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Woho..... Hope it's not bad. Maybe to much to ask for?

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There trying to copy GTA4's weasel news trailer.

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doesn't look that bad.  
though when it comes to Street Racing, i'm gonna go with 
Midnight Club because of the different ways you can pass checkpoints and not 
just..y'know, a linear path like in NFS games. 

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Are the lane markers supposed to be driving/braking/whatever lines?

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LAWLS, wii.
So this game is basicly Midnight Club 2, set in Rio and on the Wii?

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Kicking a flip flop at a camera is an awesome way to show aggression.

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@Erik: It's a Need for Speed game from 2009.
You're out of luck.
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Looks decent as a wii game. 

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Why does the driver have a huge jaw?

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@nanikore said:
" @Erik: It's a Need for Speed game from 2009.   You're out of luck. "
NFS Shift, BOOM!!! Owned... well it wasn't that good, an OK sim but noting that even touches GT or Forza. Maby RacePro is their competition and maby GTR, well forget about GTR since those games are actually really good.
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@PJ: I was referring to Shift. The standards in racing games are so high that even a decent game like Shift is considered mediocre.
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that song was called awesome lawl

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I really like that whole "tagging" idea. It looks cool and its a decent way to determine the winner, like "King of Hill" on FPSs.

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Is this for the Playstation ONE?

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Flip flop tricks = underrated idea for sports game series.

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holy crap!! this game looks like ASS!!! PS1 GRAPHICS!! SERIOUSLY!!!

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Cleaning up all that graffiti is going to cost millions.

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@Karmann said:

"holy crap!! this game looks like ASS!!! PS1 GRAPHICS!! SERIOUSLY!!! "

i think ppl nowadays really need to start talking about a game's graphics in the perspective of the machine it is running on...   
this is the wii... it doesn't take a genius to know that the graphics won't be on par with say...  PS3, or Xbox360...  juding by the trailer, the graphics are pretty reasonable based on the wii's standard...  nothing too good... but nothing too horribly bad...
And again...  i'm sure a PS1 can't do as good as that...  such exaggerations only presents ignorance as opposed to intelligence...
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I was looking at it like, wow, it's a cartoon and it looks like crap...then I saw Wii and was like. Oh...ok...

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Man reminds me back of the NFS Hot Pursuit days....maybe just maybe.....

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@Karmann said:
" holy crap!! this game looks like ASS!!! PS1 GRAPHICS!! SERIOUSLY!!! "
no, that's just rio.
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The editing of the trailer is horrible, just horrible. Who the hell chooses minty green as the primary color for a racing game? It looks like a cheap bumper for a cooking show or something...

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@Food said:
" @Karmann said:
" holy crap!! this game looks like ASS!!! PS1 GRAPHICS!! SERIOUSLY!!! "
no, that's just rio. "

Not that this game looks good or anything, but seriously, people got to stop referencing PS1 graphics in modern games.  Some guy said the same thing about Borderlands, and if either of you even so much as glanced at a PS1 game you would see that your cursory statements just make you sound simple.
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Wow, this thing looks like one of those free-to-play PC racers from Korea >_>

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 the wii is supposedly has better graphic capability than the ps2 so why does it look worse  than a midnight club game on the ps2

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This looks stupid. Will it feature drug dealers taking down police helicopters?

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Ermmmm yeah this is ermmm yeah.
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This looks like shit just a kid version atleast make it some bit realistic "drafting earns you nitro" come on who the fuck says nitro, who the fuck get NO2 from driving behind someone, NFS just too many wrong turns "go right" we say no they go left fuck NFS it fails, and did a long time ago.

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@Mistzero said:
"  the wii is supposedly has better graphic capability than the ps2 so why does it look worse  than a midnight club game on the ps2 "
Probably this was made by some retard company and Midnight Club was made by R*.
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Wii can do better than that.

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Who cares what it looks like, I want to know if the gameplay is any good.

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I'm not really seeing any good feedback on this game and I'm afraid that I'll have to agree (with the mature comments) it's not the graphics that set it off because yes people - the wii.. come on. But street racing? Like straight up hard core street racing? With hella fucking weird people.. the cars.. eh and I'm guessing that 200 mph on this game really isn't that fast.. I don't know.. I'm not feeling the trailer.. And I've always been a fan of NFS.. Not a game I plan on getting.. Peace.

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"you'll have to come through me first" AS HE HITS YOU WITH A FUCKING FLIP FLOP!!!

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Meh, the cars look nice, even for regular standards, the game is colorful, but the detail on the backgrounds, especially the arrows looks distinctly last gen, in fact, they remind me of the N64 racing arrows. And most of those shots are pre rendered, so who knows. I don't know if I'll get this though, I can't imagine myself liking a racer like this using the wii-mote.
But hey, looks like it could be fun, if the controls are good. Too bad online isn't where it needs to be for the Wii, otherwise this game could be a huge deal for Nintendo.

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Uhm this doesn't look very good. And I'm not just talking about the graphics. Oh well, hope I'm proven otherwise.

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Besides the fact that brazilians racers drive with slippers and in Rio you are able to run for hundreds of miles per hour (did everybody on the city died? There's no traffic?) the grafics are horrible. As a brazilian I hate Rio, but as a gamer I think they are taking everyone for granted. Good ol' days where it was just a generic industrial city with only you, your opponents, the cops and half a dozen idiots which composed the "traffic".

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this sucks

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I think Borderlands looks great, but this game REALLY DOES look like a PS1 game, I've been playing MGS1 and GT2 for a week now, "on my psp mainly", that's why I said it! If anything GT2 looks way better than this! albeit  a bit more pixelated. Now that I think about it, almost every single PSP game that has ever come out has better graphics than this!
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@Eight said:
" Why does the driver have a huge jaw? "
DNA and things.
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It's a shame that the REAL Need for Speed game is the one getting the low budget treatment. The Wii can do better.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" Meh. "
Wii Meh.