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Posted by huser

That does seem pretty cool. I didn't quite catch how you regenerate which might make or break the experience for me.

Posted by Captain_Felafel

Had the opportunity to play this with one of the dev's at PAX last year and it really impressed me. The whole premise is that the "mushroom" will always take up the same amount of volume, meaning if you destroy part of its right side, its left side will regenerate the same amount destroyed. It's a very basic concept that is an absolute delight to play.

Edited by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Nice visuals. I wonder how much meat there will be to it, but if it's ten or fifteen bucks, I'll give it a go.

Edited by Jack_Lafayette

That amorphous mass of green gelatin ain't right.

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It actually looks like a very fun and creative puzzle game. I'll definitely check it out.

Posted by istateside

Brings back memories of playing The Ooze for Genesis.

Posted by ryguy777

FSOL doing the soundtrack has me interested.

Posted by Redhotchilimist

Ooh, by the time the blob was made into a ramp this started to seem pretty great.

Edited by zeh

@huser: it just re-grows in every direction once you "delete" parts of it. It's easy to dictate the direction by constantly shaving parts of it.

Once you start playing, it clicks in about 5 seconds.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Oh hi FSOL soundtrack.

I look forward to this game with great interest.

Posted by Mr_Creeper

Catchy tunes; I can dig it.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

This looks like it has the potential to be a very frustrating Kinect game. (Yes, I know it's not for Kinect.)