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cool but did they ever give away that free DLC they offered with that youtube video? or will it all be paid DLC 

Posted by Sergotron

Nice. I look to going back and playing it again. 

Posted by DefaultProphet

As soon as I saw the Countach I was down

Posted by mancide

Achievements? I might have to come back to the game for that since I'm S-Rank right now.

Posted by sparks50

Nice to see them paying tribute to Porsche unleashed.

Posted by prencher
@buft: Yes. Those cars are in the v1.1 update you can grab from the marketplace (it doesn't show in the in-game store for some reason).
Posted by Falconer

DEM LAMBOS! *drools*

Posted by jorbear

I should probably buy this game.

Posted by MeatSim

More fast cars!

Posted by pantzing_nome

I really should go out and buy hot pursuit it looks awesome.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar
@pantzing_nome said:
" I really should go out and buy hot pursuit it looks awesome. "
Same here. It is going to be the first game I buy when I have some extra cash to spend on games that I missed last year.
Posted by MightyDuck

I think I may bite on the Porsche Unleashed DLC. 

Posted by fightstrife

The game is great, but sometimes the AI just fucking cheats. Rubber Banding is totally stupid. For real...

Posted by Yanngc33

My S rank.... :'(

Posted by GrandMarshal

Arms race should be free. That mode should have been in the game day one

Posted by darkjester74

Man..Porsche Unleashed.  That game was great.

Posted by Demon_Sandwich

Can't wait for the new game modes DLC. i'll skip the cars dependent on how everything is going but march seems to be packed with dlc and some alright games

Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

Countach? Diablo? old 911's? I'm getting this DLC. It will make me nostalgia just as hard as I did when I first played the game. So much like the old ones its unbelieaveable.