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ATVs and metal.  Is there a "seduce your cousin" mode?

Posted by ghostNPC
@SpheriQ said:
" 1 "
Well done. :/
Posted by wrecks

Stronger, Harder, Faster... Nail'd. Real nice.

Posted by popokarimu

Not a fan of the name but it looks like a lot of fun.

Posted by Djeffers03

Storm and pure, hhhhhmmmmm...

Posted by darkjester74

We hate the letter "e"

Posted by twelve1784

Shit, my eyes hurt.

Posted by v2xJFresh

i w's thik'n 'f   w' sh'ld a'l sp'k l'ke th's n'w ???

Posted by TomA

The game itself looks okay, but I can't overlook the fact that all of those sections of track looked very similar. Sure, they're will be huge jumps and winding courses, but in this day and age of extreme racing games, you need to bring more to the table than just big jumps and flashy motion blur.

Posted by I_love_Eva_Braun

I don't want to get nail'd

Posted by FunExplosions

HA! Get it?
This looks clunky and bland.
And is that Pablo Franciso's voice?

Posted by Doomshine

For those who have weathered the storm and in search of something less pure... 

Posted by LycanGav

Urgh, are we really at the point where we're naming games solely so we can make sex jokes? The games industry has hit it's teens!

Posted by Shadow

Looks like it could turn out good, but I gotta say, the metal music playing alongside it hurts way more than it helps.

Posted by Clayton_Bomb

That fisheye lens is a bit too extreme for me. I'm not sure calling out Pure and Motorstorm in your trailer is such a good idea.

Posted by cikame

Uncensored atv's.... sweet.

Posted by ThisCrab

Yay, we definitely needed more racing games!  Wahoo!   Hooray!

Posted by FuzzyLogic

"Check it out, dudes! Extreeeeeme Cheddar!" 
I feel like I need 12 more Monster energy drinks before watching that.
Posted by MeatSim


Posted by BerserkerBarrage
@lolgreg said:
" damnit.  ATVs and metal.  Is there a "seduce your cousin" mode? "
Posted by Eaxis

More like Fail'd
Posted by popcorn

You know, I liked Pure because it satisfied some of my need for a  new SSX with its huge jumps and speed, but this looks to crank that up to a whole new level. If they can tone down the METAL AS FUCK overtones that killed games like SSX On Tour and give the game a bit more character it could be really awesome.

Posted by Kazona

That is such an odd name for a game...

Posted by TheSilentTruth

Love the imitation Don LaFontaine narration.

Posted by RagingLion

"Uncensored action" - what does that even mean?

Posted by Daryl

' is not an appropriate replacement for e. 

Posted by iGaboru

I played this already twice in MotorStorm.

Posted by thwak

if only I could play as reverend ray :(

Posted by Dyram

This trailer is sickening to watch and the game looks bland. No thanks.

Posted by Deusoma
@RagingLion said:
" "Uncensored action" - what does that even mean? "
Maybe the riders will all be masturbating as they drive?
Posted by HeghmohQib

Gez, stop changing the scene so f'ing fast so I can see what the hell is happening.  I feel like I'm watching Transformers 2.

Posted by fox01313

Music sounds like some of the stuff from the band Ghoultown.

Posted by JoelTGM

Rippin' dude! 

Posted by zityz

Basically it's pure 2? with dirt bikes. Well I liked Pure so this could be interesting. My only problem is wouldn't being on a bike make it easier for you to get wiped out if you hit up against an ATV or if one hits you?
Posted by ShawnS
@lolgreg said:

" damnit.  ATVs and metal.  Is there a "seduce your cousin" mode? "

dude! awesome. just plain brilliant.
Posted by Pop

Prepare to get nail'd WHAT THE FUCK?  lol they just hated on motorstorm and pure rofl and the game seems nothing special I think pure looked much better. nail'd? yea nail'd with uncensored action.... so like it's a porno? This game tells us from the start it's gonna ass rape us?

Posted by imayellowfellow

not sure if i want to get nailed this holiday season

Edited by confideration

Hey I liked Call of Juarez 

Posted by OneKillWonder_

Looks alright but I'd much rather these guys get the fuck on with making Dead Island already. A game like this should in no way take priority over that.

Posted by onlineatron

Not too sure about the Motorstorm and Pure name drops there.

Posted by Thompson820

That game really looks dis-interesting and hard to control, kind of like Flatout: Ultimate Carnage with bikes and ATVs, sans good control and inspired design.
Regardless, the reckless disregard for the correct usage of apostrophes is quite frankly disgusting.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en
@onlineatron said:
"Not too sure about the Motorstorm and Pure name drops there. "

Those name drops were lame. Some might even say, it suck'd....
Posted by cassus

I guess PURE just wasn't ridiculous enough?
Bigger is only better up to a point. When it goes way beyond what's remotely plausible that whole "WHOAAAAAH!!" factor just goes away. I remember trying MX VS ATV on the original Xbox, if you went for first person view in that it really gave a sensation of being in the air and stuff. But that was because it was within the limits of reason. PURE gave me none of that, and this seems even more silly. 
MX vs IL-2 Sturmovik.

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Nail'd - Uncensored action, unmatched adrenaline and unrivaled speed? 
Sounds like they had something else in mind when they made this trailer.

Posted by Hamst3r

So...The Call of Juarez guys are making a racer and the TrackMania guys are making a shooter. Weird.
Either way, it looks pretty cool. Also, that sounds a little like Reverend Ray narrating the trailer. :o
Posted by mavs
@the narrator said:
" For those who have weathered the STORM, in search of something a little less PURE "

Posted by Finscher

If camera changes could trigger orgasms....

Posted by Claude

That looked like a pure shit storm.

Posted by Red12b
@StrikerTheLizard said:
" Nail'd - Uncensor'd action, unmatch'd adrenaline and unrival'd speed? Sounds like they had something else in mind when they made this trailer. "
And yea, I'll pass.
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