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Posted by Duckbutter

goin against Forza and Gran Turismo on planet Simulator even after the last 2 Need for Speed games sucked all the ass ever. EA has balls. so many balls.

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Maybe they gonna drive it right this time though. Who knows...

Posted by Krenor

if the rumors are true and a new Forza is announced at E3 then you can pretty much forget about this game, its a risk their taking

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It's kinda sad that EA is publishing this game.
Slightly mad Studios certainly came up with a solid engine and EA is destroying it by slamming the name of a decadent arcade series to it.

Posted by TwoOneFive

wow fake cheering track FTL

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Posted by wh1terav3n

mmmk...and the whole world cries: "Forza 3 and GT5 FTW"

Posted by rpratts

From the Street to the Track!

Posted by Fbomb

That's a pretty terrible trailer. It just showed off the car model and threw in some fakie crowd cheers and whistles from an old Ridge Racer game, it seems. It's too bad they didn't actually show off the driving a bit more.

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Posted by Death_Unicorn

Worst trailer that I've seen today, so far.

Posted by masternater27
@Death_Unicorn: Agreed, but I didn't bother watching the Lord of the Rings one.  I think I'll wait to see what Forza 3 has to offer before I'm sold on this guy
Posted by Tarsier

that trailer was so retarded.

Posted by MeatSim

We are trying to make a realistic driving game, like no one has done that before!

Posted by Funzzo

GRID clone.

Posted by eroticfishcake

EA doing a racing simulation with the NFS title? HAWHAWHAW!!!

Posted by xiaodouya

how come the wheels doesnt turn violently when the car drifts?

Posted by Media_Master