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Posted by chrispti

Danni Levy is super good looking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyrXilCQfkE

Posted by dysfunkshunal

@Branthog:You're insane if you think that non-revealing shirts and jeans are sexier than push up latex and cleavage. Seriously.

Posted by Predasus

bad pun is bad! lol

Posted by ICYHOT

Nice perfume commercial.

Wait, game commercial?

Mortal Kombat??


Posted by outerabiz

No violence in a MK commercial? What is going on!? Did fox news win?

Posted by Duckbutter

looks like a fan-made, cheap-cosplayed, badly-acted, low-budget, un-sexy, cliched, non-canon, waste of time.

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