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A new Microsoft Flight Sim? I'll have to pick this one up for my dad. xD He used to love these games.

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Must haaave!!!

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Thank god, no Xbox logo at the end.  I love the XBox but this definitely should not be an XBox game.

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Put this on Steam and I might buy it.

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Kinda glad this franchise is getting a reboot. With the serious "ESP" version of the old FSX showing a bit more of its internals it was kinda obvious that the code base was still running off some old old code. I think the franchise could use some fresh tech and a fresh team behind it. Hopefully something thats as good for serious simming and just messing around at the same time.

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If I made games of what I dreamt... there would be too many porn games out there :P
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The Flight Simulator franchise was actually one of the first PC games I have ever laid hands on. It's maybe second to Doom. I only have fond memories of it, and I'm glad that it's coming back!

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Glad they are continuing the flight sim series. Seems they are trying to making the flght simulation genre more user friendly or at least, newcomer friendly. I know it was quite a chore to get a plane off the ground in FSX (kinda the point but sometimes yuou just want to fly a plane without the realistic controls).

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 When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am

I have become comfortably bomb

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Damn it's about time!

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"When I was a child" Wait... is that Samus Aran's voice I hear? 
Could be a nice little flight game... but not really pilotwings is it :D

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When I was a child I dreamed I could.... DO A MOTHERFUCKING BARREL ROLL!!!!

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7 hour flights taking place over a couple days and then screwing up the landing.... good memories

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we need more barrel roll comments, because that's all I did as a kid

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what a terrible font - the blockiness seems to emphasize the ight part, making me think of might or fight, which is clearly the opposite of what they're going for
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When I was a child, I dreamed I could fly . . . 
Now that I'm forty and have a mindless and repetetive job, that dream has been crushed . . . 
At least there's this cool video game! 

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@saladshooter4ever said:
" When I was a child, I dreamed I could fly . . . Now that I'm forty and have a mindless and repetetive job, that dream has been crushed . . . At least there's this cool video game!  MICROSOFT FLIGHT "
Hahaha, nice.
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Great news! I was afraid that Microsoft was done with Flight Sims for good. Maybe they'll come back with a Combat Flight Sim in a few years too.

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Yes, I love these games!

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As a devoted fan of FSim since 2.0 version on my C64, I find it a bit worying that they got rid of "Simulation" in the title... time will tell.

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Sweet. More time in a virtual Cessna. I hope they rehired or contracted the Microsoft ACE team that made the other Flight Simulators.

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I'm glad Microsoft are still making flight sims... It's just a shame they are usually so much like flying an actual plane that for novices it is a really steep learning curve.
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I want to learn how to fly a plane for real. Seems like the next stage after driving.

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This feels like a futuristic trailer about some VR experience.

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Kept waiting for "Simulator" to pop up, but no, it's just MS Flight. Probably a good thing since the word simulator scares people (including me).

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woah, i just bought FSX like a week ago.

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Can I still crash my planes into the ground?