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Let me save you some time, just play PSO.
When playing one of these types of games I want to kill dudes and get some loot, in this series to you have a bunch of fluff and endless mechanics standing in your way between killing dudes and getting loot.
His voice reminds me of the over the top accents in the original Metal Gear Solid.

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Dude is mad japanese.

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Yzzerdd said:
Let me save you some time, just play PSO.When playing one of these types of games I want to kill ... [more]

 Wow, really?. I'm sold to the idea then :D, not to be contrary to what you're saying or anything, is just that is exactly hat I want from this time of games in a very personal level.

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How many times can MH Freedom be re-branded? What was added this this game?  Five more quests, five more monsters and a new online mode?

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so is this one going to have online co-op or just ad-hoc? I would buy it if it has online co-op

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If giant, hairy baboons are what's in store for me, you can almost certainly expect me to have vague interest!

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Reminds me of PSO, so many years wasted to that game.

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Reminds me of PSO, so many years wasted to that game.

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@Krenor: Only ad-hoc unless you have a PS3 which I believe you can then play through PSN online using your PS3.
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This is the first actual gameplay i've seen for this and, err, meh.

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There are 3 too many Monster Hunter videos on the site.

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My friend has a monster hunter game on the psp (dont know which) and unfortunately it is mad hard because he has no friends to do the quests together with.

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@Krenor: I don't think my reply went through.  Anyways!  Its Ad-Hoc only.  However I've heard you can play online is you connect through the PS3.  Super lame.  Whats the point of a portable that has to be stuck at home.
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lol Munstör! xD

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Yzzerdd said:
Let me save you some time, just play PSO.When playing one of these types of games I want to kill ... [more]
Monster hunter is nothing like PSO other then they fact their mission based and you have a four man team. Also theirs nothing stopping you from just going hunting when ever you want. Im so tired of miss informed people talking about Monster hunter

P.S Monster Hunter is skill based you don't gain EXP
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If you're trying to expand to America, why not just get an American narrator? I hate to be xenophobic, but it's hard to understand him.

P.S. - xenophobia? i used big word.

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Is Monster Hunter anything like this?

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Seems like a MMO but it's mostly offline.

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ddensel said:
Is Monster Hunter anything like this? [more]
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ddensel said:
Is Monster Hunter anything like this? [more]
I wish...
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This guy needs to do more narration.

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Although this guy isn't as good as Satoru Iwata.

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I like how they used a japanese narrator, if you cant understand him with his accent, you probably wont be into the games much.

Monster Hunter is a great series and I recommend everyone give it a try, BUT BE WARNED! If you dont have 1-3 friends with the game as well, your not going to have much fun. Offline play is fine, and the felyne companion is a nice addition, but its not even remotely close to the fun and addicting multiplayer.

I have played Monster Hunter Freedom 2G, which is what this game is called in japan, and for anyone who played freedom 2 you will definately love this, your Hunting Rank and stuff on your character can carry over so you don't have to play through the game again to reach the new content. Basically they added a 3rd quest NPC and 4 more Hunting Ranks. So the game is 33% (more like 40% because they are more difficult = longer.) longer now.. which is insane. The new dragons are insane and pretty unique fights. Lots and lots of cool new armor and weapons!!! They also added the weapons and armor that felt like they should have existed like the other ancient weapons and whatnot.

 I feel like I am somewhat underselling this game but if you are new to the series give it a try if you have some friends with PSPs, and if you liked the previous PSP games, its definately worth buying this new one.

I am unsure as to how different the english version will be, its possible they added some new stuff to the game, but as far as the japanese version goes. Still no online play, other than adhoc.

Also: To anyone with a PSP and a PS3. There is a program called adhoc party available for free in the JAPANESE playstation store. If you make a Japanese PSN account you can get it. It lets you play PSP over the internet with people using the PS3 as a wireless connecter. Its very sweet for playing with friends and whatnot, although as you may expect; not a lot of english players yet :P

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Also, when this game comes out, if anyone wants to play some monster hunter over PS3 adhoc party add my PSN: Xeiphyer And we can play =P Expect to see a forum for this later when it comes out. =) 

I'd be happy to help out any newbies as well =D Teach you some tricks and whatnot! :D

As a side note: Monster Hunter Tri on the wii looks to be a very watered down version of the PSP games, although it will have online mode, which is awesome like the original game on PS2, its also going to have a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. Unless they decide to change it before it releases. They decided to remove some weapon types and focus more on the remaining ones, but we shall see how that all turns out I guess.

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Monster Hunter is not like Monster Rancher.  If it was I'd probably be interested in it.  These types of games require you to play with others to have any fun and that's not for me.  Looks nice though. 

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This game is way too difficult solo and without online play there is no way I want to play another monster hunter game, which is sad because I am sure it is a blast when you have 3 friends fighting along side you.

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Oh, I remember why I got so angry with this blasted game now.