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Posted by Soulrivers

wow, cool

Posted by Mystyr_E

I could never get into this multiplayer, always preferred the campaign

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I feel like this franchise is running in place. That is, to say, it's been avoiding evolution too long.

Wait...is that Dub step I hear!?


Posted by snetErz

That drop was so dirty, some assassin's got assassinated. Oh man I'm so cheesy.

Posted by ervonymous

Can't say I was expecting that wub wub a dub.

Posted by rame
There's no "I" in murder

No but there is a "u"

Posted by Icicle7x3


Posted by bkbroiler

Loved the multiplayer in the last one, but didn't play a ton of it. So intense! Looking forward to perhaps some more streamlined matchmaking in Revelations.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Not a fan of the new costumes.

But hey, that's not that important as long as they polish up the technical side of the MP.

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Looking forward to playing this game when it's 7.5 euro on Steam :)

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Some of those kill animations are pretty brutal, especially those involving a club. Really enjoyed the multi-player in Brother so if they can improve upon that just a little I'll be happy.

Posted by MrMazz

I liked the ax mace

Posted by devil_spawn666

I've been playing the MP beta on PSN and I can't say I really see much of a difference from AC:B.

There's the standard assassin mode from AC: B and a CTF type match (which may or may not have been in the last iteration - I don't recall.) It works well, but I'll be picking up AC: R for the story missions, the online is just an added bonus IMO

Posted by Elusionar

I don’t like Italy as a game setting; I hope they change it if they make one after this one.

Posted by X19

That was quite sexual anyone know who did the wub wub music?

Posted by Toxin066

Was that Saruman/Magneto doing the voice work at the beginning?

Posted by BaconBuTTy

This trailer was cool and all but ... it kind of seemed a little pornographic...

It was like, stab-porn.

Posted by Lazyaza

Is it weird I'm looking forward to GB's inevitable QL/TNT of this more than playing it myself lol.

Posted by Honk

I love NCIS and NCIS: LA, but this is not a good idea....at all!

Posted by jorbear

@Elusionar said:

I don’t like Italy as a game setting; I hope they change it if they make one after this one.

It is not just Italy in this one. It is Constantinople/Istanbul/Byzantium.

Posted by roughplague

@Honk: see what the autoplay system does to your comments, Giant Bomb?

Posted by ProjektGill

@X19 said:

That was quite sexual anyone know who did the wub wub music?

The song is "Flashing Lights" by Chase & Status

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The multiplayer in Brotherhood was awesome, and there's next to nothing else like itout there. So more of it is definitely welcome.

Posted by dastly75

Clearly dubstep is appropriate for that era...

Posted by Aishan

@dastly75: dubstep seems pretty relevant for 2012.

Posted by Honk

@roughplague: sorry, but I'm confused by your post.

Posted by yogetoutdaway

If one were to verbalize the music in this trailer, it would go something like uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh.
Posted by DJJoeJoe

Multiplayer returns from it's 1 year long hiatus from that one time I sspent 20mins saying to myself that I should be having more fun in this multiplayer.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
@yogetoutdaway intercut with omages of Ryan's face and the audio of a guy reading his line that was quoted.

Uh,uh, to just stab dudes like uh,uh uh.... oddly satifying.
Posted by Undeadpool

Can't wait. Real, real stoked and hope they don't change too too much.

Posted by Subjugation


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At least there was no asking-for-a-punch high-pitched semi-male voice telling me to order at GameStop..

Posted by Nadafinga

Kids these days, with their dubsteps and their youtubes and their hula hoops...who can keep up?!

Posted by Peacemaker

That drop kill was nasty. Let me just break your leg at the knee then smash your skull in.

Can't wait, I found the AC multiplayer refreshing. Can't say that's too hard though considering everything else is FPS.

Posted by Gerhabio


Posted by Orange_Pork

Assassin's Creed Wubwublations.

Posted by Slaneesh

I wonder how many people almost exlusively do kill animations for these games.

Posted by meaninoflife42

When I think of Assassin's Creed, I automatically think of a dub-step soundtrack.

Posted by Mumrik

Another AC trailer, another dubstep mix. Ubi really loves that stuff.

Posted by Besetment

@Aishan said:

@dastly75: dubstep seems pretty relevant for 2012.

Wait, are you saying that dubstep will come back in 2012?

Posted by briangodsoe


Dudes get stabbed. Alot of dudes.

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Holy crap, what an awesome trailer! If anyone is wondering the name of the song, it's Chase & Status - Flashing Light

Posted by wealllikepie

@ProjektGill: yea but i think its a remix cuz the drop sounds pretty different in the actual song

Posted by Phonics

Dubstep and graphics that look exactly like the first Asassins Creed. Who ever said consoles were holding gaming back.

Posted by Tennmuerti

After Brotherhood, I now look forward to the MP part of the AC games more then the SP.

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@bkbroiler said:

Loved the multiplayer in the last one, but didn't play a ton of it. So intense! Looking forward to perhaps some more streamlined matchmaking in Revelations.

The matchmaking in the beta was waaaayyy less aggravating than it was in Brotherhood. In fact, the whole multiplayer interface has been smoothed out considerably (almost to a fault).
The primary issue I had with the beta was that unlocks for both load-outs and character customization seem restrictively expensive, which gnawed at my OCD tendencies.
Posted by Ashler

Freakin amazing trailer. The Assassins creed team over at Ubi together with Naughty dog have put out the greatest trailers this year... Can't wait to play this.

Posted by dcgc

I just want my SP experience the same or better than Brotherhood...

Posted by DjCmeP

Why's there dubstep in every fucking trailer nowadays?

Posted by murdock92

Can't wait for this, loved the multiplayer in the first game. Just hope they iron it out a bit, matchmaking and disconnects losing your xp were a bit annoying.

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