wrong.

Not sure if its the video quality but it looks choppier than the PS3 vid I saw a few days back (but then again some official vids on the games site were 360 and looked fine), it could also be the explosions... whatever.

I'm hoping for a demo but I doubt it due to the games open-world style play, I find it hard to believe I would regret buying it though.

Posted by Davin

I think overall this game looks really bad, it could easily be Mercs 1. The explosions are great however, and lets just hope some gameplay is there as well because that may be all it has going for it. I'll buy it when it hits the bargain bin for sure, because I enjoyed the first one, but it doesn't look to be a $60 game for me.

Posted by fleethefactory

Co-op looks sweet, needs exploding boobs.

Posted by slowpantz

looks good

awesome dude .i love blowing shit up
Posted by CoolDrMoney

What the heck is going on?

Posted by elko84

pure chaos

Posted by Sarazar

Not what I expected :(

Posted by Aaron_G

I want to blow something up so bad!

Posted by TomA

Who here played the first Merc at least once through with no cheats,me!

Posted by kist

lol are ther no guns in this gmae lol its all jus genades and rocket launchers lol

Posted by Snipes424

Looks a lot like Warhawk.. which is a good thing

Posted by joslop500

Looks pretty good, but I dont know if its for me.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

what do you guys mean, "...that's not good?" the world is in flames, and that is very good my friends. i can't wait for my preorder to arrive!

Posted by mrsmiley

Why do the graphics looks so bad? Is it cuz it's in co-op?

Posted by Skeetz

this game knows how to explode things!

Posted by Freki

The graphics doesn't impress, but it sure looks fun :)

Posted by expensivelove

This looks great. I don't understand how someone can think this looks bad. For a sandbox game with so much destructibility -- Mercs 2 looks top notch.

Posted by Diabolo


This looks like one hell of a game !
I never played the first one but I'll definitely check this one out when it's released !
Posted by Crono

Guess explosions are the star of the show.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

how is the video quality of almost every video on this site,so freekin good. I mean i have such a shitty net speed(256k connection) and youtube,GS,IGN etc etc al take much longer and look so much shittier on my pc. What the secret behind the vid quality and the fact that it loads so freakin fast on my pc. Even the low video quality option(the only option i use) is freekin amazing.

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Posted by Generiko

it took a lot of clicking to get here

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Mission: Watch All Videos on GB #8

Can't believe I thought this once looked good!

Posted by CornBREDX

I was asking myself why they would continue to archive old video game trailers. I mean, you can watch them on youtube or any number of places, right?

But... I don't know. Maybe it has merit if they still have ones like this one. This game feels like a lifetime ago.

Remember how shitty the world load in was in this game if you didn't install the game to the hard drive? Who am I asking? Anyone who also randomly decides to see how long they've been archiving trailers. Just cus!