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Posted by WolfHazard

I mean... I love pokemon, I don't think I'll be in a Japanese arcade anytime soon but this is something new and interesting. I think

Posted by leejunfan83


Posted by Nightcrawlah

@wolfhazard: The words 'Pokemon' and 'new and interesting' in the same sentence made me laugh.

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I hear there are some people who really like Pokemon. Also, whenever I see a fighting game trailer of any kind a voice in my head says FINISH HIM! at the end.

Posted by JordanaRama

Seems like a logical choice in a game to make. The question is considering how many Pokémon there are, will they sacrifice game play and balance for having a huge number of Pokémon or will they just hand pick a couple and sort ignore one of the things that makes Pokémon awesome. (The vast variety of monsters to choose from.)

Posted by forteexe21

Can't wait to play as luchador pikachu and suplex everyone!

Posted by 49th

That is pretty cool. I probably will never play this but it should exist.

Posted by Rodin

can I play as Heihachi?

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I'm surprised it took them this long to formally announce it. There was a snippet of this footage like a year ago at the same event they announced Pokemon Conquest.

Posted by Cybexx

Nintendo does not exactly have the most packed lineup of games on their WiiU roadmap at the moment so I fully expect this to be announced for WiiU and international release once they've tuned the arcade version.

Posted by TehJedicake


Posted by Mr_Creeper

Interesting, but ultimately not something I'd play.

Posted by LeStephan


Posted by TooWalrus

I suppose there's some cool potential, there's some cool pokemon in the fighting type, it's too early to get excited for this though, I'm not terribly impressed with what I've seen.

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It's hard for me to get excited about something coming out in Japan. The trailer wasn't even in Japanese so this might come out here eventually in some form?

Posted by SteveWoods69


That woulda a bit longer ago than one year; Pokemon Conquest came out in June 2012 and was announced in April 2012.

Posted by Springfart

I'm gonna kick everyone's ass as snorlax if this ever makes it to consoles

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Still waitin on that footage of Tekken x Street Fighter. One day........... one day.

Posted by Leadcat

Pikachu loves Heihachi... and Heihachi loves Pikachu.

Posted by Bumpton
Posted by Acornactivist

This is 15 years of dreams coming true right now. Oh man if this comes to the states I will LOSE IT.

Posted by Elwoodan

The 10 year old me that was super disappointed in Pokemon Stadium is cheering right now.

we get Pokemon X Tekken, but are we ever gonna see Tekken x Pokemon? probably not.

Posted by Lyfeforce

Law vs. Machamp.

Make it happen

Posted by TheHT

@elwoodan said:

The 10 year old me that was super disappointed in Pokemon Stadium is cheering right now.


Posted by Toxin066

About as necessary as Hyrule Warriors. Thanks, but no thanks.

Posted by pinner458

I've never really thought about stuff like this before but why release a trailer with English text for something that's only (for the moment at least) coming to Japanese arcades?

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Posted by Hailinel

@toxin066: Other comments here would indicate staunch disagreement.

Posted by ThunderSlash
@theht said:

@elwoodan said:

The 10 year old me that was super disappointed in Pokemon Stadium is cheering right now.


Oh man this so much. My friends kept telling me how awesome Pokemon Stadium was and it turned out to be a 3D renderer for the turn based battles.

Posted by ArjanN

It's obvious it's coming. Namco fighters (and Japanese fighters in general) always go to arcades first.

Posted by Toug

It's like someone got really drunk during an all-night Smash Bros meeting and woke up with a prototype.

Posted by Dan_CiTi


Posted by Shortbreadtom

@bumpton: You're the worst, and I respect you for that.

Posted by Evilsbane

Hey..wanna know how to get the Wii U to sell like crazy, Open World fully 3D pokemon game MAKE IT AND THEY WILL COME.

Posted by Eribuster

This was teased and hinted at for some time so it's nice to see it finally rolling out. Now, the only other thing left is the Pikachu detective game where they mocapped animation for Pikachu's face.

I expect that Pokken will make its way to the Wii U. Harada has mentioned that the game is not running on the Tekken engine (either the old one or the new UE4 one) which might mean that the game is running on something equivalent to the Wii U. Also, there is no equivalent game coming to the Wii U as was the case with the Mario Kart Arcade games.

Posted by Mister_Snig

Sure, why not?

Posted by L1GHTN1N

@elwoodan: That'd be incredible though. The idea of trading my rare Gon for a shiny Paul Phoenix made me giggle.

Posted by LemonadePack

so since it's a Tekken game, which pokemon is getting thrown in a volcano?

Posted by ripelivejam

so since it's a Tekken game, which pokemon is getting thrown in a volcano?


Posted by HassaniSabbah

"Originally referred to in the West as Namco Bandai Games, the company was internationally renamed as Bandai Namco Games in January 2014."

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Posted by huser

This has gotta be a Tag game right? I'd like MvC style teams, but at last Tag?

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Don't Care!

Posted by Sledgemeyers

You want to blow my mind Namco? Build evolution into the Pokemon you fight as.

Posted by UltorOscariot

Color me disappointed. Doubly so if this is the first retail Pokemon product that hits the WiiU, as Rumble U doesn't count. Its probably just as well. Not sure that company has another Snap in them anyway.

Posted by ajamafalous

Oh wow, I guess this thing was actually real.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I'm all for this!

Posted by blessmystars

@bumpton: Jellicent is a giant jellyfish WITH A PRINGLES GUY MOUSTACHE. That ice cream pokemon is one scoop and then IT EVOLVES AND THERE ARE TWO SCOOPS. New pokemon are awesome. Fuck everyone.

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Tekken x Street Fighter will never happen now.

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