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Posted by PuppyKisses

nerd, nerds, NERDS.

Good God is that what I'm like?

Posted by SnowyPliskin

What did the japanese text say?

Posted by Ineedaname

People saying it was amazing, shows how far games have come, having watched the other video then this, for it's time it was an amazing game, but watching it now it just looks terrible. I could still play it, and get beyond looks because I'm not a graphics snob, but still either way....

And is the site running slow for anyone else?

Posted by FCKSNAP

This is from that DVD that you could rent in Japanese rental stores right? I love this stuff. Too bad none of this was on the Document disk.

Posted by CashBailey

Damn, some of those cats are near-crying.

Posted by Jeremy_x

ITV: People who seriously need to get laid.

btw, the dude at 4:12 was one of the reaction guys meme, right?

Posted by Myrmidon

God, I really need to go to E3.

Posted by billysea

That's nothing compare to The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess reveal back in 2004 E3.

Posted by Mus

That's the screen size I saw the trailer as well .  Nothing has topped that trailer since.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I don't know what you are saying. MGS2 is the first realistic looking game on console and still looks great to me.

Posted by Aaox

I wish I knew what the writing meant...

Posted by SirThirdFilms

Does anyone know if anyone from Giant Bomb is hidden in the crowd somewhere?

Posted by necrophite

Lol @ the dude who almost cryed ;p This game was awesome I think I even prefered it to the original, The Plant & Raiden aside.

Posted by cityofdis0

4:08 - MonsterQuest should be on the  look out for that guy.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by MeatSim

They know how to make their game trailers for sure.

Posted by Roboyto

god that turned out to be just an awful, terrible, vile abomination of a game.  one of the most disappointing games ive ever played

Posted by Yellowshirts
Roboyto said:
god that turned out to be just an awful, terrible, vile abomination of a game.  one of the most disappointing ... [more]
you really have no idea about the MGS franchise if you throwing that into the "worst game" category. your just a whiney fan who didnt get to play with snake long enough
Posted by xionpunk

God I love MGS2.  

Posted by TekZero

I actually had no problem with MGS 2 or Raiden. 

Of course I'm probably a casual fan at best.

Posted by JammyJesus

Why do you guys keep putting stuff up like this when i come in from the pub? I'm so confused.

Posted by Ossi

That was great. Everyone's face changed expressions at nearly the same time, which goes to show the impact this game had on everyone and how great the MGS franchise is. It's the games that evoke emotion that are truly amazing.

Edited by Roboyto
Yellowshirts said:
Roboyto said: god that turned out to be just an awful, terrible, vile abomination of a game.  one of the ... [more]
rofl, nah, im not a whiney fanboy...couldnt have cared less about how long i played as snake. my problems with the game come from the fact that the story became just about the most convoluted, non-sensical clusterf*** imaginable. i was glad the game ended just so i wouldnt have to pay attention to the storyline anymore.

but hey, keep insulting me just cause i dont happen to agree with your own personal fanboy opinion about the game.
Posted by McQuinn

I loved the guy who was shaking his head.  He couldn't believe it and had to look around to see if he was real.

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

whats with all this old time shit ?

Posted by sneakysnake128

I replayed MGS2 after MGS3 before MGS4 came out and the story made tons more sense.

Posted by RazielCuts

I expected more of an 'OH MY GOOODD!!' roar when Revolver Ocelot was shown, man I remember this when I was young and just being amazed and it was all ingame graphics. And the shoot out with Snake in the food storage room and everything breaking is just iconic.

Little did we know then that there was a sneaky Raiden up Kojima's sleeve. 
Posted by lemon360

00:43 . . . japanese Ryan

Posted by imazombienazi

i love mgs2. i still play it even tho its nearly a decade since its released

Posted by SM2099

That video would have been hilarious if they would have ended that trailer with the reveal of Raiden as main character... just hearing the applauses and cheers turn into boos and WTF's would have been funny.

Posted by RsistncE

That MGS2 and 3 theme still sends shivers down my spine.

Posted by Spiritof

*with all the enthusiasm of a wet sock*

I was watching it and I said to myself, "wow".

Posted by Kraznor

That game still holds up, in my opinion. Played it again after the disappointing MGS4...yeah, I said it.

Posted by RaidenMGS

is that jake rodkin i spot in the vid?

Posted by dagas

Little did they know that the game would turn out to be 90 % listening to Codec conversations =P Still an awesome game and the physics (breaking glass, bottles, fruit etc.) was mind blowing at the time and still there are games that have barely cought up with that so many years later.

Posted by Callumz

One of the definitive "OH SNAP!" moments in gaming.

Posted by Kyle

right...? Why are we suddenly talking about the MGS2 reveal? Did I miss something?

Posted by dna4ever42

WOW ... played all MGS games, got goose bumps when the music starts to play. what an awesome game, trailer, series etc.

Posted by TheBigBopper
Kyle said:
right...? Why are we suddenly talking about the MGS2 reveal? Did I miss something?
cause its one of the biggest moments in E3 history
Posted by DukeTogo

I remember being at that E3 and seeing that video, (I went on Friday though).  The fire marshal was trying to get people to move and he eventually gave up with literally hundreds of people crowding into a 20x30 ft space.  Right after it ended the same crowd of people would go over to Tecmo's booth for a DOA fashion show.

E3, how you've changed.

Posted by smokeH

i counted more then 50 geeks having an orgasm.

Edited by outerabiz
you're obviously out of your mind if you think it was a "awful, terrible, vile abomination of a game."
MGS2 was at the time of release, the best game on the market in terms of graphics, gameplay and innovation!
Saying this was a bad game is like saying, super mario bros was a bad game.

Weather or not you think the story is good, is of course subjective, (i mean i thought the story in super mario bros, was pretty lackluster,)  but on all other fronts Metal Gear Solid 2 was amazing.

Posted by Roboyto


While i certainly dont hate stealth games its not my favorite thing in games. So, while i appreciate the quality of the gameplay, it's hard for me to give it a pass solely on that and the graphics.  Especially in a series like MGS where tha games are basically interactive movies, the storyline is a huge thing for me. So when the storyline in MGS2 just went all the over place and, in my mind, became just plain nonsensical, it really disappointed me and is the reason ive never touched the game again after my second playthrough(which i did solely to see if i just missed something in the story that would make it better.)

Edited by TOYBOXX

3:57 - is that Vince from the Shamwow! commercials but with long hair?

Posted by MiLeSu

Talk about "jawdropping"

Edited by CallMeRotten

I was at E3 after this one when they had the MGS2 demo stations up.

Hah the guy with his mouth wide open was too much.

Posted by Media_Master

nice behind the scenes

Posted by FiestaUnicorn

This had some of the ugliest people I have ever seen in my life.

Posted by fallen_elite

That's a lot of dudes.

Posted by CashBailey

Total sausage-fest.

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