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I really do like jack black i don't know why.

That is not Brian Posehn (SP?) It is his gay lover from the Sarah Silverman show though...

I am so excited for this game,Sounds like a metal heads wet dream.

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Buffer Video... Check! Turn off Sound... Check!  Remove Pants... Double Check!

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Once again, the game looks waay better when put next to these 'Brutal Thoughts' pieces of garbage.

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@alsnuts2: I think that may have only really worked for the other 2 videos bro.
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Oh come on! thats a solid running gag! I should know I laughed hysterically everytime!

It only gets funnier, Megan Fox Smokin hot--> Harry Potter --> Children Brutal Legend --> Dudes

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These Jack Black videos are lame.

Posted by Tiwi

at the end it sounds like he's singing:"..fear the god of tetris"
bummed when it wasn't

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but hopefully, not for one game

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eh... i still hope this game is fun.  i like metal... and fun... and comedy... destruction.... racing...  

so it seems like the game has some elements that would be worth my money...  but after getting hyped up on Mercs 2...  i just don't think i will be jumping on this as release day purchase...  when waiting a few months would get me the game at a better price.

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It's not Brian Posehn.  If you've ever seen the Sarah Silverman Show (blech) he's Brian Psehn's gay-stoner-lover-roommate.

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I'm looking forward to this game. Although everytime I see Jack Black nowadays I expect him to plug his new movie Year One.   

Oops, I think I just did it for him...
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Haha, I love the way the guy says "No?". Good stuff, I'm still kinda meh about Jack Black, though. If the character he portrays is awesome I'll probably get past that but yeah... Jack Black, man. A little of that guy goes a long way.

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I totally don't think that's Brian Posehn unless the dude got a nose job:

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Sorry but im still not digging this.

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Awesome, definitly getting this.

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I have zero hype for this game. I'll buy it if it gets good reviews.

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Iced Earth!!1!!!

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Looks rad.

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Looks rad.

Posted by VicRattlehead

these have been quite funny.....and iced earth playing in the background adds the hell yeh factor

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Hell yes! That last little bit where the character realizes what he did, he did that head thing. Brings back memories of Psychonauts. This is great.

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I think the way they stretched the hype over this game out for such a long period of time is killing my interest in it...I still want it as a fan of Tim Shaffer but damn.

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I cant stand metal. Why cant they make normal music like Kanye West ?

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Oh Jack Black...


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Man, these Brütal Thoughts keep getting worse and worse...

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@RampageEndsHere said:
" I cant stand metal. Why cant they make normal music like Kanye West ? "
You bring stupidity to a whole new level.
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If Kanye West were to release a video game based on his music, i would buy it at day one.
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So I hear Year One is pretty horrible, not like that's a surprise or anything though.

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nice head bob

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im pumped for this it looks different and i want to support tim shcafer or however you spell his name

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I want JBs shirt!

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I want that shirt Jack's wearing.

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I love Jack Back and Brian Posehn. But its not Posehn, its Steve Agee, form Sarah Silverman Program. That show is great, hopefully this game will be too.

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Them trying to be funny was sort of... well meh is the the best way to describe it, but it would have been hilarious to see Jack Black start cursing a bunch at him.

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Kanye West need to never make "music" again.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

This was the first one that was actually funny.

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I'm gonna ignore this one, and say I still can;t wait for Brutal Legend. Pretty sure I've said that on every Brutal Legend video here.

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The little head bob virtual Jack Black does at the end kills me every time I watch it

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Jack Black kinda looks like he was huffing paint in his garage before this video was shot.

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I don't like how Jack Black is taking credit for Tim Schafer's game, even if it's just for marketing purposes with Schafer's approval.

Anyways, the game continues to look awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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sweeet haha

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Game still looks interesting, but no more "live action" Jack Black, please.
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That was probably the funniest out of all the ones he has done.

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Probably the funniest one of these Brutal Legend videos so far.

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@RampageEndsHere: I like Kanye West but metal just translates into games better what with the epic imagery and melodramtic themes etc. Plus dude just cuz you don't like a genre doesn't mean you have to be a douche. No such thing as "normal music"
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Brutal Legend looks, not so good. Im a Tim Schafer fanatic.. but the themes don't seem half as interesting as psychonauhts or full throttle instantly did for me.